Is there ANY way to make breasts bigger?

Ok, I have TINY boobs. Seriously, I don’t fill a 32AA cup and since im 15 its so embarassing. I don’t fill out any of my bras properly, and I’ve even started wearing 2 bra’s just so they look bigger.

But I’m so unhappy with them. I CAN’T learn to accept them, because they just make me feel so unfeminine and babyish.

Is there anything to make them bigger?

Answer #1

so what if she is 15! ARE you STUPID? puglover and the rest of you! 15 is when you are trying to prove your self responsibal! dont where to bras and DONT get a padded bra! that is the worst mistake ever! take birth control! what if you go to a pool party and you cant where a padded bra! and when people hug yuu they will know cause they would feel hard! and if you get a boyfriend and he feels them! yeah… funmail me and we can talk! ♥♥=)

Answer #2

massagge them with coco butter lotion. ;)

Answer #3

my sister is 23 and has the same problem. I wish I could say there was a way, but you just may have genes for small boobs.

the only solution would be to get breast implants but I highly advise that you dont. it would be embarrasing and its dangerous to do so.

Answer #4

maybe if you gained a little weight they’d grow a little =) just trying to help

Answer #5

Yes, it is. I was Acup, started to massage my breast a year ago, now I’m Bcup. Just massage them kindely, 2 times a day, and you will notice the change in the size and in the shape. After shower they’re soft, so, you can massage them kindely in increasing way. Keep massaging them every morning and every evening, and you can notice the change.

Search on net about ‘breast enlargement massage’, there’s a lot to learn about.

Answer #6

Ummm, you’re 15. You’re still developing.

Don’t worry, they’ll get bigger. Slightly bigger or massively bigger, it’ll depend mostly on your genetics. You could gain weight but there are also people who are large in body size but still unproportionately smaller breasts.

If your mom has natural breasts (unenhanced surgically), you can get an idea of what size your boobs can be when you fully develop.

Until then, chill out, wear padded bras if it helps. Not all guys like huge breasts, some guys like them small and perky.

Answer #7

I agree with some of the others…you are 15, you aren’t done developing yet..just wait and if you are just prone to smaller breasts, accept that and you have choices when you are an adult. Believe me big boobs aren’t great either. you need to learn to love the way you are and know that you are still growing.

(someone who had a breast reduction)

Answer #8

you’re young they will fill out. don’t be worried about something like that for now. you will have enough to worry about when you get older. enjoy being a teenager and worry about stuff like that when you’re older. I suggest standing up tall and that will make them appear to be bigger. good posture does wonders

Answer #9

I understand you:(I’m 14 and I’m A cup and I don’t even fill it.and the naturel solutions are 1-Eat more cabbage(it’s the best one.and it helps to people who are in growing perios 12-25 years old) 2-drink organic milk every single day. 3-do at least 15 push ups a day.(you don’t have to do all in one can do it little by little) 4-breast massage(don’t push it hardly, otherwise the result will be the opposite.because your body is still growing) 5-if you won’t see the effect I think after 18 you can use creams for making breasts bigger.the best one is Bio-Bust. I think it helps you. And don’t worry our body grows until we are 25 years old.))

Answer #10

I am here to help a lot of you girls. :) So get out a pencil and paper.

Here are some things to think about!

  1. FOODS TO EAT- pure soy products,whole grain,wheat germ, seeds,oats,nutmeg(in a lot of breads), spices like cinnamon, raw fruit and veggies. (I love putting cinnamon on my apples : ) , berries of all kinds, tofu, dried beans, protein shakes, egg white egg salad, red meats and especially dairy products.(because farmers put steroids in cows to make them produce more milk..and it is said it is making girls grow bigger boobs).EAT LOTS OF PROTEINS!

  2. FOODS NOT TO EAT- caffeine beverages (Including coffee,tea,sodas(especially dark soda) chocolate too). Stay away from waking and diet supplements/ pills/ vitamins. or anything with Kola nut or guarana in it. CUT BACK ON CARBOHYDRATES!

  3. BALANCE- metabolism,growth and development, puberty,tissue function,and emotions.

  4. SLEEP- Get plenty!!! Atleast 5 hours of deep sleep.

  5. EXERCISE- bench presses push ups and chest presses build muscle under your breast making them appear larger.

  6. STAND- up tall and push your shoulders backwards(not too much) so it looks like your boobs are bigger and you have more confidence in yourself.

7.MASSAGES0 I know it sounds weird but it is a MUST DO. This is probably the best way to develop your breasts. It improves your skin tone and firms your breasts too. DO TWICE A DAY (morning and night is when I do it). It increase blood flow and oxygen to the area. It also helps to RELEASE TOXINS that BREAK DOWN BREAST TISSUE!

  1. HYDROTHERAPY- alternate between hot and cold water in your showers. It increases circulation that firms your breasts.

  2. WONDERING WHY YOU ARE NOT GROWING BOOBS? here are some reasons- Don’t sleep well, cold hands and feet, headaches, constipation, moodswings, low in energy and sex drive, have a lot of ANGER and FEAR, and experience painful and heavy periods.

It depends on your family history also…Like if your mother is really flat or your dads mother is flat you are more likely to be flat. but don’t give up. If nothing works for you, you can get surgery, lotions, and pills.

It also depends on your age too! All girls grow at different paces. Some people start growing at 9 some at 14 some even at 19! One girl I talked to said she went up three sizes in about a year! she was 18! Their is not really a specific age your boobs stop growing or start growing at. Everyone thinks they stop growing boobs when they are 18 or when they are younger. You start growing boobs when you go through meno pause around your 40s and 50s!

Answer #11

I know How You feel, I Mean Even Chicks With The Biggest Boobs Wants bigger[er] Boobs, But Honestly Their Are some Hott Models With small Boobs And Look at all the attention they have.

Answer #12

Just use padded bras. There’s nothing wrong with small breasts though. If you had missing nipples, then you should start to worry though ;)

Answer #13

I feel you=[ although I’m a small B/fitted A and 18 years old, it is humiliating, wearing on the self-confidence, and annoying with the having to constantly pin up your dresses or not being able to buy that cute top because your torso fits it but your breasts are too small, and even the push-upiest bra doesn’t compensate. I have looked everywhere to see if there is a way to make them larger or even more shapely but unfortunately everything says that there is nothing to be done besides breast augmentation surgery .-.

Answer #14

no girl…the only way to enhance is to do plastic surgery ( which is I think should be an option, but its up to you), get pregnant and stay pregnant, because that;s how my boobs got bigger for a 9 months or just be happy of what heaven sent have gave you…its not because of your boobs that attracts men, its how you over come it and let your personality come out, that way you wouldn’t even notice about your cup size. believe me I have the same breast issue, but I dont let that overide my other great good things about me. I’m pretty much says…oh well…im still the bomb!!!

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