Is Santa Claus real?

I want to know the truth from an adult or sombody who knows. I’m 13 so its not like I’ll be crushed. I’m just having doughts and I really want to know the truth. Only true answers please.

Answer #1

I say that Santa Claus is not real. It was a make believe that parent’s made up to spark up their Children’s lives. Whether or not he exists is all up to your imagination.

Answer #2

Santa Clause is real he origanated from a generous man named St. Nicholas but he doesn’t come around on christmas eve and giving presents

Answer #3

I hate to be a the person with the bad news but I am sorry, santa is not real. Have you ever thought about all the people who do not get presents like the homeless and really poor? If santa was real then they would receive presents.

Answer #4

I found out when I was 10, I couldn’t get to sleep. Then I saw my mum getting my stocking. I was like, eh. I didn’t say anything though. I found out before my 2 year older brother.

Answer #5

No, I dont mind telling you. I guess b/c my parents broke the news to me at 7 and I would have probably rather found out around 12 lol (only b/c I found believing in him fun). merry christmas.

Answer #6

Of course Santa is real!! Omgoodness, why tell her he isn’t?? He comes to my house every year. Of course when you stop believing, he stops coming. Maybe thats what happened to some of you. ;)

Answer #7

Okay, okay, even I will admit that he isn’t a real person… but bimjob makes a good point that the idea of him is real! That was a very good answer!

Answer #8

Do you believe that he is real? You know that once you stop, he won’t bring you any more presents right? It’s your decision to make though…

Answer #9

hes not real im sorry but my mom told me so its true

Answer #10

I found out when I was 12. My grandma told me she was pentecostal and couldnt lie He isnt real. If he was you wouldnt question him

Answer #11

Really It Depends If You Belive Some People Sya Hes Not OSme Say Is Is Theres Never Been Proof You Have To Belive in him

Answer #12

he’s real to you stop believing

Answer #13

im 16 and I say he is real how else does people around the worl get there gifts? :D

Answer #14

He’s not realll

Answer #15

well.. Personally, I think its my parents that goes out, buys the presents, hides them, wraps them, then puts them under the tree on christmas eve while im asleep… BUT there is a scientificly proven way that santa IS real. ok, if you start on the prime meridean and go west, each timezone is an hour off, there for, santa can go to one hemispehere, deliever all the presents, then goes to the next and hasto be out by 12 he would have to travel at one thousand miles an hour, but thats not impossible so, if you look at it, he delievers all of the presents in one night no matter waht he is in fact a real person, but I am not sure if he is still alive he will always be real in your heart though

Answer #16

santa is

Answer #17

Santa Claus is very real.

Answer #18

I found out he wasn’t real when I left him cookies and milk outside (my parents didn’t know about it so obviously they couldn’t get rid of it) then in the morning the milk was ice and my cookies were like rocks :*(

Answer #19

im sorry…he isnt real…but you know my mistake was to tell my mom I didnt believe cause I stopped getting so many presents. but ya theres the truth

Answer #20

Im saying he’s real!!! Think of all the movies, “Im sorry, but santas not real” when he is.

Answer #21

no he isn’t

Answer #22

NOOO NOOO NOOO!!! How can santa not be real I wish he where

Answer #23

I was nine when I found out…bleh.

Answer #24

Lol I ‘m not really heartbroken, I just had to quote Michael Corleone lol

Answer #25

your joking right? santa claus is real! I see him every christmas, no lie. :)

Answer #26

he’s NOT real. happy?

Answer #27

are you serious? there was a real saint nicolas. and they got the idea from him cause he gave kids gift but theres no real north pole flying reindeer santa claus

Answer #28

are you kidding me

Answer #29

how can any of you say something so many people believe in isnt real? belief makes things real. I agree with bimjob. everything santa claus stands for is real. the fact that we dress people up and parade them around is for children’s benefits so that they have something tangible. things are easier to believe in when you can see it. dont let anyone destroy what you believe in.

Answer #30

Please tell me the truth.

Answer #31


Answer #32

The true story of Santa Claus begins with Nicholas, who was born in a village called Patara, about 300 years after Jesus. His parents were very wealthy, and they raised Nicholas to be a good Christian. Nicholas was still very young when his parents became ill and died.

Obeying Jesus’ words to “sell what you own and give the money to the poor,” Nicholas used his whole inheritance to assist the needy, the sick, and the suffering. He dedicated his life to serving God and was made Bishop of Myra while still a young man. Bishop Nicholas became well-known for his generosity to the those in need, his love for children, and his concern for sailors and ships. He did many kind and generous deeds in secret, expecting nothing in return.

When he died, his spirit remained alive in the hearts and minds of those who loved him - and there are many stories of Nicholas continuing to watch over and aid children and other unfortunate people who needed help and guidance.

Recognizing his goodness, the Catholic Church declared him a saint, and for over a thousand years St. Nicholas Day was celebrated on December 6th, with parties and the leaving of gifts (in the name of St. Nicholas) in the night for children as they slept.

Because of the closeness of St. Nicholas Day to Christmas, as customs changed in different countries over the years, St. Nicholas gradually became a part of Christmas. In America, St. Nicholas became known as Santa Claus.

When people fill the stockings of their sleeping children, and leave gifts for the children under the tree in the name of Santa Claus, they are honoring not only the memory of the great and kind man known as St. Nicholas, but also the actions of the shepherds and three Wise Men (Magi) from the east who brought gifts to the infant Jesus on that first Christmas when he was born.

St. Nicholas (or Santa Claus) was a real person and his kind acts were real, and he remains real for as long as you believe he is real - but not for one moment longer. If your friends tell you that Santa is not real, they are right - he isn’t real for THEM anymore because they have given up that hope, and left behind that dream. But, if YOU believe he is real, like I do, then he IS real, and you can keep Santa alive in your heart for as long as you want to.

Whenever we follow his example of giving without expecting anything in return; whenever we impersonate him, whether we wear a Santa suit or not - we are all Santa Claus, and the spirit of St. Nicholas lives in all of us.

Answer #33

how can some people say that father christmas doesnt exist because there is no proof, well if you think about it there is no real solid proof that god exists… father christmas is real in those who choose to believe in him

Answer #34

ok im going to tell you the total truth so dont listen to anything else anyone says on here because I swear ill be honest with you. youre 13 years old and you should already know whether hes real or not. I found out the truth when I was just 10 years old. you need to know this and this is the complete and honest truth: santa is NOT real. your parents put the presents under the tree.

Answer #35

I dont beleive in him. I found presents that said from santa to candice and I never beleived in him again… I think I was like 8…

Answer #36

I’m really not sure, but I think Santa Claus IS real. For the longest time, I didn’t believe in him, but last Christmas something happened. Every single Christmas Eve, I can’t sleep, and I guess I fall asleep, but I’m usually up, under the blankets, with my eyes shut. Anyways, my local fire station always sends this announcement on all the firefighter’s radio things, saying ‘Santa’ has been sighted, and they wish every a Merry Christmas, etc. As soon as I heard it, I’m like, YEAH RIGHT. Then my mom is like, OH MY GOSH COME HERE! I walked out there, and she was looking out the window. There were lights in the sky, and actually one red light to the left. I said, “It’s a cell phone tower or a car DUH” I shook my head, adn then my mom told me there weren’t any cell phone towers with that many lights that high up, and no roads back there. I believed her, but Christmas morning, I made her prove to me she wasn’t lying. She took me by there, and sure enough it was a dead end. There were no roads. I don’t know if it was Santa or not, but I thought it was. Another thing that happened was: I had just gotten a puppy, and Christmas Eve, my mom had told me this on Christmas morning, she started barking, my other dog started whining, but all of a sudden they stopped. I don’t know how true this is, but it’s kind of creepy to think about if you ask me!

Answer #37

Yes, Santa is real. It is not the jolly old feller dressed in red, but it is the desire to give and make people happy and spread the joy of Jesus’s birth on Christmas, that is a Santa Claus.

Answer #38

Maybe im a bad Young lady and I deserve a chunk of coal.. and I really dont want to crush you by telling you he isnt real

But Santa is a made up story . It just satisfies childrens imagination… I believed in him, Until one christmas I woke up to find my mom and my older brother putting our christmas gifts under our tree…
Santa is not real Sorry :(

Answer #39

I found out the truth when I was 11. I was kind of sad at first, but when I thought about it, NO ONE can get around the world in one night. it just made sense that he wasn’t real. srry if I ruin anyones fun, but she’s gotta know the truth.

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Answer #41

Santa is the symbol of all that is good with people - the love, sharing and companionship that we all want. Santa is real, he just isn’t a Person.

Answer #42

Santa Claus was originally Old Saint Nicholas. Yes, he was a real man who was a leader of a church (I can’t remember the exact denomination). On Christmas Eve he would go home to home dropping bags of gold down poor peoples chimneys. From then on people carried on the tradition trading gold for gifts. As the years went by, the story grew deeper and deeper. Kind of like gossip!

There are different traditions for different countries. So if Santa were real, he would only have to travel to certain parts of the U.S. There’s not a Santa Claus in every tradition! Example: In Puerto Rico, they have what’s called “Three Kings Day”. The tell the story of the three kings who traveled camel back to bring baby Jesus gifts the night he was born. On their “Christmas Eve” they collect grass for the camels and make a trail of it to the children’s rooms where they put a bowl of water, normally under the bed. It’s so the camels have food and something to drink after their long journey to bring them their gifts. Usually there are only 3 presents for each child, but some parents get carried away. They believe this is a better tradition because it keeps the real meaning alive. I can’t say that I disagree. The true meaning of Christmas has been lost in all the commercial things life brings!

You shouldn’t be heart broken over him not being real. He’s something that has been kept alive for the children! You have to grow up sometime. It doesn’t ruin Christmas, try focusing on the true meaning. And the tradition you’ll carry on when you have kids someday!

Answer #43

You don’t have to see Santa to belive he is real. Most people think that just because they can’t see him that is isn’t real. Me I belive he is real.

Answer #44

wel. I beleive in santa even though this year I played santa. haha, no presents showed up for my children the old, old ,old ,oldx100 days there was an old man that went on people’s porches who had left out candles and he would leave a gift and knock on the door..there’s more to the story I just don’t feel like writin it all right now..

Answer #45

No.I caught my mom putting presents in the stocking. Sorry. Also, he didn’t came to my house on Christmas Eve. He does leave coal right? So he isn’t real.

Answer #46

Heyyai! Huni he nt real :) Im sorry but when you think bout it A LIVIN PERSON LIVIN FOR THOUSANDS OF YEAR GOIN ALL ABOUT THE WORLD IN LIKE 9 HOURS IS IMPOSSIBLE im soz byye byye xxx

Answer #47

wow…I cant beleive that this was actually a question…I thought the kid was joking…and then I saw the responds like 30 answers…wow lmao :p

Answer #48

well I would not really know I mean he seems real because I slept by my parents all night but then a week later I found in the garage the box that had my lil sis’s furreal pony but I will soon figure out but I think my parents help santi claus out

Answer #49

what! are you crazy thei’s no such thing as santa clause!!! your parents just put them under the tree! they don’t tell you cause they don’t want to break oyur heart but their is no santa!!!

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