Is Paris a good place to go?

I really want to go to Paris,anyone been there?Did you like it?

Answer #1

I have been there so many times and I must tell you it is a gorgeous city. It is romantic for a couple but very interesting for sightseers and a fun holiday for families. The Eiffel Tower, Sacre Couer, Arc de Triumph, Champs Eleysees…etc it is something to remember… i’m sat here writing this for you and its putting a smile on my face remembering the memories I had there. I remember one time it was raining… the cobbled back streets with the little French restaurants with classical music playing, were so artistic. It was like I had stepped into a watercolour painting with the little streams behind the main roads. The River Seine is right by the Tower and it is a lovely little stroll to have along there.

You have got to go up the Eiffel Tower, it is such a breathtaking sight when you reach the top, it really is! Plus you have to go inside the Sacre Coeur. The massive big white church at the top of hundreds of steps with little streets with souvenir shops and people selling roses and wanting to draw your picture. All the street performers and university students get together for a sing a long on the Sacre Couer steps, it is so social. It is such a dainty French atmosphere. Other times have been sunny and you sit in the park, the park in the Autumn is so colourful. The leaves are orange, red, yellow, brown and green. All maple leaves on the ground as you kick them in the air.

If you would rather go for the fashion, the Champs Eleysees is a big main road situated near the Arc de Triumph and Palace is filled with big named shops and at Christmas… at Christmas, oh god it is so lovely, everyone bustling around for Christmas presents and last minute clothes shopping in the sales, glowing faces and smiles.

However if you want to go for a family holiday… you cannot miss out Disneyland! A brilliant day or two out. (My family needed 2!) Different rides for different people, gentle ones, adrenalin rush ones, classic ones, educational, horror, historical, sci fi, fairytale.. oh so many!!! And watch the daily parade which has the disney characters in it. At Christmas they usually have the illuminations parade which is a must see!

I loved it and always will. I went with my mum and dad but next time I am taking my boyfriend… I want to share with him something that touched my heart all those years ago… the music, the atmosphere, the smell, the sounds, the sights, the emotion, the romance, the friendliness, the dantiness… the memories I will always cherish

Answer #2

I love paris personaly, its a beautiful city one of the best iv been too and iv been to loads of city’s around the world, its much better than new york (wich isnt hard) but I love paris a lot xxx

Answer #3

yes, its wonderful, just watch out for crazy motorcylists that cuss you out in french and start cussing worse when you start laughuing cuz you have no idea what thier saying ( theirs a funny story behind that!!)

Answer #4

its really a beautiful and romantic city. cant wait till christmas when I go again

Answer #5

I’ve never been there but I would LOVE to!

Answer #6

I wanna go. It just seems so romatic. Make sure you have you boyfrien with. But don’t eat snails or frogs leggs.

Answer #7

its really a beautiful and romantic city. cant wait till christmas when I go again

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