Is this even legal?!

Lets say you dropped your cell in science. The teacher picks it up and notices that it’s on. Since ‘teach’ found it on, he goes through it, through everything… Aka-looking for inappropriate stuff.

Is this even legal?! What would you do if it happened to you?

Answer #1

That’s an invasion of privacy and he had no authority to do it.

Let the principal know.

Answer #2

I think that is rude and unnecessary because you could have personal stuff on there

Answer #3

What the f*uck? WHy’d he do that?!! Thats completely ilegal! You have to tell the principal now! He can go to jail for that!

Answer #4

I wud goo mad!! Lol they have no right …

Answer #5

well if you have personal stuff on your phone, wouldn’t you have it turned off during school to avoid this kind of thing?

Answer #6

to be honest with you…you shouldnt have had your phone one. if your phone was off, and the teacher picked it up, he wouldn’t have had the thought to look through it. however since it was on, you never know what the teacher was thinking

Answer #7

were allowed to have phones, but they gotta be turned off.

Answer #8

so, why was it on?

Answer #9

it was supposed to be off, but we all leave our phones on. though is it legal to do that even if we’re not allowed to have our phones on?

Answer #10

I doubt that the teacher could get fired, unless he’s done this MULTIPLE times

ps…why did you even have your phone in the first place? isnt is all school’s policies that cell phones/ipods are banned? and isnt it the teachers jobs to take them when they see them? so technically, none of this would have happened if you hadnt even had your phone out in the first place. not trying to be harsh, just trying to be realistic

Answer #11

“He can go to jail for that”

No he can’t…what he did is not a federal offence

Answer #12

I wuda knock out thet teacher and I wuda got my sell back and no thats not legal

Answer #13

he shouldn’t have gone through it, with some of my texts thank god it wasn’t mine!

Answer #14

I would of fliped out. tell your parents wdh you shouldve stoped him

Answer #15

the reason why he looked at it was bc it was on. I don’t know if that is a good reason??.. what will happen to the teacher? will he get fired? will he hate me if I get him fired?

Answer #16

It depends on your school policies, but really morally he’s not allowed to go through your things. That’s like him going through your purse without probable cause. Tell your parents!!! And have them call your principal or guidance officer.

Answer #17

If that happened to me, I’d complain to the principal. Or have my mom call him.

They can only search your things if they have a reason to. Droppng your phone doesn’t give him enough reason to search your things.

Answer #18

It’s not illegal but it’s a breach of privacy. It’s happend to some people at my college too.

Report the teacher, it’s not fair for him to do that. You wouldn’t go through there phone would you?!

Answer #19

He can go to jail for that. Last year me and my friend had the same class together and the same thing happened to her. We told the principal and her parents sued him for that and he went to jail and never taught at the school again.

Answer #20

xxemobutterflyxx, I’d like to see that report…it would certainly start a precedent.

Funny how you had the exact same situation and he went to jail…in all my life, I’ve never seen such a thing, even as I was going through forensics and had come across many cases of privacy invasion - you really must be the only one lucky enough to have that happen.

Answer #21

omg, thats SO not ok! its your stuff! the most he can do is keep it till after school! tell the princaple! your parents! someone! thats so an invasion of privacy and its not cool.

Answer #22

if he had a reason to believe that there was something on your phone that would cause concern, then yes. he had every right to look through it.

however, if he had NO reason to believe that there was something on your phone that would cause concern, then he had no right.

I would ask for a meeting with the principal AND the teacher so you can ask questions and get to the bottom of things.

Answer #23

That’s not a good enough reason.

What happens to him depends on how far you take it. If you tell the principal, he’ll probably just get a warning (first time offence?).

If you take it further and try to have him charged, he could end up losing his teaching license, but there’s no way what he did will cost him jail time. Worst case scenario, he ends up with probation.

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