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A few months ago I chose a certain friend of mine which is a senior as my motivation to keep me from failing school. Well she's graduating this June and I don't know who I'm going to choose,I'm having a hard to choosing between FunAdvice's Jeremy and George Lopez the comedian. My reasons are:

Jeremy:He's a very successful guy that runs a very successful website that I visit everyday more than MySpace and has got me to change certain parts of my personality that barely anyone could change.

George Lopez:On his old show on Nick @ Nite he had a very good character family,his daughter on TV went to college cause her family pushed her and knew she had the potential to get there and George has hd and still has a successful career going.

Who should I choose???

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I barely know either... im sorry. id go with George Lopez, I guess. ^_^ but Jeremy is someone you can actually talk to and relate to... Actually, go with Jeremy. ^_^

ANSWER #2 of 2

why not choose both??

but if I were you, id probably choose jeremy
after all, you can "talk" to jeremy. but you cant really talk to george lopez, unless you meet him
besides, george lopez is someone on television. you dont know how he really is in life. thats just how his character is portrayed. he might not actually act like that in real life.
I guess, we dont know how jeremy is either, but he really seems nice and all when talking on funadvice...

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