Would you take a job that exploits your body and where your pay is based upon your appearance and body?

Such as ho.oters, str!ppers, shot girls, etc.

Answer #1

No way - I’d end up having to pay them, instead, lol. Actually, I think any job that exploits you based on your appearance is morally unacceptable, but that’s my own opinion and I don’t judge those who do have a job like that.

Answer #2

No. I have too much self respect for that. I cant imagine getting paid to have some h0rny men/women starring at me, i would much rather work at taco bell or mcdonalds, you probably get paid the same. Not to mention, i could be in danger with drunk guys/women who have no self control. No just no. i couldnt do it even if i wanted to, theres just too much at stake.

Answer #3

I worked as a sex chat model for a long time. Honestly, I’d still be doing it if the pay was better. Models only get paid for the time they spend in private chat, doing whatever the person on the other end of cyberspace wants them to do with their bodies. If the customers are there, it’s great. Otherwise, models end up chit chatting for free while guys whack off to them sitting half naked on the screen. I’m not ashamed of my body or using it for money though. It’d just be nice to earn what I think it’s worth…haha.

Answer #4

*Ah, I also worked as a server at a sports bar, where people basically tip you based on how hot you are. Call me a whore, but I paid my bills :)

Answer #5

I agree with you - i’ve worked in stip clubs and some other types of clubs as well where i’ve pranced around almost nude.. and i love my job. It was empowering to be able to earn money by just looking hot and getting people hot and bothered lol.

Answer #6

Lol, I thrive on attention, so it didn’t bother me at all. M husband was cool with it too since I wasn’t actually “doing” anything. He knew my time online was nothing more than a job. It just didn’t pay well at all. I would make $30 an hour some times, but then $4 an hour others. No consistency, and I only got paid once a month. The work was fine, but I like consistency :)

Answer #7

Most likely not. I’d be living in a box though. I wouldn’t work at a fast food place either though, especially mcdonalds.[I’m againts what they do, poor animals:(]

Answer #8

Well I don’t know if I can answer this cuz I’m a boy ^^ and everyone who’s answered this so far is a girl lol. But if I can answer, then I’d say that yeah I would :) money is money, pretty much. The only problem I really see with that is that f people didn’t know what my job was and they saw me on the Internet or at a strip club (do they have stripclubs that guys strip in? I dunno : /) then that’d be the most awkward thing ever. But other than that I don’t see anything bad about those types of jobs ^^

Answer #9

I would if I had to. It doesn’t sound particularly appealing to me i.e. I wouldn’t go look for a job that exploits my body, but I don’t have a problem with it.

Answer #10

Nope. When im old enough to have to fend for myself…. i will never, not even in the most desparate need, exploit my body in any need for money….

Answer #11

No offense to anyone here!

If you have to pay for the bills & 7 dollars an hour at mcd’s/wendys or any department store aint enough to pay the bills & I had a sexy body then why not…I would do it too!

You are being way too picky gals…if you have kids & they need food to eat & a warm bed to sleep in & you can allow yourself to work anywhere (other then actually selling yourself as a call girl) then by all means…kids before pride! sorry !

If you got it then flaunt it…and if you can make a hundred a night rather then 100 a week then by all means…no matter what you think, & you have all the right in the world to think what you like here….you can agree or disagree when you actually have options…

I highly doubt women want to get practically nude to earn the money they get that way & would rather have a 9-5 desk job paying that well but take the pink glasses off! In all reality if you are short on rent & your kids are hungry needing clean diapers and a warm bed to sleep in, my pride goes out the window & where ever it needs to be…cuz i aint begging for it i am earning it the old fashion way through a j o b!

If I had to stoop that low as to be a call girl to pay for the bills so I could provide for my kids so they could eat, have a warm bed to sleep in & have what they need to survive…and there was no other way because all other jobs were just not paying enough then so be it…in life you have to learn to make the ultimate sacrifice to survive…not all of us have rich daddies to pay for everything…so you use what you got & you make the best of it!

Answer #12

…but my biggest problem with the whole deal is that I don’t have it, lol…it would be morally wrong for others to have to see me like that ;)

Answer #13

lol colleen. and yeah, if i had the body for it and I had to, then yeah.

Answer #14

no, that’s just wrong and sick. im sorry if it offends anyone. I would rather live with my parents working for 10$ an hour than doing anything exploiting my bodies to others who feel a need to see and pay for that.

Answer #15

body* lol

Answer #16

I wouldn’t only because I don’t have what it takes lol.. I’m so uncoordinated, I can’t even walk right in flip flops, let alone 6 inch heels.. I can’t dance to save my life, and I’m way too shy and awkward. Also, what my family thinks is important to me. Other than that, I probably would. They make good money..

Answer #17

haha, same with me….except for, i never would.

Answer #18

If I had absolutley no other choice and my family needed food , shelter , etc. , I would do absolutley do it .

But if the job was ‘ just because ‘ , no way , I don’t believe in showing off my body for cash .

Answer #19

I probably would if I really needed the money. If I had a really bangin body then I wouldn’t see anything that wrong with flaunting it lol. But like I said they would have to pay me really good money

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