Is tea healthy ?

I drink tea like all the time. But is it dangers if I drink it all the time (which I do)

Answer #1


Studies indicate that Green tea helps reduce the risk of cancer. Experts believe that its powerful antioxidants help to disarm free radicals (highly relative oxygen compounds that damage healthy cells), which are believed to contribute to many degenerative diseases, including heart disease and cancer. The American Journal of Epidemiology has reported that a study of 35,369 women and their incidence of cancer during an eight-year period linked regular Green tea drinking with a lower risk of cancers of the upper digestive tract, colon and rectum. In Britain, positive results have been attributed to using Green tea to combat tumours of the colon, pancreas and breast. It is interesting to note that the amounts of Green tea used were not megadoses; only about four (4) cups per day!

Published studies in Australia by the CSIRO (here and here) have confirmed what Chinese and Japanese scientists, doctors and consumers of Green tea have known for years - Green tea is good for you! While all tea is healthy to drink, Green tea (derived from camellia sinensis) contains the highest level of polyphenols (flavonoids), which are known for their antioxidant activity.


Reported benefits on:

  • Enhancing immune function
  • Lowering LDL cholesterol levels (CSIRO research)
  • Increasing HDL cholesterol levels
  • Reducing blood pressure
  • Thinning the blood
  • Reducing the risk of a heart attack
  • Lowering the risk of stroke
  • Reducing the risk of cancer
  • Boosting longevity
  • Weight loss - research paper
  • Aiding digestion
  • Preventing dental cavities and gingivitis


The Japanese drink Green tea is known to suppress foul breath caused by certain foods. The deodorising effect of Green tea leaves has been known for centuries, and tea leaves traditionally have been used as deodorants. A study demonstrated the deodorising action of Green tea polyphenols in a test against methyl mercaptan, the compound most closely associated with halitosis. Green tea also has been shown to suppress bad smells produced by trimethylamine and ammonia.


British researchers have discovered that four to five cups of Green tea a day might help reduce both high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Green tea seems to work not only in reducing LDL-cholesterol oxidation but also in lowering overall blood cholesterol levels.


Tea is a dietary source of important vitamins and minerals. Tea contains Carotene, a precursor to vitamin A; Thiamine (vitamin B1); Riboflavin (vitamin B2); Nicotinic acid, Pantothenic acid, Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) vitamin B6; Folic acid; Manganese, Potassium, and Fluoride.

However, drinking heaps of it or over-indulging in anything does put a strain on the body and traditional natural medicine and nutrition encourages balance in all things.

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Answer #2

I think you should drink less tea, I heard somewhere that therewas this girl and she drank a lot of tea and got some type of disees bt I dont really think its true

Answer #3

I think its healthy…

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