What do you know about egypt ?

Egypt, what do you know about this word. Tell me howmuch you know about it. Thsnkkks

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:D Funny really, are you serious ?

Answer #2

it has 5 letters in it…thats about alll I know

Answer #3

back in the ancient days of Egypt they would kill camels and eat the meat but they would leave the stomach in the ribs then they would use the stomach as a pot basically for their stews if a person was found guilty of a hanous crime they were eaten by scarabs. in the pyramids there were multiple chambers. it was so because if a tomb robber went in to find the pharo’s treasures they would either get lost in the maze orfind the treasures but starve before they could get out of the pyramid. Egyptian women are thought to have been the origianally creaters of the belly dance only they did it less sluty with more clothes on. hmmm I could put more but my hands are tired haha

Answer #4

Ok, I’ll write without looking anything up:

Egypt geography: Country in east northern Africa, capital is Kairo, mostly desert except for some oasis’ and the river Nile valley. Has the lower part of river Nile. Has two coasts. North is the mediterranean sea, east is the gulf of arabia. Neighbors are Lybia (west), Sudan (south), Saudi-Arabia and Israel (east). Religion is mostly muslim but other religions are present.

Egypt politics: Leader used to be Hosni Mubarak for a very long time. Today? I don’t know. I think modern Egypt is a democracy with one very strong party. Poverty is a problem. They had problems with terrorist attacks on tourists several years ago. But now it’s quite safe again for tourists around the ancient places and in the hotels, but not out in the desert.

Egypt history: Has ancient history. Used to be a high culture with several pagan gods about 5000 years ago. One of them looked like cat-woman. Has ancient Pyramids which are graves of the Pharaoah (kings who claimed to be gods). The largest are by Pharaoah Cherops. Has great ancient statues (Sphinx). The ancient things are between 5000 and 3000 years old. Ancient Egyptian language is written in hieroglyphs. Those are picture-like writings. The last leader of the great ancient egypt empire was Cleopatra. She had trouble with the roman empire.

I’m not sure if I got stuff right. I’d try en.wikipedia.org/egypt for more details.

In my country(Germany), we learn a lot about ancient Egypt history at school, but we hardly learn anything about current politics and recent history of your region. I’m 28 years old and I remember a couple of things from the news of the last several years. But that’s not really much or accurate, too.

bye the sheep

Answer #5

thats right Egypt is the best turistic destination in Africa, espically for the europeans. many pyramids ??!! all I know there are only three pyramids ( Giza Pyramids ) Summer ??!! so why it’s rainin’ from 2 days ago never stop. the matter is different in the coastal towns :)

Answer #6

umm..turistic country in africa, always summer, many pyramids, desert, camels

Answer #7

its trurlly terrifying frank :) but enjoyed the journey ? :)

Answer #8

its amazing “ rotten sheep of evil “, you are informed well thats right, our native language is Arabic, second languages is English beacuse Egypt were occupied by the british for 71 years (1882-1953). But the second language is weak for around more than 60-70% of the egyptian people I think :D

Answer #9

dear california, its clear that all your infromation are about the ancient egyptians Only :) but its not bad because Egypt is well known with her pharaonic civilization and history. try to know much more about modern Egypt thanks for the answer !!

Answer #10

california: City names are spelled differently in different languages. Kairo would be the way we spell it in Germany, Cairo is what English speakers write. The French write ‘Le Caire’. In the arabic language they use completely different letters. There is a transcription to our letters. I think the name is القاهرة‎ al-Qāhira. They speak arabic in Egypt, don’t they?

Answer #11

-the slaves built pyramids for their pharoah

  • the king was called a Pharoah -the people had many gods that they worshipped
  • btw the capital is spelled Cairo not Kairo
  • the Egyptians were enemies with the Nubians ( present-day Sudam )
  • When the Pharoah died, the egyptians put them in a tomb and did the mummification process to turn the Pharoah into a mummy
Answer #12

OOH yay I got it right!!=]

Answer #13

wonderful kitty, you are good informed. Yep, most of girls jewelry is gold Our ancient egyptian’s civilizatian was the pioneer in different fields. And it’s right, the girls get married young beacuse it is not allowed in islam to make a realtionship without marriage.

Answer #14

umm- the girls have really pretty jewelry its all gold they have that accent. umm- pyramids mummies the girls have like awesome makeup you get married young?? I think thats all! hah

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