Infected monroe piercing

My monore is infected I got ride of most of it but were the ball contact my outer lip is red and wound like and it has a nasty discharge!! Any adive is welocmed please

Answer #1

ahh this worries me because I am interested in getting a monroe…but I def dont want it to get infected . thats my worst fearr!! xx

Answer #2

I had mine pierced but I took it out.. Clean it with qtip and but h2ocean from a piercing place.. Keep makeup away from it and in time in should heal. ;)

Answer #3

oooh ok I have no experience with this kinda piercing but I could suggest a few things anyways

  1. clean your hands always before dealing with wounds to prevent germs from spreading from your hands to your cut and making things worse
  2. clean the infected area with antibacterial or castile soap
  3. apply an ointment such as Neosporin, Bacitracin, Triple Antibiotic to your jewellery and infected area (small amount)
  4. after about 2 days stop the ointment and keep the area clean and dry

hope this helps in some way

Answer #4

I just got my monroe done 3 days ago and where the ball is has sunk in my face which worried me as you can guess so I took a trip to the place where I got it done at and had them look at it and she said it was complely normal to have swelling and reddness and for it to hurt just make sure you can see both sides of the bar, and for swelling use midol or aleve either one will help prevent swelling. she said in a few days or so the nasty goo should be gone… also for the people who are thinking about getting the monroe done make sure that you understand that when you do get it done it will irratate the gum where the bar ends, I didnt even think about it… tho I have no regrets I know it will look GREAT when it is finally better and healthy

Answer #5

ok so I have been reading this and it sounds about like mine. I got my monroe I’d like to say august 17th.well I was very good to take care of it everyday except I didnt think about make up and im sure I’ve gotten it near to it now.Also it said to do mouth wash after eating or drinking anything thats not water and I’ll admit I hadnt been following through.(but am now) I’ve got 2other peircings and none o them have ever worried me like this. mine is very swollen more so right ater waking up and goes down a little during the day.its is red around the ball which is a bit sucked into the lip when its real swollen. on the inside vof my lip though the flat peice is getting a bit sucked in too. the skin around the peircing is very hard and soar and if you push out the peircing to where you can look it it its very red. *Could my bar be too short since its still obviously swelling? my first thought was infection but no puss comes out

Answer #6

Alright, well I guess I’m in the same boat as you. I have four other piercings besides my monroe, none of them gave me this type of problem expect my lip piercings. Only because mouth piercings heal different than actual skin. Well, here are my symptoms. I have red outside, [obviously] I have white skin on the outside, & it’s painful, lols. Sounds normal, right? Well this is what catches you off guard. The ball is sinking in my face where I can’t even remove the ball. It’s horrible. I work in a body jewlery store, so I have a longer bar, yet, I can’t switch it out if my monroe is stuck in my face! Lols. Help muuchh?

Answer #7

I got mine about a week ago, the first day it was fine, but it has progressively gotten worse, there had been a little bit of yellowish discharge from it, now it is just big, red, hard, and sore. I was told to use antibacterial handsoap, so I did, and was also told to buy the origional listerine, and I did. I have been using this on a regular basis but it seems like its getting worse. WHAT DO I DO??? PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Answer #8

I am sixteen and I have a monroe piercing. And one way to clean it is by using an antibacterial soap on the outside or by using a product called H2ocean. its a clean ocean water solution that most piercers recommend. But to clean the inside you should use a salt water mouthwash or a regular mouth wash that doesnt contain alcohol. but you should clean your monroe piercing with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide right when you get it pierced..because it slows down the healing process…hope this helpss!!

Answer #9

well I have 2 of them! okay, how long ago did you get it? because this might just be your bodys way of cleaning and healing the area. puss is normal, thats there to help prevent and fight off inferction are you cleaning it? if not you should start to also go to the place wree you got it peirced and ask them, because its hard to tell an infection without looking at it. any more questions, jusk ask!

Answer #10

I had mine done not long ago no pain at all use 1 part Biotene (From walmart) and one part water to clean the outside for gods sake don’t use alcohol or mouthwash or anything with a lot of alcohol it HURTS :)

Answer #11

I have 13 percings as well as my monroe it is normal for the first three to four weeks that is will be sore and swollen and red stear away from rubbing alcohol it will just dry it out use h2ocean you can get that at most tattoo shops or just make your own salt water(warm) it will kill the infection just gargal it around in your mouth follow up with mouth wash.. till it burns and move your monroe away from your lip and get it under it… if it is infected DO NOT TAKE OUT til healed or the infection will leave a permanant scar on the outside of your face you will have a nasty buble that will never go away any more questions just ask.

Answer #12

I just got my Monroe done 3 days ago. It constantly swollen (not bad) and kinda sore(barely) there isn’t any puss or anything coming out of it. The place I went to gave me mouth wash stuff and soap. They said that a lot of peoples problem is that they use too much soap and they don’t lather it enough. Also as far a the mouthwash, use the listerine whitening stuff but make sure you add water to it or else it will be too strong and it will slow down the healing process. Feel free to ask any questions bc my piercing is healing great and fast so just ask about what I do step by step. :)

Answer #13

My ball is sinking in my face. how is my piercing suppose to heal and the ball is in the way?

Answer #14

I got my monroe peirced about a month ago now and its still propper swollen around the ball at the top, and it looks almost as if the ball is sinking into my face. the gum on the inside has hardened due to swelling most probably, but the skin on the ourside right under the ball is really white. it doesnt hurt or anything and it doesnt puss. but will the skin underneath the ball ever go down? help!!!

Answer #15

Monroe piercings are quite similar to any other lip piercing. Wash it atleast twice a day with an anti-bacterial soap (dial, dove, ivory.) When you mouthwash, use some WITH NO ALCOHOL. Alcohol prolongs the healing process, I recommend the scope alcohol-free mouthwash. When you start to get the gunky build up, which is natural (its not pus, its just plasma and your body trying to heal itself.) you can either use h2ocean, or simple saline solution to clean the excess with a q-tip. If you wear makeup, make sure to keep it as far as way as possible from your piercing!

Answer #16

The best thing you can do is to clean out the area as best as you can. You may want to remove the piercing for a little while in order to really get at the area that is infected.

Here are some ideas for how to clear up the infection:

  • take a cotton swab and dip it in rubbing alcohol and press it into the area several times a day
  • apply Neosporin to the area to help it heal
  • keep the area as clean as possible, keeping dirt and oil away from the site as much as possible. *change out the stud every day and clean the stud after each change
  • switch out to a retainer until it heals
  • use antiseptic mouthwash to clean the area. Mouthwashes like Listerine work best

If the infection doesn’t clear up on its own or gets worse you may want to do your doctor to keep an antibiotic.

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