Is it true that they are going to separate schools in america?

is it true that in America they're trying to superate boys and girls schools and make 'em boys only or girls only?!! I hurd someone saying that, and if so, is it going to happen in collages too?!!
and why are they doin' that??!!

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I havent heard about that. I doubt they're doing that

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They are thinking that way in the south. There is a school here called Weston and they are doing that next year, but they are not going to send them to seperate schools; they are just going to seperate the classes. Well, that's what my teacher said.

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It is true in some cities but not for colleges. Its purpose is go provide an atmosphere where there are less distractions in the learning environment.

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The only reason I could think of why they would do this is because they want you to concentrate on your school work and not each other. lol

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That would be a MAJOR project and would take years don't worry!

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Completely untrue.

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There's always been separate sex schools.

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