Who can I talk to about this depression?

I think im suffering from depression..I’ve read magasines about it and I’ve taken quizes..and the answers all lead to the same thing; depression.
I’ve been cutting myself..a few months ago I attempted to commit suicide…but im so scared of trusting anyone..even my best friend..she knows about this but I dont think she understands… I dont think anyone can understand..I always think, “what the f*ck can a psychiatrist do for me? im meant to just tell my life and open up to a complete stranger”? I dont want to take that chance…and there is NO WAY my parents could understand..I know that for a fact. im so lost and confused..please please help me!

Answer #1

Hey, I used to feel the same way about therapists. My mom took me to a few when I was a teenager and I did not want to talk to them so I pretended like everything was ok when I was in their offices and I made them believe that my mom was the crazy one. I have been through a ridiculous amount of traumatic events in my life and I should have gotten the help that I needed when I was younger, it would have saved me from myself and also kept me from having even more traumatic events occur. I am in therapy now for the first time in my life and I am 25. I decided to go because I was about to loose yet another relationship and this one was more important to me than my own selfish desires. He has put up with me for three years now and he was going to leave and I promised him that I would get some help. I am so glad that I did. I have a very kind, sweet therapist and she is close to my age and she really cares about what happens to me. There was one time when I was about 20 when I almost did not make it out of the hospital. I was unconcious for three days and went into cardiac arrest twice and I almost did die. I am very glad that I did not die and when I woke up in my hospital bed I saw all of my family sitting around me looking at me so happy to see that I had finally woken up. They cried and held me and it was really a life changing event because I realized that they really did love me. That love is very powerful and it gave me strength. It still took me five more years to get into therapy though. You do not want to wait too long because you may not get lucky like I did and then it will be too late. Life is a precious thing and it is very powerful, your mind is a very powerful thing and you can create your own world. You create who you are, who you choose to spend your time with, what you do with your time, and where you spend it. You can change everything, or you can choose to change nothing and just quit, but if you quit then you are not using the power that you have and you are giving in and loosing. Your mind creates how you feel and what you do, so you need to fill it with positive things and do not pay attention to the negative things. If you give negative thoughts attention then you will just be giving the negativity more power over you. And it works both ways, if you give the positive thoughts attention they they will have all the power. I have always been very stubborn and I have always thought that I am so strong and I can handle all of these things myself, but the reality is that I am very strong and powerful, but I need someone with an outside look on my life to help guide my strength and show me the way to use it in a positive manner. You can turn this around. I still have problems, but my therapist (my guide and my helper) shows me how to turn things around to benefit myself. It is all about your mindset and how you choose to think and what thoughts you choose to pay attention to. I have a book that I can e-mail you that should be very helpful if you would like to read it let me know. It is not very long, about 65 pages, but if you read the entire thing you will start to feel better and you will learn how to use your mind to create a positive world. Not all therapists are going to help you honestly, you may have to try a few before you find the right one. My suggestion would be to read my book and then go to a therapist or a counselor or even find a mentor to help you get on the right path with your life. A life is too beautiful of a thing to waste, and trust me I know the pain you are going through right now. The pain may not go away, but it will start to get better and you will not pay as much attention to it. Please think about what I am telling you and take some time to read this book. It does not pertain to your exact situation, but it has all of the fundamentals on how to start controling your thoughts and using them for good things instead of the negativity. I hope that I can help, I am here if you need to talk. I am not going to judge you or talk down to you because I have been through the same thing you are going through and I am still working on my own problems but I think that I can give you some support and guidance. I worry so much about you young women and I want to help as many of you as I possibly can, it doesn’t have to be so hard. My goal is to try and keep you from going down the destructive path that I took and show you how to stop it before it gets bad. Please don’t hurt yourself Thanks, I hope you are reading this -Mandy

Answer #2

He has said it all in a nutshell. The seratonin levels in your brain can be dangerous. I have alot of problems with the chemicals in my brain, I have epilepsy and bipolar disorder and OCD. The root of all of the problems is the ceratonin, except for the OCD, that is from trauma that I incurred as a child, but my doctor is really helping me. I think that it is going to be different for every person, because some people click with their doctors better than others. Like I said before, if you go to a doc and it feels like it is not helping you can always ask to see a different doctor and they will not take it personally. They all just want to help you. Where I live there is a Mental Health clinic with a large staff of doctors and it is funded by the government. I get to see a psychologist and a psychiatrist once a week for free because of my income. Well actually I only need to see the pill doctor once a month. I am not taking any pills yet because I haven’t felt comfortable with anything that he has prescribed me. I get scared because of my epilepsy. There are alot of drugs that will cause me to have seizures and I worry that will happen if I take something new. Remember that you don’t have to take something just because they prescribe it to you. Check everything out online before you take it, on like webmd or some other site that gives you information about pills. Sweetie, I will talk to you soon and more on the private messages, read the book that I sent you and keep your chin up. Depression hurts but you can and you will get better and I will be here for you every step of the way. Please don’t hurt yourself and if you feel like you are going to, go to the hospital. You will get through this tough situation, you are young and your life will change very soon. I will help you, I care about you and I will listen to you any time you need to talk to someone. Be safe -Mandy

Answer #3

I had severe depression too. For about twenty years or more I was absolutely miserable. Seeing a psychiatrist did nothing for me. I think that the more research that is done, the more people realize that depression is not just a bad way of thinking, it is a real illness just like diabetes or anything else. There is a real link beteen the amount of serotonin in your body and depression. You aren’t just being a complainer, you are really sick and you need medical attention. Honestly, nothing helped me until my doctor put me on a drug called Effexor. it is essentially an anti-anxiety drug, but it was great!

Anger, anxiety and depression are very closely linked and when you don’t have a way of getting your feelings out it can make you sick or even kill you. I had a heart attack at 40 years old because of it. The cutting that you do is one way that people choose to get control of the pain. It “externalizes” the pain, I guess that means that it gives you a sense of control over it and puts it somewhere that you can deal with, your wrists.

I used to sit on the edge of my bed with my gun in my mouth and wonder if I had the strength to blow my brains out and get rid of the pain. If you go to a doctor and tell him/her that you are having thoughts of suicide, they will take it VERY seriously, and they won’t judge you. It is their job to treat you as a serious patient. I think the most important thing to know is that most people don’t understand depression and have a hard time taking it seriously. If you aren’t bleeding, puking or turning a weird color, they don’t think anything is wrong. You should start at an early age to take responsibility for your own health because other people might not take it as seriously. Definitely see a doctor! You can walk into any emergency room and tell them you are thinking of suicide and just watch how fast they put you in line ahead of all the people with broken legs and the flu. You will be sitting in front of a Psychiatrist really quickly. Remember, a Psychologist is not a medical doctor-he can’t give you drugs, he can only talk to you about your problems. A Psychiatrist is a medical doctor and he can give you drugs.

You can pray if you want to, but if prayer won’t heal a bullet wound, why would it raise or lower your serotonin levels? Maybe you should choose modern medicine instead. Fun mail me if you just want to talk.

Answer #4

You have said no one will understand you. I have read your replies you have received thus far and there are people who already understand you and they are complete strangers taking the time to answer you, some very detailed answers. These people care about you and they do not even know you. Please read your advice. You may not have your parents to talk to you, but you have not explored the other avenues available to you. I DO understand cutting. You are desperatley trying to get that overwhelming pain you feel within on the outide. It is not for attention, as some may think, but an attempt to make your emotional pain become physical. It is never enough, though. For that moment that you are controlling the depth, length, position of your cut is only temporary. Before you decide not to even try therapy, you should speak with someone. You say you cannot tell a complete stranger your life story, yet you were brave enough to allow thousands, maybe millions of stangers into an intimate part of your life. I commend you for asking for help. Remember what Sue has said, not all your thoughts while the depression has a grip on you may be rational. This is not your fault, but it is not too late for you. A lot of people care about you. I do. You have some great advice, so don’t blow it off. I am proud of you for taking this step of admitting this is going on with you. I know you can continue this bravery and share with a therapist your suffering, too. You can do it!

Answer #5

Stop thinking that nobody can understand you. Surely, there must be one or two or even more.

Please do not underestimate the goodness of sharing your life with someone like a psychiatrist because they are experienced people knowing how to deal with situations like the one you have and especially at this point when you only believe in your negative thoughts and disregard hopeful thoughts to the extent of hurting yourself. You are making yourself your own enemy. You know that life is full of hope and God is always there even if sometimes you cannot feel His presence. Once you open up that’s where your healing begins. There must be something bitter inside you that need to be freed. Whatever the cause is, there is no time for blame and regrets because everyone in life experiences good and bad. So, opening up (like crying all your sentiments away) is very important to release what’s bothering you. Then you will see that your problem isn’t really big at all the moment once you share it. :)

You need to replace your negative thoughts with positive thoughts or else they won’t go away. Ok, you may begin with the thought that God loves you and understands what you are going through and He is hurt that you are hurt, feeling the pain that you are feeling. He wants you to not give up and move on with life because something better is waiting for you in the future. You know it’s true. Please believe.

Answer #6

do you have a doctor you trust? you dont always have to see a phychitrest (sorry bad spelling) because I’ve been taking paroxitine (anti depressant) for about a month and a half and I feel so much better trust me tell someone and get help you will feel so much better. hope this helps. :)

Answer #7

Whatever u do please don’t kill yourself. that is the worst thing u can do. u have to get some sort of help, and medication. first u need to find out the reason u r depressed and try to fix it. I suggest u talk to a counselor at your school, or someone u really trust.

Answer #8

I’d suggest at first to speak with a local Priest or minister. . . . Many of your larger churches employ a councelor for such problems I also suggest immediate medical help. . . . there’s no shame in that. Remember Help is for the asking.

Answer #9

hi there beautiful! i suffer from bad depression too and anxiety problems but the worst thing u can do is lie in bed all day if you need a friend to talk to add me on msn message me and i’ll give it to you if you want it ok go out and do things to take your mind off things like work or get fresh air ok i hope it helps u babe! but if u need a friend u no u can count on me!!!

Answer #10

ok first i need to say…i have the same problem…but cutting and trying to kill urself are not going to help…ur best bet is to talk to a family member or friend about it

Answer #11

To begin with thanks for the comments on the picture. I read your questions and it breaks my heart to know that people really do get that depressed that they feel they have no reason to live. I don’t know you but for some reason your questions just touched my heart. I xed out and had to come back to come and try to give advice or maybe just lend a ear. Not sure I can offer the right advice that you need to hear but I saw where you mentioned your parents as well as a friend apparently you mean SOMETHING to someone. Maybe just having someone hear what you have to say and lend an ear may help. I know everyone can get down on themselves but believe me there is always someone in worst shape than YOU. Hope this helps a bit and I am just an email away… I would be willing to listen take care and Merry Christmas!

Answer #12

babe, god you have the same things my best friend did and she shut me out a long time ago. I suffer from some depression myself so we made a great pair lol.but all I can say is dont push her away because all she wants is to see a smile on your face. I know you cant trust anyone because neither can I, but I know that if I still had my best friend, id try and let her in. its hard I know to just tell someone something that may even shock them because you think no one will uinderstand. I just think that a friend is something your really need right now, the security and the reassurance that someone is there. so go get your best friend bak and im sorry if I refered to him or her as a girl without knowing which one he or she is lol! xx

Answer #13

Dear laurihannah, Well you are probably right you are depressed…so that means you may not see the benefits of help from counsellors. This is part of your faulty thinking from depression. So now you need to listen…There is no reason not to trust me; so you need to call ASAP your doctor or the mental health clinic in your area and ask to speak with a counsellor. Do this now because if you wait much longer you may not have a choice and you will be sent to one because your behaviours will only get worse without treatment. You are still in control so exercise your right to see a counsellor. With proper counselling and diagnosis you will again be able to enjoy life…isn’t that what you want? Yes it is and there are a lot of people you can trust. Sue…good luck

Answer #14

I am just the peorson to help you with this. I was suffring with depressin for 5 years. I lost my mom to cancer then after that I found out the guy who I thought was my father really wassent I’ve been beat too. I was cutting myself also. you need to realize that this issent the way out. if something was to happen to you what would your family think? this is good you are looking for help. but depresson is compleatly normal at your age. hormones are going crazy and you might feel insacure. but you have to remember…dont take away your life because its just begun.

I havent cut myself in 2 years and it feels great. you will feel great too if you listen.

good luck I know you will make the right choice

Answer #15

Okay hun. Lots of people will probably tell you that” Cutting is a big deal you need serious help” No I’m not going to say that. cutting is a problem, and an addiction. I have the same one and the only person helping me is me, the depression thing I can also relate to ( I’m on meds for it ) Sometimes talking to a stranger is good because they can’t judge you, but those doctors don’t help, mine made it worst, because instead of just listening she told me how I feel and it wasn’t that way. I’m telling you this now, its not going to be easy to get better, but it is a good thing to do. And that trust thing is something a lot of people have when they are depressed, thats what I’m like but you don’t have to trust someone to talk to them. If you want you can talk to me =) and I’ll help as much as I can.


Answer #16

Omg you sound exactly like me 1 year ago. If you cant trust your family, your friends or a psychiatrst then trust me, someone who has gone through this, and is still going through it. You need to take a chance, cause sometimes even when you think something will never work you have to go against everything you believe and just do it. All I can say from my own experiences is the longer you shut people out, the harder it will become to fight. So please let someone in. xx

Answer #17

I did what you did… and got the same results … actually It told me I had SEVERE depression. What you could do about it is get a piece of paper and pen and write down stuff that makes you upset or sad… or reading the book “ feeling good “ i think by david burns. It really helps and tells you the difference & etc. Stop cutting yourself it will make your arms look ugly and you will throw away a beautiful life. Plus, if your life gets way better you will regret your sadness and the scars on your arms and wrist.

Answer #18

Heathenscum that is one of the best answers I’ve seen in a while on the subject. . Hats off to ya. . .

Answer #19

whats bothering you in the first place were int he same boat here.

Answer #20

im on the same boat, and my boat is about to tip over, so leme know how it goes 4 u.

Answer #21

and what if you don’t trust anyone and scared a psychiatrist wont work?

Answer #22

god is the only person who understands!

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