is it weird for a girl to skateboard?

what do you think??

Answer #1

im a guy no its totally hot

Answer #2

It’s not weird at all for a girl to skate. Plenty of them do it. I tried once…but that didn’t go so well. Lol :P

Answer #3

haha I looked at this question back then…I said ‘’HELL NO’’ dang I was mean lol anyways no not at all sk8ing is not just a grll thing…NO WAY

Answer #4

no way!!! I skateboard and I think it is perfictly fine

   p.s. I think its kind of hot (skater chick)
Answer #5

alright, just wondering because when I tell people that I skateboard and that I can ollie, and drop in and actually stand up on a board with out falling, they are pretty impressed I dont know many girls who like to skate soo… but whether people think its weird or not, I would still skate because I love it

Answer #6

No, I know a lot of girls who skateboard. I don’t think its weird at all. Also, if you like to do it, it shouldn’t matter. :)

Answer #7

no, I skate I love skating there are a lot of other girls who skate too but theres also a lot of girls who say they can just to be cool but its not weird for a girl to skate however sometimes guys at the skatepark arnt always into it but most of the time there nice, and will let you in front of them to do a trick or get a bowl session in if you love skating, skate! and dont let anybody stop you

Answer #8

no its not weird. My friend Maria skateboards. and so does her best friend Therese…

could you answer my “Is my friend mad?” question please

Answer #9


Answer #10


Answer #11

NO! hehe grls do it all the time some grls are even BETTER than boys my cousin and I sk8board and we’re both GRLZ lol

Answer #12

no its not weird different peepo have different hobbies and are into different things

Answer #13

thats a pretty stupid question. a lot of girl’s skateboard, me being one of them haah(:

Answer #14

no its not weird I mean I skatebored and I hang out with a lot of guys and we all just have diffrent hobbies! :)

Answer #15

Hell no!!! I skateboard and a lot of guyz think its cool so hang in there!

Answer #16

no I think its cool I know quite a few girls who skate and 1 of them is a freak bowl skater

Answer #17


Answer #18

hah deff. not. I try but so far a suck massivly… but thats another story XD. andi need a new board…so yeahh..

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