Is it wrong to spoil a baby?

My daughter is 19months old and I basically give her everything she wants cause she crys for a new toy or something and I give it to her. I’m tired of my family telling me to quit giving everything cause I’m going to regreat it but I dont belive that. I love my daughter so much… When we go shopping I just love to by her everything and now I do notic she screams when she does’ent get it. my question is…should I not be spoiling her so much???

Answer #1

You MUST be her parent - not her best friend - establish limits or you will indeed regret it - have a Brat on your hands - giving her everything is not Love - proper discipline and looking after her best interests is - she’ll grow up well-adjusted…Good luck !!

Answer #2

omg!!! what the hell is wrong with you people???!!! being a child is about the carelessness and the freedom of it all…her child is bearly gonna be 2!!!let her learn about life is a cold hard careless heartless horrible place…kids should not have to face opinion is buy ur kid whatever you wanna buy her!!!uve got the money!!!just make shure she realizes what she gets and appreciates it for what it shure she realises the value of hard work…and her to help people when possible…and to share what she has with her how to ask for things the right way…dont give in to her let her earn it. tantrums…should not be accepted…but reprimended.other than that…if you feel you want to buy her something do it…its your money…your baby…your choice! as long as she is respectful,kind,loving,giving,and well behaved…there should not be any problems with her.

good luck

p.s.i know this from experience

Answer #3

not all the time by the age of 1 make sure you dont give her evry thin g becuse by the ahe shes 4 she will cry if you screem at her or if you take some thing away from her think about when shes 12 or 13 she will screem at you when you dont give her something she wants is fine but not all the times

Answer #4

I’m 14 and the youngest not only out of my siblings but also out of all my cousins on my daddy’s side. (there’s 30 grandkids on that side including me and my siblings) so everyone has spoiled me from birth and doted on me, they still do. I am now a confident, popular, smart girl, I am kind and caring so it’s fine!

Answer #5

When you give in to her screaming by buying her a toy, you are rewarding bad behavior. Since she is a baby, you’re beginning very early, which is not a good thing.

You’re basically teaching her that if she behaves badly, she’ll get toys.

Answer #6

Set up a rule.. If she doesn’t scream and make a fuse give her somthing as a reward.. when she does dont.. that way she knows if she’s goo she might get somthing… get her somthingmaybe once every 2 weeks maybe even 3 weeks.. make it longer as she gest older

Answer #7

Of course not. A spoiled baby is INDB (sort of), but a spoiled child is annoying as hell. Yes, you will regret spoiling your daughter soon enough.

You don’t show your daughter you love her by giving her everything she wants; you do that by raising her right and turning her into an acceptable human being. She needs to learn to hear the word NO. When she screams, ignore her. She can only scream for so long.

This is why teenagers shouldn’t be allowed to have a baby. Chances are they don’t know anything about parenting. God, I hate people.

Answer #8

alot of my friends have children and some do spoil them. but once they get older they will be used to getting everything they want and will though HUGE fits to get them. i dont think its a good idea to spoil your child. but giving them something every once in awhile is allways nice…especially if its your first born. but its your child and no one can tell you how to raise your own child.

Answer #9

No, you shouldn’t give her everything she wants. You are definitely spoiling your child. I’m not sure for how long you have been doing this but your child will get used to it (and I believe she already has) and your family is right, you will regret it (if you don’t already). Apart from that, you are teaching your child that she’s able to get everything she wants, and she needs to learn that she needs to earn those things first. People just don’t get everything they want, that’s life, and your child needs to learn to deal with that. So if she doesn’t get something she wants, just let her scream, because it’s something she (and everyone else) needs to learn.

Answer #10

Dear greeneyes6969, Okay, you need to stop giving in to her NOW…you will be faced with so much turmoil if you don’t. A parent is hard work; as mothers we all want to give our children everything they want but that is bad parenting. As a parent our job is to socialize our children…that is your job. That means to raise your child to get along in society and to adhere to societies rules. You are doing the opposite and creating a problem for her. You are doing her harm. By teaching her we don’t get everything we want, we need to work hard for what we do want and teaching her coping skills will make her a well rounded person. You are not doing your job as a parent. It’s about time you start. Sue…good luck

Answer #11

I think it’s fine to spoil kids but not like that!! you can’t just give her everything she wants if she cries!! you are just teaching her that money grows on trees and she can get whatever she wants by screaming. She isn’t going to know the value of a dollar and it will get SO much worse. It’s fine to spoil kids now and then with treats and toys but not every time she wants them, if she gets everything she wants it will never be enough and it’ll never mean as much. If youlove her don’t spoil her ROTTEN.

Answer #12

spoilt now it will be hard not to spoil her later. plus spoilt kids are often not as mature.

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