How can i make my boobs grow if i'm not even an a cup?

I wear a padded bra and im 13 every body else has bigger boobs and im going into 8th grade please tell me what to do to make my boobs grow

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seriously, you think it's bad for you?

you're only 13, and you're an A cup, I'm 16 and still exactly the same

at least wait a few more years until you start complaining..

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Everyone's body is different, you can't compare. You're still need time. Take multi vitamins,exercise, do chest exercises.

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Trust me it's not really all about big boobs. They hurt the back especially if you 're on track or workout a lot.

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you could try and get a bit fater that will make them start growin. I have heared that gum and lavender lotion can help.

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i know exactly how you feel i am in the same situation.. what am i going to do tell my mum to buy me a padded bra.. no way. COME ON there must be something you can do to make them grow quicker???

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I have thee same problem here, im nearly 15 and im like 32 a, I dont know what is wrong with me ! But on other websites I tried they said that rubbing baby oil into them daily can help so I tried this and it really does work, also I have been taking daily vitaminss and they also help mee ! They are slowly starting to geet bigger ! Better than nothing I suppose yeah?

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im 34B but my boobs look so so so small! and I dont no why.
I hate them , I want big boobs, but im going to have to wait for them to grow, no point in not havin fun just because I've got small boobs I mean come on!
yes boys like boobs, there just stupid most of the time there just boobs for gods sakes, I have a boyfriend and he dont like me for what I have he likes me just the way I am, and im not exactly skinny wich makes me feel even more uncomfortable about my self, you must be skinny so thats a good thing. just wait they will grow soon good luck!!

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They will gow in time I know it is stressful but wait in the mean time fake gel boobs always worked for me when I was your age I think you can but them at wal mart and water bras work good too

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Hey, Your only 13 and your body is still developing, just be patient and they will grow.

Try not to stress too much about your breast as everyone has a different shape, size etc and most girls wear padded bras to make their breast look bigger, so not all girls have as bigger breasts as they seem.

If it makes you feel any better till then you can consider using padded bras as well.

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Girl there is nothing that you can do to make your cups get bigger.
You just have to wait.
They will grow, trust.
I went through the same thing.
Even through freshman year they were A-cups.
Now I'm well into B-cups..
Maybe you are just a slower developer than most.
& the girls that get bigger boops before they are in the 8th grade are usually going to end up with back problems because of their chest.

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dun worry, it will still grow, u'll just have to wait
i have a friend, she's 13 also. She even still wear miniset...
well, everyone has different body...

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well, boobs arent that important, when you think about it. Guys go nuts over them but they're just two areas on the body with extra fat on them. Also i read that Men perfer smaller boobs. I know it sounds crazy bu it's true. Most guys only like a handful, and the petite boobs actually seem more appealing to them because they seem innocent and virgin-like. So embrace the fact that you have smaller boobs. That also means you must be pretty thin which is also good. And maybe once they get a little bigger you can wear a push up bra to give them a boost. whatever you do, dont wear wonder bras. You don't want to advertise something you don't have. Cheer Up.

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i know exactly how you feel i am in the same situation.. what am i going to do tell my mum to buy me a padded bra.. no way. COME ON there must be something you can do to make them grow quicker???

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I'm sorta in the same situation I mean I'm thirteen and im a cup size DD!!! Girls have made fun of me but I ignored them. you should do the same and and just wait patiently for them to grow... And snow white is right... They hurt when you run and exercise...

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i am 38D an trying to find out how to lose some of that fat in the boob.i don't like it but the men do. but who care about what they like. they like anything.

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Patience my dear...

No need to worry about the when your boobs will appear and how long it take for them to get here...
Everyone's genetic makeup and body styling is different and we mustn't forget about the hormones.
All things come to those who wait... patiently.
Enjoy your childhood for adulthood comes too soon...

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It is true what people previously have mentioned about gettign back problems. I am 13 also but I am a 36C I already had a back problem but they just made it worse. They are still growing too I have brought 3 different sizwed bras in the past year due to the rate they are growing. My friend is a month younger than me and she is a full 36D of a small 36E.

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