How important is college directly after high school?

Answer #1

usually you will enjoy the steak (food) while it is still hot. When we take a pause after high school, then usually it is hard to get back to school in order to continue our study. So if you do not any more important thing to do, better go to college right after high school. :)

Answer #2

Well educated is well secured in life. Educated people can always find a job anywhere in the world. So, college going is very very important in life

Answer #3

There are pros and cons: A pro being you will still be in ‘school mode’ and ready for study. If you wait a while before College, you may develop a slothful characteristic that could leave you lagging behind in classes. However, for some people, a break is what’s needed. You may find yourself energetic, with a new outlook on life if you wait before College- you will also be older, wiser and a little more mature. It really depends on you as a person. If you can naturally study hard without effort, then a break may be good for you. But if you find studying hard, you may want to go with College straight after High School so that you don’t loose the study frame of mind. If you have problems with studying, these may help you:

Answer #4

Not that important. If you want to relax from studies after high school do so. Figure out what you want to do and seek it.

It depends on what you want to do in life. Colleges and universities are great for a well rounded education, and for specialized professions like being a doctor, but other than that I think they waist too much of ones time in routine classes not related to ones major. For example; colleges and universities make you take all of the classes one had in high school over again, plus the arts and sciences and math. If one is not interested in the arts, sciences and maths, why take them. One has already had them 3 years prior. Maybe not in the degree that higher education offers them, but one would know if they are interested in them enough to continue it. This is where specialized business colleges or trade schools come in. They center all of their courses in on that one subject. For instance; I went to college to get a well rounded education in liberal arts, it was chuck full of what I took in high school, then changed to a specific major and went to a business university in a major of what I became. All my classes were in my major. I loved it.

Find out what you want and seek that college or university that offers the best in that major.

Answer #5

Hitting college right after high school has the advantage that you are in the school mind set already. Also all the information from high school is still fresh in your brain, and college is supposed to build on that information. And if you spend too much time between high school and college its really hard to go back to school. you get busy with life, have a apt or a house, full time job. now where the hell do u squeeze college in….

On the other hand going to college right outa high school its easy to burn yourself out. You are exited to be outa school, then jump right back into it and it hits you like “ahh crap this is the same junk i was just free of !”

Also, I agree with what Kent said. A lot of what colleges teach you is repeat from HS. Maybe with a few new bits thrown in. Traditional colleges or universities are not the only answer. Trade/Vocational Schools can be a great option. Certifications in specific fields. All depends on what you want to do - or at least think thats what you want to do :P.

But also at the same time the mind set of “go to high school, get good grades, go to college, get good grades then get a good high paying job” I don’t think applies to this generation as much as the previous 2. Look at the number of people with usable collage degrees that are working basic retail jobs. My dad has a BS in Mechanical Engineering, and is a smart guy. But he only used it for about 5 years until the company he was with decided to downsize. For the last 15yrs he had been working at walmart.

College degree really aren’t the secrete to getting a good job or profession and making lots of money. They look nice on the wall, and a lot of people are more willing to hire you if you have one, but when alls said and done you are still working for someone else to make them rich. If you really want to make yourself money (and when it come down to it, thats really supposed to be the point of a college degree IMO), you really need to work for yourself. Which does require great amounts of knowledge, just not necessarily a college degree.

Sorry i guess i drifted off topic towards then end the, but its been some several of my friends and I have been disusing - so its rather fresh on the brain.

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