Is it bad for you if you drink a lot of brisk?

Is it bad for you if you drink a lot of brisk?
Because I drink a lot and my parents tell me its bad but I don't thnk it is ?
Or is it ?

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its ok just dont over do it a lot like I do and you will get a bad stomach ache, but sometimes its worth it :) lol

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Its ok to drink a certain amount, but when you drink a lot!! Then the caffeine starts doing stuff to your body, it's like straightening the flu, only your straightening the caffeine, you get what I mean? <=)

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You're not doing yourself many favors drinking lots of sugary soft drinks drinks, but you probably aren't killing yourself either. Iced tea drinks are no different than most other soft drinks -- lots of empty calories, lots of caffeine, and no nutritional benefits. So over the long term, you could be facing weight gain and a caffeine addiction, but are you going to drop dead of a heart attack because you drink Lipton? No.

But consider that each can of Brisk has ABOUT 90 calories, depending on the flavor. Three cans a day is pushing 300 extra calories, and if we follow the rule of thumb that it takes one mile of walking to burn off 300 calories, you're looking at a lot of walking by the end of the week.

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actually no I don't ! ok so I drink 3 of them everyday ! is that bad?!

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