Im hidious and 13

My ears stick out when I wear my hair down.I have frekles bad brown hair and I have to tie it up or it goes really dry and ugly…I cant wear make up or dye my hair :’( and people always say im hidious and also cant style my hair.and cant get lipo. Could you pleas help me? love sally

Answer #1

If people are calling you hideous their either jelous that your prettier than they are or they have areally low self esteem and are jelous that your prettier than they are. Either way jelousy is usually the key lol. Im sure your pretty, and character beats all, trust me. At 13 I had really frizy curls and didnt have a straightener, but I was the girl who was friends with all the popular people but didnt actually hang out with them (random I know, I just didnt like them THAT much lol) And dont forget you “blossom” as you get older. Im dont have your average face, and people didnt used to think it was that weird because im from abroad but some people stil thought it was “ugly” yet now I work part time as a model lol you never know, you may just be beautiful in way average people cant see (only fashion divas, designers and casting agents) keep smilin your gorgeous! xx

Answer #2

aww poor girl! :( thats so sad. you need to learn to love urself and not listen to what they sayy. take a self esteem class.. I’m sure you aint as bad as you think. also, theres also make ups and hairdyes but dont over do it. get tips! and your not a loser. I like you already =]

Answer #3

sweetheart, dont worry about other people. Normaly the people who make fun of you are the people who are too ensecure about themself, but ignore them. haha I get called a lesbian a lot at skewl because I always hug mah friends so whenever a guy called me a les I was like ohh shot you caught me and he got really mad because he didnt have a comeback lol. You just need to stand up for yourself honey! Plus life is to short to be going around hating so love the people who treat you rite and scr* the people who dont!

fun mail me if you need any further help!

Answer #4

People are arseholes don’t listen to them they have to keep to standards and thats all they worry about. At least you’ll have morals and you shouldn’t be talking about lipo at 13 your body will alter in the next few years!!! The dumb blonde bimbos of this world aren’t worth a crap when they get into the work place no ome will like them becasue they are so difficult to get along with. Develop a new confidence hold your head high and stand up tall everyone has the right to confidence . . . . x

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Sally, you dont see yourself how other people really truley see you. I got called ugly when I was 13, & I started to believe I really was. Now when I look at pictures from than, I was beautiful. I think im ugly now. And sometimes I kinda wish I looked like I did When I was 13. Honestly, you’re probably gorgeous. People say stuff to hurt your feelings, because they only care about themselves. Dont let it bother you. Take a really good look in the mirror. You’re not as ugly as you think you are.

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It’s funny because high fashion models and couture models are considered every day ‘ugly’ and yet look at how envied they are. keep it fierce no matter how you feel.

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my old teacher told me once. no matter how rich or happy you r. someone has it better. and no matter how ugly or dumb you r someone has it worse.

Answer #9

oh, sucks to be 13 I know. you are stuck in that dreadful transition of little girl and lady hood. no one sees you as old enough to have an relevant opinion, yet insist that you be responsible to keep up the entire household chores’s just not fair. there is some good news for you though to put a smile on your face …hopefully. first..

  1. my ears stick out when I wear my hair can counter react this by “back combing you hair from the underside at the sides..ratting only at the scalp, then when you get back to the top side you can easily comb back down without it looking like Bon Jovi or Motley Crue: Oh gosh I’m old!.it would be easier for you learn by example..if you would like , you can set up a time for you & “your mom” to go to my then find my link to my poeticsoup page..this is where the broadcasting takes place. as I have a live broadcast widget over there, you don’t need the cam or any pro. to see me..I should tell you that I am a cosmo. I can show you how to hide the ears and help you create a DO’ that will keep you styling your hair daily with very minimal products or effort, yet keep you looking your age. 2 )the color of your hair is beautiful..because its natural.if you have a problem with dry hair and are limited on cash, you can always do a (sounds gross) mayo treatment once a week just on the scalp. this will keep your hair superstar silky…now… #3) 13 you don’t really need makeup right now it will in essence make you look “cheep” Sooo..the best way to beautify your skin and creat a clean glowing face, is to..get some tweezers, everyone owns a pair somewhere in their house, ask if you can keep them in your bathroom beauty supply basket or what have u, tweeze your browse to accentuate the shape of your face(careful not to pluck to much between the eyes as that will create an unsatisfactory look) should be smiling after these simple steps. The main thing at this point is to keep the face “clean” minimize your break outs. clean, clean, clean,..clean! will keep your face shinny and amooth if you still want some—kind of color make some kind of deal with your only the lightest of blush, then just take your middle finger ,run across the blush and blend it to the “apples” of your cheeks.(the roundest area closet to the nose) then finish the look with some lip gloss.
  2. there are many ways that you can deal with the “lipo” for instance is go to my I specialize in making steel bone corsets for creating small waists, if nothing else search on the web..Wasp then go to my site..(I will beat any price) I am not trying to sell you anything but my mission is to stop teen eating disorders by showing teens how to hide the flawed areas of body imperfections without starving, or purging. check out your local department store magazines for styles that you like and then maybe do some chores to earn enough money to go to the second hand store to mimic the ads. I love the second hand store because I find shoes to add to my collection that I just can not find anywhere my “KISS” boots. they were brand new got them for 5 bucks.people love the freaky style ..conversation piece. FINALLY… last but not least…I bet you won’t be hearing anything about the way you look accept …VERYYY…NICEEE…hope this short book helps. keep your head high.
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