How to motivate myself to not give up?

I’ve been uninterested in everything I’ve been doing lately, I barely get out of bed, and especially my room but classes start in a couple of days, its my last semester before graduating college… but I feel like I want to give up… what do I do??

Answer #1

Do I want this degree with all it’s benefits (open doors/higher salary/upper-end lifestyle, etc) or let all the work go down the drain, forget it, and sleep more - your choice…Take care !!

Answer #2

DON’T GIVE UP!!! All of us who have answered are counting on you not to! Think of how proud you’ll be when you can look back and see that you worked through this. You’ve got the guts, determination and strength! FINISH COLLEGE!

Answer #3

You definately need a boost of energy and a change in your routine to help you get through the rest of college and reach your goal! Sometimes making time to exercise will really boost your energy and help you to have a better outlook on life! just try a little like 20 minutes of cardio or something 3 or 4 times a week ( I workout to the 2nd disk in the carmen electra aerobic striptease… it’s awesome!). there are also vitamins that will give you an energy boost and are inexpensive. Also, cutting back on caffine (too much all the time really takes its toll on you, have you ever heard of “caffine headaches”?) and eating healthier foods can help! Hope you are motivated now!

Answer #4

you have take a exercise daily

Answer #5

Sounds like you’ve got a case of the blues, my friend!

I know it’s easier said than done, but you need get off your butt and do something! Try getting out some cheap watercolours and brushes along with a big piece of paper, and paint something big and colourful! Get your friends into it too- have a bit of fun, break up the routine and do something different- you’ll be surprised at what a difference it can make!

Also, try taking a look at your diet- if you’re eating a lot of high sugar, high fat foods, it will drag you down and make you lethargic. Chow down on some fresh veges, and some lean red meat (if you’re not vegetarian). Eating well can give you that little boost you need.

Another good thing could be to go out and change something about your appearance- like get your hair cut, or dyed, maybe even both. If you look good, you feel good, and it might be just what you need to get you through that last semester.

Best of luck to you- only one semester to go, and then… graduation! That’s some pretty good motivation right there!

Answer #6

You need to get in touch with your feelings.

What’s eating you?

You are a stone’s throw from graduating. Are you regretting your choice of major or your carreer direction? Are you afraid of leaving the college environment and having to work for a living? Are you someone who is afraid of success and deep down wants to fail? Are you really bored and want to be done already?

Anyone can give you a pep talk but until you do a little soul searching it won’t do much good.

Answer #7

well the brief introduction you gave us there were several important warning signs / red flags that you might be suffering from a major depressive episode. Did your SSRI medication run out?

First: if you are freaking out, and who wouldn’t be in this economy you need to decide whether to call 911 or head straight away to an emergency intake clinic for a psych eval (panic attack? heart attack? suicidal tendencies? want harm to someone else?)

please make sure you take care of yourself with the help you need. You might be able to whip these seemingly insurmountable problems into shape pretty quickly once you calm down, settle, and think clearly and rationally to handle them effectively. Good Luck.

Answer #8

I was in your same boat and I dropped out of school and I am 30 years old, married and 3 kids, now I am stuck in a dead end job for the rest of my life. Thats depressing! Get your degree and go travel!

Answer #9

Think Positive and take it slow,LIke “a day at a time.” Monitor your thoughts, and get plenty of sleep, and drink plenty of water. Try to choose people to talk to who will help lift your spirits and stay away from those that drain you. (familly and friends.) Keep in mind that you are in charge of your life and only you can make yourself happy and healthy. I put the peace sign up for you, can you see it?

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