Is it cool in egypt?

So uhhh im 13 and live and ohio I love egypt and australia, so I was wwondering if its cool in any of those places? Please answer, thankz

Answer #1

hii I’m reem and I’m from egypt(cairo) I want to tell you that EGYPT is so cool and very beutifull and the pple in egypt love you all and I’m really wish to come EGYPT with all my love reem and I post you a comment in your profile please read it love u (L)

Answer #2

Cool, like temperature? No.

Cool, like a nice place? YES! DEFINITELY! They are both beautiful countries.

Answer #3

Egypt is one of the most incredible places you will ever go. Just seeing the remains of a kingdom that existed over 3000 years ago is a truly awesome experience. The people are indeed friendly.

As far as temperature, I recommend you go either in November or late January/early February. It’s packed with tourists in December, and the summer months are out of the question, unless you enjoy heat sickness.

Answer #4

As ae_ninja said it’s cool as a nice place to visit

Answer #5

Cool like temperature? No, unless you’re in Australia anytime other than summer there. Both places are hot and have deserts so go figure :P

I havent been to Egypt but I live in Australia so I can say that Australia is an awesome place to be, you should backpack around the country to savor the different but cool stuff each state offers! Australia’s very laid back, and the people are friendly. There’s the surf culture everywhere like in Perth, Western Australia, but there’s also creativity and preppy sophistication like you see in Melbourne, Victoria. Tropical but exotic Northern Territory is great, but you have to experience the awesome indigenous culture and people in Alice Springs/Ayers Rock, right smack in the desert in the middle of Australia. So many other things to see, the Great Barrier Reef, The Sydney Opera House, South Australian wineries and the Adelaide Hills, etc… you would hate to leave on your last day there!

Answer #6

Egypt rocks!

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