Barbados traingle is that true?

Iz it true that theres thiz barbados traingle and that if a ship or plane passes it then it falls??? if it iz then waht makes it fall? Or what do you think that makes it fall?

Answer #1

well I actually livee in barbados haha so there isnt a triangle here, but there is one by bermuda. they have a lot of these “triangles” evry where in the world, its just that the bermuda triangle is more popularr. they have soo many theories like strong ocean currents, combined with high winds to uneven magnetic fields. google it and ull probably get a whole lot of other theories. oh and thanks for answering myy question haha :] xo

Answer #2

there are a lot of ‘triangles’ around the world. one theory that I have seen that tends to make some sense, is that in some of these areas there is frozen methane down beneath the bottom of the ocean in those areas- usually it just slowly gets released- but sometimes a lot of this methane thaws out and gets released at one time and it creates lots of bubbles which could potentially sink a ship or boat. once it reaches the ocean surface it continues floating into the sky and could create an area with a different air density- if a plane flies into this ‘gas cloud’ it could lose the normal lift that keeps it flying - potentially making it crash into the ocean.

the only problem with that theory is if it is true- there would be a lot of shipwrecks and crashed planes in these areas. I seen the mythbusters test the ocean bubble theory with a boat, and it did sink the boat, so the theory itself is very credible.

Answer #3

I’m not sure if you mean the Bermuda Triangle. In my science class the professor told us about the direction that the magnetic field of the earth go. I believe where these points meet is where we have the location of these triangles. Check this out about the magnetic polarity on earth. It’s very interesting.’s_magnetic_field

Answer #4

im pretty sure you mean the bermuda triangle…I don’t know if its real or not, but its pretty interesting

Answer #5

The BBC did an investigation and found the rate of disappearances etcetera is only very slightly above average for a region of that nature. Remember a strange phenomenon is worth real money to the media. They will not sell many papers or magazines with the headline ‘Nothing out of the Ordinary in Bermuda Triangle.’ Not many news organisations will let the truth stand in the way of a good story.

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