Is rap bad to listen to?

My mom doesn’t like that I listen to rap she is scared ill learn somthing bad from it I mean im 13 shouldn’t I have the freedom to choose what I listen to. like in the car im stuck listening to her stupid music im sick of it the only time I can listen to it is when im in my room alone turened down super low and im fricken sick and tired of it what can I do to make her understand im old enough to choose my music to listen to.

Answer #1

If your Mom is being a good parent she will look after your best interests - she’s doing that - be thankful you have a parent that CARES - many, many, many don’t…Take care !!

Answer #2

Retards Attempting Poetry

F*ck rap, but go ahead if you want to be another dick wad in the world.

Answer #3

this is a common problem. every single generation has always had a music they like that their parents hate. my grandmother hated my mom listening to swing music in the 40s. my parents really hated me listening to rock. I hated my son listening to metal. your parents hate you listening to rap. there will be a type of music that you hate your child listening to. each generation establishes freedom by music. it is a huge part of our culture. rap, in its purest form, is extremely real and wonderful. I am not a fan of gangsta rap because it denigrates women. as a mom, I wouldn’t want my daughter listening to lyrics that objectify women. but that’s me. if your parents are offended by rap, and I am sure they are (after all they are parents) then you should talk to them. explain why you like it. let them know there are radio stations that play the same songs that you like but with the offensive lyrics removed. that way you can listen to the music you like but without the lyrics they hate. and you might as well hear it now, your parents will NEVER consider you old enough for anything. they will always try to protect you from what they think is evil for the rest of their lives. you could be 40 and they will still say things like “call me when you get there” or “did you eat breakfast” and so on. sorry to say, it just kicks in when you become a parent. I hated my mom doing it to me, but I catch myself doing it to my son. it’s love, pure and simple. and it is extremely hard to stop.

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Not all of it. Some is, but not all. There are a lot of bad things in rap, but a lot of it is actually good and catchy. But, don’t listen to the bad songs. Try to listen to the better ones. Also, try Group 1 Crew. They are hip hop, but they have Christian/Religious music. Emily

Answer #5

No, it is great…

but all the big dick stuff can get a bit silly I think…

I used to love the old school hip hop, before the breakbeats came into it..

Answer #6

Tell ya ma that you can listen to what eva music ya want to listen to. I f ya learn sumit ya shouldnt so what, you will end up learnin it when ya older. It will be sooner or later, so why not sooner

Answer #7

Try 16 and get your own car, them you have a right to chose when your in the car. When it comes to music everyone has something they love or hate. And NO rap is no going to make you evil, only if you act did what they did or talk about in there music. I like old school rap (Ice Cube), but I’ve never pick up a gun in my life. (Hope I never do)

Answer #8

Tell your mom: MOM…I am sorry if you don’t like my music. Please know that I don’t take the lyrics seriously and will NOT go shoot somone (or whatever else it says). Tell her that you already know all thoses profanities in the rap music and she doesn’t need to worry. Also tell her that you want to be able to listen to whatever you want and by her telling you not to listen to it ever again is NOT going to stop you from listening to it and liking it! Tell her that you appreciate her concern but want to be comfortable liking what you like. Its nice that she cares, but she shouldn’t tell you what and what not to like. Especially if you’re not taking the lyrics seriously.

Answer #9

Ok, you should have the right to choose what music you should listen too, but your mom should have some control about what words are in the song. Your obviously old enough to understand the concepts in the songs (I mean your 13, if you don’t know what there talking about, then your pretty out of the loop.) Anyway, I also am 13 and my parents haven’t given me complete freedom of music, but they do suggest good music to me. Maybe you should talk to your mom about how you like rap and understand the topics in them, so you should be able to listen to them. IF she still doesn’t agree, tell her you’ll listen to edited versions only. Thats called compromise.

hope this helps.

Answer #10

luk B your mom is trippin over none you jst use rap in a +ve way don’t bgoin around your hood bein gang member and blame it on rap bcos rap is poetry with beats in the background

Answer #11

WHY WOULD you WANT 2 LISTEN 2 RAP?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

hahaha I hate rap, can you tell? =D

(that was a rhetorical question)

I agree with mcrfan

Retards Attempting Poetry

but if you want 2 tell her you do, and you are smart enough not 2 take the lyrics seriously (who would? XD) sorry I HAD 2 throw that in there!

Answer #12

rap is terrible music. you should search “collapsing cities, elixar always” on youtube, thats good music. rap is bad.

\but its not up to your mum to pick what you listen to, either.

Answer #13

Depends. I’m almost certain you are listening to Shawty Low(lol @ that name), Lil Wayne, Rocko, Young Jeezy..those types of rappers. Well that’s just it, most rappers suck now. Listen to MCs..two for the new age are Lupe Fiasco and Kanye, both listened to on the radio sometimes.

Also, it is understandable if she doesn’t want you listening to people like Ice Cube or Tupac as well. They are both fierce rebels and censors will not stop them from sending out the message. Just tell your mom that the music you listen to doesn’t affect your ability to think.(which it probably will…but oh well.)

Answer #14

Rap is only bad if you allow it to influence you because MOST of the popular rap songs are negative. IF you really listen to the words, which a lot of kids dont, you will see that. Keep doing good in school and make an agreement with her. If you keep up good grades in school, then she will let you listen to rap on the radio. It is censored on the radio.

Answer #15

To mcrfan:

Just because you like rap doesn’t make you a di*k wad. It’s like saying you’re satanic because you listen to metal. You are stereotyping me because I like rap. Well, then that just shows how ignorant you truly are.

Now, you should tell your mom about the reason why you like rap. If she has doubts, then tell her that not all rap is bad. Find some good rap songs without all the cussing, violence, and degrading. Tell her about the positive things of the rap. Rap isn’t bad to listen to. It’s only bad if you are influence by rap to do bad things. Since you’re 13, you should be old enough to not be influenced negatively by rap.

Answer #16


Answer #17

it’s only “bad” if you absorb it all.

get an ipod/cd player, whatever.

and try Atmosphere :)

Answer #18

tell her to go screw a monkey!

Answer #19

Actually, rap is bad. It is a bad influence on people!

Answer #20

tell your ma to go jump in a mud puddle?!

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