Is smoking normal paper ok if you dont inhale but blow out?

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If you compare it to cigarettes, it's not as bad. Your body still has to filter out the smoke in the lungs, but paper isn't filled with as many toxins as cigarettes.

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its better then smoking drugs

Is smoking paper bad for you?
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dood tottally radical man...

Is smoking paper bad for you?
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How does smoking paper affect your body?

Does it affect your health if you smoke paper?
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If you don't inhale, you're not smoking paper, you're burning it very close to your face. Which is retarded. Inhaling fumes from smoking paper isn't healthy, the paper is bleached and treated and the smoke it creates is toxic.

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yes cause you dont inhale the smoke

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ANSWER #8 of 8're inhaling SMOKE. that is BAD. ever heard of people dying in burning buildiings not from any burns but from a little thing called, "smoke inhilation"? that's exactly what you are doing.

it really makes no sense.'s also a waste of paper and creates more pollution. not a very green practice. (sorry, I'm a bit of a tree hugger.)

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