Is art school super tough to get into?

hey I'm applying for early decision to art school. I was wondering, is it HARD to get in to art school? Or should I be fine? Because I don't know how much rejection I can handle...

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It doesn't matter if it's hard to get into, what matters is if your determined enough to work as hard as you need to, to accomplish your goals... & When you want something, its not given to you. You must work hard for it, but in the end it'll all pay off!:) Goodluck!

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It completely depends on what school you are applying to. Some accept a lot of students some only accept the cream of the crop. Apply to a large group of schools with a different range of acceptance rates and you should be fine.

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Most schools require you to have a portfolio of your work. Depending on the school you want to go to, some have low standards some have high standards. Personally though, a lot of people want to do art/ photography, you must be extremely talented if you really want to get anywhere, my bestfriend has been working her butt off the past 5 years so she can graduate and get into a good art college.

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It depends on the school. Not all schools have competitive arts programs.
But it does tend to be difficult to get into one.

I'm not 100% sure how difficult it may or may not be to get into photography though.
But you should be fine as long as you know what your doing, your determined, and manage to put a kick portfolio together! xD

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Yess Maam

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(its for photography)

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