Is this a good poem to give to my dad

Hi! I wrote this poem 1 hour ago one year my dad was away on buisness now he is home but is leaving me again! I have a strainge feeling he is not on buisness but “something else” If you know what I mean Now he is gone but I know where he is He is at a womans house doing I dont know what To him she may be buisness But my mom is dead so it hurts me bad Should I give this poem to him? Dad I miss ya Where ya at Are you at work Doin this and that Or are you somewere else Doin bad things Is that why you never call? Its almost like You not alive at all But now I know Why you are So stubborn like that You arent were I want you to be You arent home Your gone dad I know your little secret I follewed you dad Followed you today Your with a woman Thats all I can say Im ccryin because of you Why you doing this to me Mom is dead Cant you see My brothers dont understand But trust me I do You are keeping this secret To not hurt me Im the youngest This will be hardest for me I used to be daddy’s little girl Now im mad Why dad why Why are you glad Im crying hard now Thinkin of you I love you dad But replace mom Is the worst thing you could do

Answer #1

You wrote that from the heart. I wouldn’t change a thing. It gets your feelings out and that’s what you wanted. Give it to him as soon as you see him again. I’m sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine how you must feel inside. He probably doesn’t want to hurt you more by coming out with it, although by being secretive he’s hurt you twice as much. So sorry.

Answer #2

If your mom really died (my Sinceress apologies) 2 b real the poem’s good except for you sound like your telling a story instead of you writing a poem so if I was you id probably just lo ok it over some words in there you might want to replace them with a better word that you can find in a dictionary and if it ends the sentence you might want to make a couple of lines so most of the endings could sound the same pretty much but gess I could edit it for you if u’d like

Answer #3

is there any way that I cou8ld get your email and maybe write from there or your AIM id be happy 2 help you

Answer #4

im 14 I wouldnt call my self a kid but I love my dad and he is spendin a lot of time with this lady and is leaving me a lot im afraid I might loose him too and have to start callin my brothers my “parents” :<

Answer #5

I’m sorry about the loss of your mother, but you have to realize that your dad needs companionship too…he’ll never try to replace your mother, but you have to let him be happy - I’m sure your mother would have wanted him to move on

I lost my father when I was 10, and my mother soon remarried. It took some getting used to, but when I saw how happy she was, and he was a good stand-in father to me, then I knew it couldn’t be all that bad.

Answer #6

I think that’s a great poem, plus it’s a good way to communicate your feelings. I’d give it to him. He should know how you feel, regardless of what anybody might think about how you feel. :)

This is just my opinion, and I know it’s not going to be popular, but I think you’re right to feel this way (right in that your feelings are normal and justified, not right in that he’s really abandoning you). Sure, your dad has a right to his happiness and a right to move on romantically, but I think a responsible father should realize that his obligation to give you the best upbringing he can must supersede those desires.

Before you guys rip it apart, let me tell you where my argument’s perforated lines are:

It’s been my experience that children of single parents do much better if the parent holds off on the romance. Kids almost always tend to feel abandoned and replaced. Even if the relationship works out, it seems most kids are left resenting the stepparent for stealing their parent, and resenting the parent for the perceived abandonment. Despite the loneliness on the parent’s part, I think the best thing to do is to strengthen family ties, maybe incorporating grandparents in some of the roles left empty.

Children are the most important thing in the world, and the job of a parent is to raise them the best they can. It can come at a pretty big personal cost, but that’s what they signed up for.

Answer #7

look dont show it to your dad unless you KNOW that he is spending time with ths women, because im sure if his really is at work he isnt gonna apreciate it, and when I say know I mean you have seen him there, kissing her or something while he was supposed to be on ‘business’

I think its sad that you dont get to see him so much but think how you’d feel if he wrote you a poem bout how youd been having sex or something , and you really were doing homework!!!

honestly I love your poem but I dont think you should show it to him, if yo think he is seeing a lady, ask him, I know it will be harder that way bt it will be mch better than getting him angry at you and you can talk to him about it, your dad having a girlfriend doesnt sound so bad when you actually know the person!!! (im sorry if this sonds harsh)

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