What can I do to help my daughter improve her comprehension skills?

She needs help with life comprehention, like how you should be treatin people, she just doesn’t seem to get that you can’t treat people any kind of way. She also needs help with reading comprehention, she can read well but she doesn’t get the jist of what she is reading, hope that makes since, any suggestions is appreciated

Answer #1

give her some activity books for comprehension skills. and practice with her. let her do the activities. i think that mite help. there are also some online. with the people skills i think that will just take practice bein around people. i hope this helps

Answer #2

Thx, wud u happen to know any particular sites to go to

Answer #4

there is a lot of websites. just google comprehension activities and pick the best sutable for her.. i dont no her age. the ones i posted looked good

Answer #5

Thx so much I appreciate it

Answer #6

ue welcome

Answer #7

The life comprehension is sort of troubling me because in a sense, kids do in a way treat other people how they are treated themselves so maybe there’s something in particular that’s making her so careless about how she treats people? I’d keep an eye on who she’s with and how they act around her because as a child, what she bases as right and wrong will most likely be what other people do.

Another thing, it wouldn’t hurt to keep an eye out on your own behavior towards her as well. I try my best not to snap at my little sister but sometimes it can’t be helped; but even then I don’t pretend like nothing happened. You have to set things straight with her and tell her she doesn’t have anything to do with your temper.

As for the reading, the way I got my little sister to understand what she was reading was I placed emphasis on the details of the book. Like for example we’re reading this book about penguins and I’d try to emphasize what the penguin is doing and I show her the pictures so she gets the idea. Then, at the end of the book, I just ask her a couple of questions and if she doesn’t quite get it I try to hint her towards it.

She can make her own stories now so I try to ask her what it is that she’s writing about and if she can tell me what the characters in her story are doing and she’s doing a pretty good job at it :)

I hope this helps for you :) parenting can’t get any easier but rest assured, it all pays off in the end :)

Answer #8

Thx, and ur right parenting doesn’t get easier, and pays off in the end

Answer #9

Any time :) also, it doesn’t hurt to do puzzles with her, it helps keep your brain sharp and you can even make a little game out of it too :)

Answer #10

I just funmailed you my thoughts dear…:)

Answer #11

Cool thx sweetie :-)

Answer #12

I really think it can help!

Answer #13

I hope something someone suggest works, I struggle with her everyday on the life issue, its like u have to actually show her what it feels like when u say things to people u shudnt, she is 11 and I didn’t raise her that way, she is one mean little girl

Answer #14

Might be the girls she is around. Sometimes her friends may change the way she acts thinking if they can so can she?! :(

Answer #15

When i was younger (like 2nd grade-ish) I had problems with reading comprehention. What seemed to help me was when my parents and teachers made me read books that i actually enjoyed so i could understand them. Then, after a while i could understand any book!

Answer #16

Kids are selfish. By nature, kids want to do what they want to do it, and they don’t really care about anyone else. You have to teach compassion and empathy. You teach her by the way you treat others. My parents (almost annoyingly so) are into charity and social work. They give money but also their time to work with people. They also give out good tips to waiters, and are unfailingly polite with people serving them in any capacity. They believe that family helps family (no matter what, again one of the more irritating habits) and that you treat your friends with kindness and respect. And you generally treat everyone the way you want to be treated. Kids learn from what they are taught. They learn not to accept gifts unless mom says it is ok, they learn how to treat other people’s property, and they learn how to treat other people. As for reading comprehension, the more she reads, the better it should get. She may be reading too fast (speed reading is not really conducive to comprehension) and so you may want to get her to slow down when it comes to reading stuff for school.

Answer #17

my mom had this problem with my sister. next time she is grounded for any good length of time take away all electronics and give her a book, make her read x number of pages a day and at night before bed discuss the book with her, like a forced book club. if you pick a book with a life lesson that applies to her “offence” it will be even more productive.

                                                                         hope it helps.
Answer #18

comprehension activity books are always a good way out…but willingness is also important if she does it unwillingly its not gonna help anyways:)

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