How can i improve my memory?

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That depends on what way you'd like improvement. If you're talking about ways to ace a test, i've found repetition works. If you have a digital recorder on your computer, you could record yourself reading the information you'd like to remember, put it on a cd, and listen to it at night when you go to sleep, or put it in headphones and listen to it over and over. Kind of the same way you learn the words to a song. If you're talking about memory in general, there's a vitamin called Ginko Boliba (i may be spelling that wrong). It helps improve memory :)

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Learning to use mnemonics is your best option. Mnemonics allows you to use more than one area of the brain to index information. There are a number of books on the subject. I read Jerry Lucas' memory book and got pretty good at it when I was in college and being able to memorize things came in very handy for classes like history.

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Get your rest, that is the most important thing you can do to improve your memory. Without sleep you become tired, and forgetful.

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Gingko Biloba has actually genuinely helped my brain and functioning from taking it on a daily basis :) Mine as well give it a try.

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well i've heard drinking a glass of red wine a day improves your memory.

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thank you :)

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you're welcome.

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my mom told me that if you but cinnamon in your tea or coffee it promotes memory.

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i heard that if you work your brain , such as reading or doind puzzles, or math, that it increases memory

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drnk tea

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