Which juices are really healthy to drink?

I no a lot have sugar and high frutose corn syrup. Whats a really healthy fruit drink?

Answer #1

Most fruit juices are high in sugar, but I find that cranberry juice is really good. It has alot of antioxidants and stuff that will help your body cleanse itself.

Answer #2

You answer your own question. The best fruit juices are the ones that are only fruit. Even 100% fruit juice isn’t something you can drink with impunity. Juice is a dense form of nutrition. A medium apple is about 85 calories. 6oz of apple juice is 87 calories. It takes a minute or so to eat an apple but I can pretty much inhale 6 oz of apple juice. The process of juicing removes most of the fiber and leaves behind some of the vitamins in the skin. You are much better off just eating fruit than drinking juice. Instead of juice I usually drink smoothies. I have a high power blender that can liquify whole fruit so I get all the fruity goodness. Naturally I peel bananas and at least remove the outer rind of oranges though.

Answer #3

hmm sounds like a plan. How do you make smoothies? Is V-8’s good for you? like the V-8 smoothies

Answer #4

In bottled juices I go for the 100% juice labels such as Ocean Spray, Welches, and V8 but the maximum healthy benefits are in using fresh fruit in food processors or juicers. I primarily use the juicer because it extracts all the juice from say carrots/apples and then I reserve the pulp to make carrot or apple bars, utilizing the pulp it leaves behind. You get far more nutrients being absorbed into your body more readily from processing fresh fruits and veggies then when it’s bottled. You can really tell the difference between bottled juice and fresh processing when you use it if you have a cold/flu type symptoms.

Answer #5

I will have to try to make my own lol.

Answer #6

The original V-8 juice is low calorie but rather high in sodium. V-8 splash adds fruit and high fructose corn syrup and/or artificial sweeteners. V-8 Fusion is a fruit and vegetable juice drink without additional sweeteners. To make whole fruit smoothies you need a high power blender. I have a Vitamix because when I got mine it was the only one on the market. Now there is another one called Blendtec. I don’t know which is better but I noticed that Baskin-Robbins used to all have Vitamix blenders but now they have Blendtec. On the other hand, most bars in my area still use Vitamix to make frozen drinks. Vitamix and Blendtec are not cheap. I figure that anything that helps me get more fruit and vegetables is a good investment.

Answer #7

Cool i will try. whats some good things to mis together? Banana’s and strawberry’s. Fruits are easy. But what about a veg smoothie drink?

Answer #8

To answer the original question, these are called “superfruit” juices: pomegranate, blueberry, acai and cherry.

Answer #9

My favorite combination: 3 pieces of fruit (usually some combination of bananas, peaches, apples). 1 cup blueberries, 2 cups spinach, one large or two small carrots, 2 Tablespoons ground flax seed, a cup of ice and stevia or local honey if it isn’t sweet enough. The flax seed adds nutrition and omega 3 fatty acids and makes it thick, almost like pudding. I find one of these is a satisfying meal. By the time I finish it I’m not really hungry any more.

Answer #10

Thanks i will try it out

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