Is my belly button infected?

I got my belly button pierced on Friday 3-4 days ago. It was fine Saturday and then I went to bed on Saturday night and it was the first night I had slept on my stomach and on Sunday morning it was a little red. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good. Then the next morning (Monday morning) it was more red and it was sore and that night I had also slept on my stomach too. It got a little better throughout the day but now on Monday night it is red again but not as bad as this morning is this normal?? It’s not swollen and puss isn’t coming out, it’s just red and sore. Should I be worried??

Answer #1

heey I’m thirteen and I get mime down. I got it pierced justa couple of days ago and it’s a little bit red around the top part and it almost looks like there is a scab underneath the top part.. I am cleaning in dailey but I just wanted to know if it was ok?! please help!!

Answer #2

elder 11 - It sounds fine , the reason its a little red and has a scab is because its just had a needle through it !! I need help … I got my bellybutton pierced 3 months ago .. and recently a little red bump has been coming and going .. I read it was just scar tissue and wont go but if anyone else has this problem and knows what it really is tell me .. Please ?? Im 13 and worried :’-(

Answer #3

its prob just iiritated i would just be careful an still clean it an everythin it should go down but if it starts pusin i would get it checked.. i got mine done 2 yrs ago an took a week or 2 to fully heal it wasnt bad but i washed it like 2-3 times a day to lol good luck

llove always megan

Answer #4

Omg. I’m so glad I stumbled across this site. I got my belly button pierced 6 days ago. Which was a tuesday. The thursday after that I went to the beach and sometimes throughout the day I forgot about it and sometimes found it surrounded by sand. I washed the sand away with water from my water bottle but now it’s gone a little red and what looks to me like a little scab around the top hole. But this makes sense to me because my piercings always bleed. I’d just like to thank you :) I can rest in peace now!!

Answer #5

Make appointment with your physician for check up.

Answer #6

maybe you should see a doctor or it’s just irritated

Answer #7

I don’t know but I got my belly button done a month ago and its really red and pusing should I be worried that it is infected? bc none of my friends are red and I got it done a week or 2 before them help please!!! thank you…

Answer #8

okay well for those of you that are asking about your belly ring who just got it done a week or so ago its totally normal for it to be red and puss a bit. you just got it done… it takes up to a year for it to fully heal. if you have read other articles online about how long it takes for a belly ring to fully heal its diff. for everyone but mostly 6 months. dont worry about if its infected. I just got mine done on the first of april and yeah its still red and still pussing and crusties are building up. it itches often but when it does that I clean the crap out of it. I probably spend more time cleaning it than most people but hey im trying to prevent infection. certain belly bars I’ve noticed have been a bit painful which made me think my belly was infected but I realized I just got it done and its not fully healed.

Answer #9

I dont really have answer. I was hoping someone could help me. I just got got my belly button pierced a week ago and now its really red. I hope that its not infected and I used alcohol to clean it today because it was hurting really bad. then I read in the internet that you aren’t suppose to use that. im like getiing really paranoid. please someone comment.

Answer #10

I got mine done a few days ago. it’s normal to get red, it’s just irritated. I hit it all the times on accident. it hurts really bad at first then it settles down and isn’t too bad. just keep cleaning it and try to remember that it’s there! haha good luck

Answer #11

hey I need help myself, about a week ago I got my belly done at a joint it was 30 bux and I was like sweet thats not bad a week later its really starting to sweel and become red with puss and dryed skin around the wounds (not attractive) its also very tender to touch and I have basicly no lean way to move the bar to clean I’ve tried different brands of piercing care spays, salt water and alcohol wipes but nothing seems to work. now im starting to think could the place I got it done at have used cheap rip of jewllery, as im alergic to fake. would it be possible to change it to a brand new bar that I know is real silver??? or should I leave it? I no not to take it out though as I’ve been told it can trap the infection and cause a alser but if I leave it in it allows it to drain. yet it hurts so much its even irratating my sleep please help me

Answer #12

Its all normal, when i got mine done 7 years ago, it took 4 months for it to completly stop pusing and for the swelling to go completely away and heal. So its all normal. My best friend who got it done on the same day as me got an infection, she has this red jelly like stuff coming out of the whole, so if you see any of that then start to worry and go to the doctor, but its going to take a few months for it to be completely ok.

Answer #13

hey well i got a piercing and when i got it i also slept on my stomach because i was use to sleeping like that well anyways yeah and the same thing happend to me it was red for a few days but nothing happend it got better because i was cleaning it but dont worry there is nothing wrong with it just take care of good ok hopefully it gets better the reason why it like that its because its swollen even thou.. it dont look like it

Answer #14

definitely no, look you can always go to a tattoo artist to get answers. Blieve me they know. I have had my belly button pierced twice on top and bottom, I used alcohol and neosporin although docs will tell you that those are the two things you should almost always avoid. My bellybutton was infected and I was about to give up until I tried this. Hope you feel better and in about 6 months you should be better if you take care of it. A navel ring is a foreign object in your body so naturally your body will reject it. Don’t give up and don’t worry!

Answer #15

Well the best thing is just to pull it out it my hurt a little but it’s for you own benifit it could get really infected and they may have to cut your button off this happened to me and now I’m scared for life but don’t worry it’s normal I just wished I never got it don because I’m in and out the hospital all the tym wiv puss problems and now I can’t even have sex anymore but good luck with your pussey belly over and out!

Answer #16

I qot my belly pierced in July & I was just realizing its still red but not as much & at the end of it, it has a red lump! I took it out a few times to clean it all good, but I have no idea if this redness will ever go away. All my friends already changed their belly rings and they haven’t even had it a month yet ! what is going on ?

Answer #17

CAN someone Help??? I got my belly button pierced along time ago, but it fell out in the pool playing 3yrs later. I didn’t noticed till the end of the day & never found the ring and decided to leave it out. Around 7 or 8yrs later I was wondering why my piercing never closed because I heard it heals really quick,so I told my husband and he decided to squeeze it and to our surprise pus came out.I know sounds a bit gross, but I’m glad he did. Anyway it’s been 2 or 3yrs now and I’m still able to squeeze pus out of it. I noticed the hole is looking smaller, but is this normal? to still have pus? now I live in a different country and I don’t have a doctor to go to and they all speak Spanish and my first language is English. I don’t want any miss communication with my belly button being involve. Does anyone know having pus after all these years normal? I was even thinking to get stitches just to close it up for good. I don’t want to have a baby then have it stretch out one day. Thanks for your help and sorry for the long post!!!

Answer #18

heey..I got mu belly pierce 2 days ago and im a bit worried but at the top of the piercing its a bit red around is that normal ?? the person who did mine wasnt very good and she cualnt get it to go though but she did in the end…she said 2 take extra care of it becouse ´my skin is very hard and I clean it everyday 3 times a day…I hope someone anwers me…thanks XD

Answer #19

no its not infected its red because it has just had a needle right through it thats all. dont be worried its fine but remember to clean it 3 times a day with cooled boiled water and a tea spoon of salt.

Answer #20

so I just got my pierced about 6 days and it is red and whtie stuff is dried around it should I be worried because tell me what to do like I used the H2OCean and that is hwat made it red so I started to use bectine is that okay for it ? I use salt and water and it started to puss white what do I do

Answer #21

I got my belly done feb 20th and I went tanning 4 days ago and now its swollen, red, with yellowish discharge.. it also hurts to touch what should I do im using the h20ocean im really worried

Answer #22

Will some one help please I got my belly done and I changed my belly bar and I just looked and it has a red jelly lump under the bottom ball? I tried taking my bar out but the top ball wont screw off ? What do I do ? x

Answer #23

HELP!!! I have had my belly pierced when I was 13, im now 19. and the other month I wanted to change my belly bar, but the belly I had in was a little bit smaller so the hole started to heal (I didnt know). I tried to changed the belly bar but it was really sore so I put the old one back in. a couple days later went really red and sore so I started cleaning it twice a day. the redness has gone down but a red lumb as grown to the bottom of ny piercing (in my belly button) and the inside of the piercing had scabbed up. people have told me to take the piercing out which I have. is that the right thing to do and how can I treat it? thankyou

Answer #24

I need help.I pierced my navel around 4 months ago but its still red and hurts sometimes when I friend told me to take it off and some people are telling me not too that eventually its gonna get better but I dont know what to do.should I be concerned about it because its been red since I got it,or is it normal and I should just keep doing what I’ve been doing? please help tahnk you

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