Is it bad not to eat pork or sausage

Is it bad not to eat pork or sausage. I have not eaten both of them ever in my life for religious reasons.

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thx for all the answers you made me feel better

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Since you’ve never eaten it, you probably wouldn’t like it anyway - just like horse…I know people in some countries eat horse, but I tasted it, and I couldn’t stand it…you pretty much have to be raised with it -it’s an acquired taste.

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No, it’s not bad…it’s a personal preference more than anything, and since you’ve never eaten it, you won’t miss it.

You’re not missing out on any nutrients, since the rest of your diet is variant.

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One of my closest friends read th hole bible 18 times and never said anything abotu pork being bad.Al though he did rea the kid version

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Naw, I believe its really bad 4 u. So its good that you dont eat it.And if you have never had it , you wont miss it or anything.

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actually…that would be healthier.


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Then why do many christains eat pork. im a muslim so I cant eat pig.

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NO, your not missing out at all! You want to taste bacon, have turkey bacon. You want sausage or pepperoni on your pizza, have beef sausage and turkey pepperoni. I am a muslim and my husband converted into the muslim religion. He used to eat pork and said the replacement of turkey or beef tastes the same. Go to a halal market and they will have plenty of sausage or pepperoni. Or if you dont eat halal (blessed and clean meat) then go to the grocery store and buy the turkey pepperoni. Additional to everything I said, it’s a lot healthier and better for you to stay away from pork. Good luck! May Allah (God) bless everyone and peace be upon him!

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Pork in and of itself isn’t bad and neither is not eating it.

Pig is one of the earliest domesticated animals and is found as such as far apart as Northern Europe, South America and Papa New Guinea.

Not eating pork is cultural. If your culture believes it is unclean in the eyes of God (OT Leviticus) it is still cultural.

Some theories say that pork is unclean in the Bible because in a desert environment pigs are in direct competition with humans for resources (our diets are too similar) whereas sheep and goats are not and give more products like wool and milk too. Others say it’s because pork meat goes bad very quickly in hot climates, but so does other meat and doesn’t explain why pig is popular in the jungle. Pork is more likely to have worms in the meat than beef, but as long as it’s cooked through it’s fine. Lots of food is potentially fatal, but we humans still eat it with gusto.

In the States nearly all Christians eat pork because they don’t come from a culture that forbade it. In areas where pork was the most important meat, culturally, the Bible could not persuade people to stop eating it.

For example, in most of Europe pigs were seen as sacred animals from at least as early as the Bronze Age. They were what kings and heroes ate. But in the Middle East pork was dirty. Jews and Muslims have continued to not eat pig because they have closer connections to the area. Most Christians are descended from converts to the Abrahamic religions and have no connect to the area.

Are you missing out? I like pork (and horse) yet I don’t think you life will lack meaning without them. I think it tastes nice, but so does LOTS of other stuff. if someone told be I could never have bacon again I wouldn’t shoot myself. I think your friends could be more considerate toward you and offer more pork free products that everyone can enjoy together. They make really good chicken or even quorn sausages.

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Ok thx because every time I have my friends have a birthday party they have sausage pizza and I only get o eat cheese pizza so I always think im missing out.

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pork is forbidden. Pig is a dirty animal that has worms diseases and dirty foods pigs has flu you can get the flu if you it eat I prefere NOT TO EAT PORK ANY MORE. PLEASE IT IS NOT GOOD FOR YOUR BODY AND BECAREFUL OF WHAT YOU EAT.

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