Is it normal to freak out if people touch your ears?

Is it normal to freak out when peopel touch your ears ???

And go compleeetly mental when they do ??

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I like when people touch my ears! It makes me feel like a cute little kid :) people even tell me I even blush when they do! lol

I guess what I am saying is, people feel differently about their own bodies. So I wouldnt say its not normal.

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Yeahh,Sadly but yeah why do you do that?
are you afraid of them like drawling on it or somethin?

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Question: Why would anyone touch someones ear? Also, if someone touched my ear I would probably freak out to... I mean why would you want someone to touch your ear? lol

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um yeah I would say that is a 'lil' weird but I don't know I kinda freak if people touch my feet but it is because I am very tickelish!

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I had that problem for a long time, but I eventually got over it. I didnt do anything though I just well got over it.

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I dont mind if I trust the person but if I dont then back away from my ears !!! lol

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I hate people touching my ears its just summit that happend a few years ago it freaks me out

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I like it when people touch my ears, it makes me all queezy inside

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This guy at work touches my ears, i pretend i dont like it but i do really

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I think him touching my ears is making them bigger

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I think him touching my ears is making Jit jealous

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Jit just touched my ear and i liked it even more

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My ears havnt been touched today :-(

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I feel so empty inside......

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I like it when ratards touch my ears

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Yes that’s perfectly normal, I break down when people put their hands over my ears like, to cover them.. I hate it and I have an internal panic attack every time.

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