What jobs have you had in the past, what job do you currently have, and what is your dream job?

Me: Cashier, Str*p club door girl/bartender, cake decorater, waitress, secretary, cookie artist, tattoo shop shop hand/counter girl, and assisstant. I am currently a stay at home mom and my dream job would be cake decorating again, i love being creative.

Answer #1

Whoa, I was thinking of asking this yesterday.. I’ve actually only had one job before the one I have now, and that was a day care assistant. I worked there for 3 years. That got shut down, so I started taking care of some of the kids at my house, and started working on getting my day care license. But after I lost half the hair on my head, I decided to put that behind me and go to school for something else. So now I’m in school full time for Psychology, and have a part time job for day care at another place. So basically, my whole ‘career’ has been based around kids.

Answer #2

Oh my gosh Moe! I wanna do Psychology too!!!

Answer #3

You would do REALLY well in it. It’s really interesting and fun. I just can’t give myself advice lol..

Answer #4

I used to work in a bed and breakfast in the town i live in now. I had to get up at 5 every morning and got ready, walked to work and started at 6 every morning, sometimes earlier. I helped cook, clean and I had to change the beds and serve the food to the visitors and the clean up afterwards and then hoover the whole b&b. I got fired because I got my lip pierced (which she said was just acceptable) and then I told her about my tongue piercing and said “you don’t need to come in tomorrow” and never heard from her since. I currently work in McDonalds- don’t even get me started. The hours are too long and my break is always so early into the shift. I get kept on for overtime and i do most of the work around the fckig place. It’s not good, it’s so tiring and you have to be perfect in that job- i hate most folk that work there aswell, most of them are bckstabbing and i do get btched about alot and pushed around because i’m not skinny like everyone else. i’m not really big but i am a bit chubby and people like to take me for granted- you tell the managers about people being c*nts to you and they do nothing to help. My future job? I would like to do something in computing or maybe be a counsellor. I’d love that. I know it isn’t realistic but i’d love to be a singer, i know it’s hard work but i know i am cut out for it, i’m a strong girl and i just love to sing. I’d hate to be at mcdonalds for the rest of my life. D:

Answer #5

Awww you think so? gee yay!!!! :3

Psh, that’s why you have me to give you advice, or, well try too :3

Answer #6

I’ve worked at a piercing shop and had random other under the table jobs. I previously had been studying to become an addictions counselor but had a sudden change of heart and now am working to become a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep.

Answer #7

Well I haven’t had a job yet, but I may be getting one at a pizza place. And in the future I think I’ll just pursue a career that has a good pay, I’m not sure yet, and I don’t really mind what it is as long as I can write on the side.

Answer #8

I worked as a cashier for Hobby Lobby, ten as a server at Red Lobster, Buffalo Wild Wings, and a small local Italian restaurant. I’ve been a writer online for about a year now (Google me :) ) and I’ll likely be doing this wile I’m in college because of the flexible schedule. I don’t know what my dream job is anymore. I came to college wanting to be an architect, but I went off that track and now I’m slightly lost. I’m classified beyond the senior level with no major at all. Actually, I would LOVE to be an actress, TV host, etc, and I think I’d do well at that. It’s just a matter of waiting for the opportunity.

Answer #9

I’ve worked as a waitress which I HATED -.- And in various hair salons around where I live. I’m hairdressing now, but my dream is to go to third world countries and teach simple skills of hairdressing to women with no education or trade so that they can make money for their families. The best job for me would be traveling… anywhere… haha.

Answer #10

I havent worked alot, I have been studying for five years now. I have worked at a delicatesan (I know waaaay too much about cheese, processed meats and fish!) on and off during that time and also while I was at school so all up probably about three years. I have also done some tutoring in maths, science, english and Japanese. I am in the first year of my masters now so I basically work as a research assistant however I am a student so I dont get paid. Pretty much I am a slave! Next semester I will do some work as a lab demonstrator, teaching undergrads in their practicals.

Answer #11

opps, forgot the dream job part! I would love to be a proper research scientist!

Answer #12

Firefighting is the best job ever for me. Work hard play hard and a family cause we spend a lot of time together at the station. How ever I would love to become a forensic psychologist.

Answer #13

Firefighting is the best job ever for me. Work hard play hard and a family cause we spend a lot of time together at the station. How ever I would love to become a forensic psychologist.

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