Is it OK for a girl to ask a guy to marry her?

I’ve been dating my boyfriend for three years now. The details to our serious and loving relationship don’t even need to be said. To be blunt and get to the point, I just want to know if it would be OK for a GIRL to ask a GUY to marry her. If yes, is a ring necessary? I want to know because I want to ask him on our senior trip to Cancun…before he asks me! Which I already heard he’s planning on doing. So, is it ok???

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Why is it that when your young people don’t think your realtionships will work? You know, if you truely love each other and are commited you can make it work and I’ve seen it happen right out of highschool.It can happen.

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sweetie… it’s fine for a girl to ask a guy to marry her… I mean I would if I really loved him… so yes its fine…hope this helps

much love Tela xoxo

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PEOPLE…IT’S THE 21 CENTURY FOR GOD’S SAKE!!! YES YOU CAN ASK HIM TO MARRY YOU!!! IT DOESN’T MATTER HOW YOUNG YOU ARE, AS LONG AS YOU REALLY LOVE HIM. The reason men normally ask is because men, being slower to grow strongly and steadly affectionate, are more likely to decide tis matter when the time is right.

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I don’t see what’s wrong with it. Sure many movies show that men propose to women. But in reality:

Will You Be My … Husband?” Today, women are twisting traditional gender roles more than ever, whether they’re running for the presidential nomination, competing in a male-dominated professional golf tournament, hitting the open-wheel racing circuit, or heading a Fortune 500(TM) company. As women take on larger leadership roles in the workplace and in society, it’s only natural that they’ve begun to assume these roles in the realm of romance, as well. This “role reversal” trend is not only evident in the number of women proposing, but in society’s willingness to accept this shift, as six out of ten Americans (59 percent) do not think that men should always be the ones to propose.

Answer #5

Do not take all of the opinions to heart. If you want to marry him then ask him… whether or not you are young or old. About the ring part… give him one as a promise ring or something like that. good luck and if you think that your ready then you already know half of what you need to know!!!

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if you heard that he is going to purpose to you then why dont you just wait untill he does he is just propably just waiting for the right time

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Does this mean you are in high school?

DO NOT GET MARRIED if you are less than 25 years old. You will end up getting divorced for sure, kids or not. Trust me. Wait until you are older.

Answer #8

NO! Just wait til he asks. That would mess up everything! Then you wouldnt get surprised with a ring. And I think that would be really akward for the guy, so NO!

Answer #9

i think that it would be better if you waited a little while to see if he asks you, cause you dont know he might ask you on your alls senior trip im a junior and me and my man have been dating a year and we are going to get married some time after we graduate cause i know that i love him and i know he loves me, so if he doesnt ask you and you really want to marry this guy go for it and i dont think you need a ring so dont worry aoubt that part.

Answer #10

Listen, I do think it’s okay for a girl to ask a guy, but I think you’re a little too young. I would wait until you guys had more money saved, and were a little older, I’m younger than you, I know, but I don’t think it’s a great idea..

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In my deepest opinion, let your guy ask you!!! Why? Because I’m sure he wants to be the gentleman (and do the right thing), and think of how he would feel if you ask him first. But then again, if you sure he is ok with it, you go girl!

Answer #13

As a guy, yeah. BUT you'd better be sure of how he feels. If you've been dating for less then 2 years, I'd say you're gonna scare him off

Answer #14

hey hunny.. ok im a girl aswell. and I think it is more then ok to ask a guy to marry you!!! like im thinking about it as well, but me and him have talked about it and he thinks it would be cute … a change in the tradition… he thinks it would be soo amazing to have me purpose to him.. so I think you should go for it never mind these people maybe there not married or even close to it there jelous and they dont want you happy!!.. trust me. if you love eachother he wont say no and he will be happy that you asked him … he would probably also be happy about saving a little cash as well!! hhaha.. go for it.. !!!. and tell me how it works out!! :).

Answer #15

sweetie………if you really love this guy ait to marry, you are wwaaaaay too young. and if you do get married now you will get a divorce triust me my parents got a divorce and they were married in collage, so i really think you should like wait. just wait until you have steady jobs and you dont live at home and mommy and daddy dont buy your stuff and maybe you should live with him for a while. and when you and him talk about it and youre both ready then you wont have to propse….he will have done it. so just wait.

Answer #16

i am also a senior….my fiance proposed on valentines day of my junior year…we are getting married this summer…but about your question,…..yes it is ok….its fine….a ring would be good…go to Kay jewlers or a place in the mall…they have sales for like 19.99 for some really nice gold and sliver bands….good luck sweetie!!!!!!

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Answer #18

dont be stupid little girl. He just wants your noonoo. And will probably hook up with someone else in Cancun… I did!!

Answer #19

it was 5 years ago I wonderd if they ever got married

Answer #20

I think if you are a senior you might be a little bit too young to consider getting married but if u know that you two are in love i say go for it. I dont think i would propose because i think of it as a traditional thing for the man to do it. I think itd be more romantic if he proposed too. I could never picture myself asking a guy to marry me.And who knows if he wants to get married because of being so young and other things. I would only propose if i know he wants to marry me. Since it is an unusual thing for the girl to propose it might be akward if he turns you down. I suggest giving him hints on how much you really do love him and secretively let him know you want to marry him. if you do propose… im not really sure about using a ring or not

Answer #21

I think if your a senior in high school then maybe you should wait. A lot will change for you as you grow up. I am 22 and thought the same thing at that age. I am now no longer with that guy and have had a lot of relationships. I now have been with a guy for 2 years and we live together and think its the best. We have talked about marriage but have not set a date. I think maybe you should move out of your parents house and live together because people do change when you live together and take it from there. But whatever you decide to do I wish you the best of luck!

Answer #22

First of all to all of you that have told this girl all the reasons why she shouldn’t get married….. SHE DIDN’T ASK. I find it sweet that you love him enough to ask him. With that said, If it was really meant to be you wouldn’t be asking advice on it. You should just go for it. All of us here could give you advice on why or why you shouldn’t get married at such a young age but we would all be using our own tragedies against you. I feel that everything happens for a reason. So my answer is YES, Do it. What’s the worse that could happen? Don’t buy him a ring. He doesn’t wear one until you’re married. If then even. If your relationship is strong enough to get through a trip to Cancun, you will both be just fine. Good luck.

Answer #23

lol this is the oldest question I’ve ever seen

Answer #24

well if you really love your boyfriend and you want to marry him I say go for it go propose him.

Answer #25

well if you really want to id say gooo for it girlfrann you got the powerrr you go girl

Answer #26

Yes it is i asked my man to marry me and he was so happy because there is so many people think that a man should ake the women but hey we are in the 2000 yeras and it is a great thing because you can tell him hoe you fell

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Answer #27

Why can’t he be a gentleman & ask you?

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