Is fish a meat?

is fish meat or is it just fish as I am a vegetarian people say that fish is meat and I souldnt eact it if im a vegetarian

Answer #1

INTERESTING QUESTION: As I am a vegetarian and I’ve been cornered a number of times because I don’t eat fish (with the counter-argument, that fish is NOT meat). I contend fish is meat. Like most previous posts has pointed out that it is an animal. Also, many posts have divulged a lot of useful knowledge for you to consider (e.g. “demi-vegetarian,” “pescetarian,” etc.). However, some points I disagree wholly agree with (I.e. “what’s a true vegetarian”). It’s your diet, so you determine if you’re TRUE. Although it’s great to learn the many subclasses of a VEGETARIAN []. I pronounce myself as a ovalactovegetarian (also said, lactoovovegetarian), which is defined as a vegetarian that don’t eat any meat (including poultry or fish) yet consumes eggs and some dairy. If your intent is to be a STRICT-VEGETARIAN, then the term would be VEGAN (whom uses no bi-products either, e.g. leather belts or shoes). There’s an array of diets to choose from. Consider your true intent behind the diet and then set yourself as an example that others can imitate. [Vegetarians and others are welcomed to send me a friend req at].

Answer #2

I suppose technically it is a meat but I wouldn’t exactly categorize it with other kinda of meat because it has a different effect on your body from what I understand. I have freinds that are vegitarian and they eat fish, so I guess its just your choice.

Answer #3

technically no. I really dont know why. but yes it is because it has bones and flesh and skin like all other animals. infact it is an animal. I mean even a snail is an animal or a shrimp theyre all animals.

Answer #4

For me, YES. I’m am a full fleged vegetarian but, unlike most I am one for all purposes. (To be against animal cruelty, for my personal health, the environment, etc…) To me, any flesh taken from an animal for the sole purpose of ending up on our plate is considered meat. I’m not even sure how lobster, fish, and crab got taken ou of th meat list. :P

Answer #5

Iamcool, a pescaterian is not a poser because not all vegetarians eat the way they do to preserve animal life.
Some just don’t like red meat, and some eat only vegetables for their health.

Answer #6

lmao…YES! a fish is an animal, fish is made of meat there is NO such thing as a vegetarian who eats fish they just think they are fish are animals, real vegetarians dont eat animals, that mean ALL animals

Answer #7

I no its a sea food .

Answer #8

Yes and no. It’s a dead animal so I supose it is kind of a meat. But in supermarkets it is sold in different departments.

vegetarian-no meat, no fish pescetarian (thats me)- no meat, fish is allowed.x

Answer #9

Different people mean different things by vegetarian.

There are people who eat fish and/or foul and still consider themselves vegetarians.

Personally I don’t consider someone who eats fish to be a vegetarian but I don’t want to come across as more vegetarian than thou so I don’t push the issue.

Answer #10

wow Im glad you told her it was sea food I dontthink she was aware of that! I think it is meat!

Answer #11

yes fish is meat if you eat fish you are not a vegetarian your are a Demi-Vegetarian or a Pesco-Vegetarians depending on which term you want to use

Demi-Vegetarian (commonly misinterpreted as Vegetarian by meat-eaters) Demi-Vegetarians don’t eat red meat or poultry, but they do eat fish, eggs, Vegetarian cheese, and milk-based products. This is not true Vegetarianism, although it is probably easiest for those just starting to become Veggie.

Answer #12

I wouldnt consider it a meat

Answer #13

Pescaterians are posers. Vegetarians should not eat animals because they were alive, and was fish alive? YES!!!

Answer #14

fish is not a meat it is a thing

Answer #15

nopeee Its a Seafood

Answer #16

meat is the dead flesh of a (once)living breathing animal, and fish are animals but whatever

Answer #17

If you eat fish then your a pescetarian, thats what I am

Answer #18

It’s meat you dozy person,it was living and breathing, IT IS MEAT!!!

Answer #19

fish is an animal, an animal’s flesh is meat so therefore fish is a meat.

Answer #20

Yes it is

Answer #21

Strictly speaking, fish is a type of meat – so if the primary reason why you’re a vegetarian is because you believe that it’s wrong to eat other animals, that means that you probably shouldn’t eat them. All complex animals have muscles of some kind (they wouldn’t be able to move if they didn’t) – and whenever we eat meat, we’re simply consuming the muscle tissue of other animals. The only real difference between fish and another kind of meat such as beef is the kind of animal from which it comes. Those who speak of a difference between the two are probably referring to the difference in nutitrional values (such as the fact that fish has less fat than beef and other red meats).

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