why isnt my hunny excited or showing any positive feed back during my pregnancy?

I am 8 months pregnant, and I feel I am the only one having to go through this Why are some men this way? we been together 1 year, knwn each other for 3, we live together and have been through a lot, we love each other, but I feel alone through this thing.

Answer #1

Your eight months pregnant and your last question was about whether or not taking unprescribed pain pills is okay…you make me sick.

Answer #2

:O Pain pills while pregnant! Really?

Answer #3

are you serious? Dont assume you know me, or my situation, we are not to be judged on here, the question was about my man. Thank you very much.

Answer #4

Well if you are taking unprescribed pain pills while pregnant, then maybe that is why your husband isn’t to happy about you being pregnant…? Maybe he thinks you are being irresponsible?

Answer #5

you should know what your talking about before you pass judgement really!

Answer #6

You should probley state that next time then. I would think someone your age would know better. Anyways…your 8 months pregnant and have been dating a year…which mean you were only dating four months before you got pregnant. Its possible that he feels everything is happening to fast and is distancing himself. Or he could just be a guy…you have a baby growing in your stomach…its normal for you to feel connected to it. He on the otherhand…doesnt bond with the baby until he actually sees it. I also dont understand why your with a man who goes out drinking and taking pain pills while your pregnant…..

Answer #7

Sorry, I just read the other question, you said it was your husband not you that was taking them….I didn’t know.

Answer #8

thats ok. A question is a question, didnt thik some people needed the backround all behind it…lol

Answer #9

Well sometimes details and information helps answer the question….

Answer #10

well that was one of my questions a week ago as to whether or not it is acceptable for him to go out twice a week to the bar to play darts and drink. I love him dearly, and we have been through much worse long ago. I though we had over come everything. But he has this new thing, that he sees as no problem because it is 1-3 pills a week. But i say just take tylenol, why does it have to be prescription pills.

Answer #11

Its an excuse that he “needs” to take prescription pills because of his job etc. Im a recovering addict and i can promise you that is exactly how i started and what i said. Especially if hes using them while drinking - hes lying and hes taking them recreationaly. You need to have a serious talk because you have a child on the way and what hes doing is not okay. Whos going to rush you to the hospital if you go into early labor and hes drunk and on pills..

Answer #12

maybe he’s jus not ready

Answer #13

i am sorry but i have to agree with this…it seems like he is just overwhelmed with wow, dating 4 months, and boom going to be a daddy…do i really want or need this right now…and bam your 8 months, and he isnt really ready for all of this so soon.

Trying to numb the pain is more like how I see it…1x, 2x 3x a week makes no difference as mandyloo put it…its an excuse to get drunk & high on meds prescriptions or not…its a way to escape the here & now…and again what in god’s name are you going to do if god forbid your water breaks due to getting all frustrated at what he is doing & stressed out of seeing him like this and you have to rush to the hospital…what are you gonna do allow him to drive drunk & high (omg I cant even imagine this) if god forbid he even could see clearly enough not to kill you all or anyone around you on the road on the way to the emergency room! My lord…you need to seriously get him some help… this baby is coming any day from now til 4 weeks from now…i dont understand why you waited til now to get him some help…he hasnt started all this a week ago, has he?!

I wish you all the best of luck here! :(

Answer #14

Sorry hun, but from your last question, he’s got a lot of signs that point towards addiction. Addicts cant really be there for others 100% while they’re taking substances. And it doesnt matter whether it’s only a few times, it’s like taking her.oin. Except it is in a pill. Those things are extremely addictive. You dont take them for stress. That’s like taking her.oin for stress. And unless you’ve got some sort of serious injury or surgery, you definitely dont need those pills for pain. You have to figure this out now. Because what you dont need to be doing with a baby in the house is making excuses for why someone is high and why it is ok what they do. It is oh so easy to rationalize things you swear you would never allow in a 1000 years. And that is not ok with a kid in the house. This isnt about you any more. You have a kid, which means you do what is best for the kid. I work with enough parents whose kids have been taken away, and most of them abuse substances. And ‘he’ll change once he sees the baby’ is not going to cut it. Addiction doesnt magically get cured. Love isnt always enough.

Answer #15

Fast love ignites vehement fires, but the fires will also goes to vain quickly. True and persisting love is long process of mutual understanding…You are in love, but maybe he has not got ready to take all of this onto the responsibilities.He’s not enough ready in mind and he dares not get his life totally changes at a sudden, so he’s got a lot in mind but not willing to tell out, seize a time to have a sincere conversation, open in heart, to tell what he cares and worrys…Then you be togetehr with him to see how to turn these a positive solution and see how you could help him… In other hands, I know, you are the most innocent girl which needs the best loo-after, but if he has been performing like this, you have no other better way but go through this with him by arousing his inner perceptual ability and a responsibility of being a father!

Answer #16

Pain pills do not hurt the baby to take every now and then. DR’s even prescribe them at times because some women are in more pain than others during pregnancy. You all make me sick by judging someone you have NO idea about, there could have been a legitment reason she asked that. Mandyloo seriously you don’t have to answer every question and the ones you do answer you always have to put your judgement opinion in there. That isn’t called telling it like it is, that’s called being a bitch.

Answer #17

Kiley you don’t have to explain yourself to any of these miserable people on this site. They have nothing better to do but sit on here all day everyday and spit their opinions like they are the best at giving advice when really I think they do a horrible job and make a lot of people feel really crappy..so please ignore the ignorant!

Answer #18

i became aware of this about 8 weeks ago.

Answer #19

because hes not in love with the fact he knocked u up!

Answer #20

Men wont be as excited as you till they meet the baby.

Answer #21

yay sexy..

Answer #22

sorry i didnt see the post til now…I understand…I really hopes he gets some help, maybe a session or 2 of counseling might do the trick…

I really feel for your situation, also understand where he is coming from…

perhaps after a few sessions it might make him realize how important it is for him to stop all of this & try to cope with what is on the agenda for the weeks to come…

Best of luck to you both!♥

Answer #23

well honey its not your falut dont get yourself upset over that

Answer #24

some people change or maybe he is just not meant to be a daddy or maybe he secretly thinks the baby isnt his.. i mean there are alot of reasons why men &women are not happy with expecing a child. or having more then one child or having more than wanted

Answer #25

i agree with you on this one.. she is basically yelling at you,, ha not right at all

Answer #26

lol well i just typed a lot on here but i used a cuss word and it deleted everything.. well i hope for the best for you kyliejo06

Answer #27

Well seeing as you’re not married, mental torment of a future that involves The Friend of the Court constantly breathing down his neck comes to mind.

Answer #28

well honey what are u talking about,LOL???

Answer #29

maybhe hes overwhelmed nither wus my bf till my last trimester

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