Im so stressed out

I work in a retail store and the person who is my co-worker give me a hard time working with her. she yells at me with no reason and I dont know what to do. the other day she even made me cry infront of everyone I dont know, should I queit my job. I try to change my self to be good with her but she make me to be worst with her. She acts as a manager and im completely lost.

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don't quit, are you sure your not over reacting.. like being over sensitive... cause teachers yell at me and make me cry all the time and I don't quit school.. you need to just take a little vacation. like a break or something.. or just keep working ingnore it tell somone more in charge.. hope I helped


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Have you tried talking to her? When she starts yelling just wait till she takes a break and ask her why she is yelling at you. Some people just raise their voices. Just talk to her about your concerns. If that doesnt work then go to your manager...

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