Job Interview follow up?

So I went on a job interview 9 days ago. I really wanted this job and the interview had gone well. The lady that interview me explain to me about the schedule and she said she was going to get in touch with me in the next couple of days so I was very excited about this opportunity but I haven’t heard from her since. Its been over a week already and I’m feeling very disappointed. I check the status about this job and it is still accepting applications and also recently posted on craiglist. Should I follow up with a phone call?

Answer #1

The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Call and see about the job, or better, show up in person. They will give one of 2 responses: We will get back to you or the position has been filled.

Answer #2

you will follow this job, have nice day.

Answer #3

I disagree with nightlydemon’s comment, please do not show up in person as nothing annoys human resources personnel more is job candidates hassling them to get an answer from them if they got the job or not. Perhaps the company have not finished interviewing all the candidates or all the job applicants they have interviewed so far are not the ideal match and they are extending the closing date. I suggest, write a letter, thanking the person who has interviewed you and also briefly comment how interested you are to get the job and how suited you are (market yourself again and reminder them who you are). Keep the letter short and precise. You want to make a good impression and be polite so even if you do not get this job position, the interviewer might contact you to come in for another interview if another position rises in the future…. Please, please, do not turn in person at the company asking to speak to human resources and trying to get an answer from them as they will blacklist as being a pain….If you do not wish to write a letter, wait a few more weeks, if after a month you have heard nothing, sadly you were not successful in securing the job and it was very unprofessional of the company (HR department) not to ring or send you a letter to advise you were unsuccessful.

Answer #4

On the one hand, Samantha’s right about not showing up in person.

On the other hand, your interviewer said she’d get back to you in a couple of days, and it has now been more than a week. It would have been best to wait three business days (a “couple of days” in informal usage) and call on the fourth, to show your diligence and interest without being pushy.

Don’t wait any longer to call now.

Answer #5

The next business day after you’ve had an interview, you should send the interviewer(s) a thank you letter. The letter should be short (no more than 3 or 4 sentences) and the content should be simple and not aggressive. You can probably find the proper format by searching on the internet for “interview thank you letter.” This has always been the standard procedure for job interviews but has been lost over the past 20 or so years. One of the repliers here was correct. Do not return in person unless they ask you to. Also, do not phone your interviewer. A thank you letter is sufficient and proper. If you don’t hear from them, then they’ve moved on and so should you. If you’re concerned about your interview techniques or the proper format for your thank you letter, I know that our community college and some state labor department offices offer guidance on these matters for free. They also may offer you free resume assistance, retyping, reformatting, printing out a copy or more, and then providing you with the updated resume in digital form.

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