How to improve communication skills?

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Surround yourself with interesting people. I work in a nightclub, so I am alway interacting with differnt people and learning new things.

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well i would say an easy way is to buy a microphone or camera and do online chats. u can chat with plenty of strangers and improve ur communication skills without much effort.

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To improve one's communication skills, you need to be able to interact with people from all walks of life, eg: your family, your work colleagues and acquaintances. I find going to parties always helps and also attending work functions, where you have to interact with people from different departments helps improve your communications skills as you are on unfamiliar territory. Also, if you can, attend communication classes, you tend to learn things on how to start a conversation, how to engage a person and what body language to use and not to use...Also, if you are painfully shy, to overcome the initial stage of actually talking to someone, you can always ask the person questions. People love talking about themselves, so that could be a way to go if you are shy, but don't go overboard with the questions as they will find you creepy and intrusive.

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