im in love with my boyfriend just broke up its because hes going

I am 16 1/2 ill be 17 in october my boyfriend just turned 18 june 29th. My boyfriend and I love eachother so much or so I though. I am completely in love with him I suriously thought he could be “the one” and I know im to young to even be thinking that way but yea. my family loves him friends everything it couldnt be any better. I know he felt the same about me. then he hit 18 and he started acting really strang at first he was scared he needed to figure out what hes going to do wiht his life. so I gave him his room and we broke up for 2 days and he came back to me and realized he loves me to much to let go. and so weve been fine sence then untill saturday I let him go to a club im to young to go so I couldnt exactly go along so he went out with his guys and went to a club. he came back on sunday he wouldnt look at me, touch me, or talk. I knew sumthing was wrong. I asked and he said he was just tired I went home after seeing him that day. he called me 3 hours later and said im coming to pick you up so we hung out we were fine. then he went back how he was earlier that day I asked again whats wrong he said I dont know im sorry. and threw out that night he kinda avoided me I tried not to let it bother me then he went and spent the night at a friends I went home and that morning he came online and I talked to him and I asked again what was wrong and he said just a bad day. (that was a sunday) then he left never heard a word. so I desided sence our 7th month was thursday(today :( ) I made a memory book for him to have with pictures and inside jokes and letters we wrote to eachother about how much we loved eachother. I never saw him monday either didnt even hear a word. then tuesday I went to church because he was there. he saw me and completely avoided me still walked right passed me. his best friend and his best friends girlfriend whitch I now am close with from that sunday we all were hanging out they came to me and said lets go on a walk. and so I went and I said bobby( his best friend) suriously what is going on here? he told me everything

it wasnt a suprise I was prepared for the worst. what happend was saturday night he went to the club met a girl that looked and acted just like me she reminded him of me completely except she is 19 years old and lives on her own. nothing happend except they danced tlaked he bought her a water and the girl asked him if he wanted to go ot another club with her and he siad no because he had to go home. but she gave him her number and they made plans to hang out at her place on saturday for the weekend with a group of his guy friends. so by now I know it all from his friend. he came out when they were telling me and he still avoided me. the guys talked and I talked with the guys girlfriend. and acationally bobby would come back and tell me more.I then later after my boyfriend left I went and hung out with him best friend an girlfriend to get more info. they said hes 18 your 16 almost 17 age shouldnt matter but 18 opens a lot more things to life and hes confused if being with me is real love or this girl at the club could be real to. or sumthing they said a lot. I talked to him today he told me everything and dumped me I saved the whole convorsation. I asked him if everything we had was all just a bunch of bull shit he said no he doesnt know what happend really but that hes 18 and if he wanted he could get married. and he needs to be thinking about finding a girl he can be with for the rest of his life. it broke my heart when he said that because I thought we both were that. but he met this girl and shes old enough for all that stuff and he cna move in with her if he hooks up with this girl. but I stil yet have all these questions that are left unanswered why have a girl like me if he doesnt want to be with me? she will only remind him of me. but shes older yea thats bonus. and more questions also but I wont go to much into it. I guess I just dont understand because he told me once that age wasnt the problem and now he met sumone like me but older and now all of a sudden is a issue. I asked him if hes been thinking about all this before and he said not really a little but I met her and it made my decision. he doesnt like her like that or love her he said but shes just a girl in his life now. I told him how I felt and that him dumping me was fine but I will never give up and ill be here waiting when if changes his mind and he said what you need to do is run away from me. does that mean he loves me he wants me to run away so he can really see that its real? im just so lost. I know its hard that im younger but nothing stoped us from seeing eachother. I just really dont know I really REALLY need feedback. so please someone help me out here if youve ever been in love with a guy thats going throught the whole im 18 and theres more out there stage. PLEASE HELP. thank you


Answer #1

Im a guy and Im 18. I know exactly whats wrong with him right now… He is very confused with his life right now because turning 18 appears as though you have all these new options but you just have to stay true to your morals and fight temptation of things. I got really confused when I hit 18. He thinks that a older girl is better but honestly I thought the same thing for a minute and I’m really glad I gave myself a reality check and decided that I have someone that is really good with me and I should never leave a sure thing for something very very unpredictable. This life of ours, this is a wonderful life. “If you can get through life like this and get away with it, hey that’s great. But it’s very predictable. There’s so many ways you can screw it up.” - Paul Castellano. If he could have read this quote before going to the club he would have not even talked to the girl in the first place. He will realize he made a very horrible decision one day…

Answer #2

I have been through the same thing i am 17 and the guy i was dating just turned 19 and met a woman who was 23…we just grew apart becuase he found this woman who had sooo much more then i had just because of how old she was ya she had a house and a car and they had a lot more freedom to do what they wanted..So we fell apart..he is with her now, lives with her. But the thing is THEY will never have what we had ya know? The only reason he is with her is because its something NEW…its not love its just exciting…after a while it will most likely get boring because it wont be new anymore and he will miss you and try to come back… BUT DONT!!! You are better then that! You’ll be okay…trust me..move on. It will be hard but there are plenty of fish in the sea, START FISHING! MUCH LOVE, God bless<3

Answer #3

Hi. I went through a similar thing in August 2004. And im only just about over it now!! U may be a stronger person than me so it may not take you as long. But here’s what happened to me, I was 19, he was 18. We got together and two months later we had moved in together. We had a massive group of friends, and among them was a slag (17) who also happened to be extremely pretty. All the lads fancied her even though she had a bad reputation for sleeping around. After a year and 4months of being together she kind of wormed her way into our relationship cuz it was obvious she wanted my bf. Anyway to cut a long story short, she got him. I lost all my friends cuz i couldnt bear to go out with them and see my ex and the slag together. They are still together now, a year and 4months later! I went through bad bad depression over it, and thought that my life wud never be happy again, its only now that im ready for a new relationship. ive learnt alot from it and ill make god damn sure it wont happen again! So, i know it feels horrible at the moment, that your whole world has been crushed, but time is a great healer, and youll soon pick yourself up and shine again. Take it from me!

Answer #4

That truly is heartbreaking, you remind me of myself and my girlfriend. I am 17 and she is 18 we think were the ones for each other too, and I mean she goes out to clubs with her friends and stuff (who have all tried to pull her before) but I dont care. I trust her very much, shes my best friend and I know shed tell me about it. Reguardless of what you feel for this man, what he did to you was cold and totally heartless. dumping someone because they arent 18 is pathetic seriously you shouldnt blame yourself most people would not do this.

Answer #5

When you turn 18 and have the options he has now, you will understand better. The first few years out of high school, a lot of things change. You start feeling differently, and pretty lost. Just try to keep your own head on your shoulders and let him deal with his issues. If it is meant to be between you two, then he will come back. But don’t wait on him. Don’t let his decision keep you from having a good life. Find you someone who will keep your mind off of him and enjoy life. Life is too short to not be happy. I know it is going to be hard, but you can do it. I promise. Just hang in there. It will get better.

Answer #6

u need to slap him in the face and knock the sense into him. tell him that he said age doesn’t matter, and he doesn’t have to rush into being married. tell him everything you told us. tell him he is being a total jerk. whenever he passes you make sad eyes to make him feel guilty as hell.

Answer #7

well im not in the situation..but im scared to be in that because im 15 and the guy im with (kinda) is 17. i’ve asked him before “are we going to break up because your goin to leave for college” and he said “no” because he wants us to work out even though hes leaving..but after reading your story im freakin out rite now!!!! im gonna ask him (again).. [n i kno u guys probably think im young but dont]

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