Jamie Lynn Spears

Has your opinion on Jamie Lynn Spears changed since hearing of her pregnancy at 16?

Answer #1

I think she did something really stupid and is now learning from it. She is sixteen honestly what do you expect people make mistakes and just becuase she is famous does not mean she can’t make mistakes. She’s a noraml person who messed up just like a lot of other people have and I think it’s wrong for people to be so narrow minded about the issue

Answer #2

a little but not really. i agree with the person above me, totally and completly.

Answer #3

yes it’s not a good example for those that look up to her.

Answer #4

Well I cannot say that I would do the same thing, but it is her decision. I think that it reflects her parents. Her sister went psychodic for a while and now Jamie is pregnant. I am not blaming it on the parents but they need to watch there children a little better. Jamie,to me,should have waited to see if the baby’s father would marry her before the decided to have sex. It is her body but she should be aware that she might end up taking the path of her sister.

Answer #5

Of course it has changed my opinion of her. My daughter said she’d never watch her show again because she’s nasty. Role model…yeah right.

Answer #6

when she was 14 years old she said in an interview she wanted to be exactly like her sister i guess thats whats happening ; the thing is is that hundreds of children that watch her show look up to her she has a responsiblity now kids/teens that have heard this might thing that its okey for them to mess around such as she did i know that even some 9th graders in my school were upset about this even THEY watched her show (as crazy as it sounds) so in conclusion kids look up to her and even though everyone makes mastakes (even celbraties) her news about her pregnasy came down hard on kids nad teens of all ages

Answer #7

yeah i loved her show but youve got to deal with it i almostr cried!

Answer #8

ok!! this is my opinion about the whole thing. jamie should know that she is a role model for kids and now all these kids are going to hear about this crap and think its ok to do soemthing like that. plus look at her sister she should be able to say to herself I’m wont become that well she did now become that and now she is going to screw up a lot of things. dear god soemone help the spears family

Answer #9

yhh it has changed my opnion…she’s just become like her sister, a slut!..who would expect a 16 yr old to be pregnant. didnt she learn from her sisters mistakes!

Answer #10

shee I think shes just tryna get attention. since her sister is all…yeah she probably just wants to be all…yeah just kidding… on a serious note though… I dont know…if I was her…id probably be all pissed because I was pregnant…but thats just me…babies scare the shiz outta me…

poor ickle zoey…a momy…aww sniffle


Answer #11

People need to leave her alone. Honestly, just because shes famous doesn’t mean everyone needs to get all up in her face about the mistakes she makes. Yeah, getting pregnant wasn’t she smartest thing, get over it though. I feel so sorry for her right now having all these people in her face about it.

Answer #12

Exactly ^^

This happens every day.. with people younger too. And obviously I know she’s a leading role model and all but people make mistakes.

She should be able to deal with her own problems without all the fuss being made.. =]


Answer #13

yea like stephinef897 said jst because she’s famous we dont need to be all up in her face about it..she’s sixteen..people open your eyes…think back to older times when girls were married at age 12 and had kids at 13..get over it…she’s a normal teenage girl jst like us…nobody in the world would put me on the front page of ok! magazine IF I got pregnant…today in this world more kids around that age ARE having SEX and condoms do break…did you ever think of that that maybe it was jst an accident…they happen ya know…who cares if she’s like her sister..her sister wouldnt be that bad either if she wasnt being watched and EXPECTED to mess up…im in tenth grade and I still watch zoey and I was sad knowing that happened but uhh yea I got over it…yea it was a mistake to do it in the first place but ughhh and her mom didnt help anything either by SELLING the story…what is she happy about it…

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