How can I stop cutting my wrists?

I cut my wrists. L:( have been for a while, I can’t stop, I need to stop, how can I stop? I’m really depressed, and I’m losing friends cause of it, what can I do:(?

Answer #1

I guess I would say that cutting yourself is an addiction like any other. You’re gonna laugh, but last year, I figured out I had an addiction to candy. I have been for years, but didn’t know it. I couldn’t stop no matter what I tried.

But on a whim, I checked out Over-eaters Anonymous. It was really helpful. I kinda ignored anything I didn’t like. They were really cool, and I learned a lot.

Now I’m not really big or anything, so nobody knows I eat too much candy. Actually, I look really healthy. But to me, it’s personal. I don’t care if they don’t know - I know. And I wanted to stop. I’ve successfully cut out Diet Coke and all packaged candies except licorice and donuts. Even though I’m done quitting, I’m much further along and I feel so strong, because I’m taking steps forward in beating this thing.

OA was a support group for me. It’s the first time I ever went to anything remotely like that, and I don’t go often. I just go enough to give myself a little push further along in beating this addiction.

I define an addiction as something that you can’t stop no matter how hard you try. So cutting yourself is also an addiction - same thing.

Here’s some support groups for what you’re dealing with. Again, it’s not the whole solution but at least its more tools to use. has a 800-number.. 800-dont-cut. And this site is in the UK.. And here’s a site using the “12 step” technology that OA uses.. They have conference calls that you can listen in on.

The best thing I did was just get on the phone with these groups just one time, just to see if I liked it. It was really cool.

One of the best things I ever did was keep a phone number handy when dealing with my own addiction. You could keep that 800-dont-cut handy on speed dial, and call right before you cut.


Answer #2

Hey Austin, I know how you feel, I use to cut awsell, it’s not easy trying to stop but you can do it, the first thing you should do is find another way to express yourself instead of cutting (for me it was poetry) because usuaslly people cut to let out anger, sadness, depresstion ect so think of something you like doing that helps you calm down other than cutting then try to use that to help you let all the depresstion, anger ect out, also i started taking relora (no it’s not a drug or anything or a medication it’s just a vitamin that help balance out your hormones so your emotoins are more under control) and it also helps you to cut down on urges to cut. By doing this and having the suport of my sister I was able to quit and it’s been three years since i’ve cut, I know you don’t know me but I believe in you and I’m here for you 200% if you need someone to talk to or if you have any other questions about stopping I’m here, I want to help you through this because everyone needs someone who cares about them =) and if your friends are turning their backs on you when you need them most then maybe they aren’t really friends, a friend should stick with you no matter what, I’m that kind of friend. well I hope this helps and if you need me come talk to me =)

a friend to talk to,

Poetic =)

Answer #3

hey. i know how you feel, i cut and im trying so hard to stop! it just feels like an impossible task though. its not as easy as saying ‘i want to stop’, u need support. even telling just one friend helps, as long as its someone you know will understand and not tell other people. ive gone as far as to tell two people. it wasnt easy but having them there for support is awesome. theyre both the sort of people that you can call in the middle of the night if you need to and theyll listen i also noticed that guys cope better than girls when they find out, they dont freak out as much! not sterotyping thats just what ive experienced…the chicks that found out wigged lol. long sleeve tops and braclets / cuffs help to cover the cuts. and once the skin has healed cocoa butter helps to heal the scars and make them less obvious. (something not many people know) and something else ive learnt is DONT try the ‘snap your wrist with an elastic band instead’ thing. i did it for a while and took it so far that i was putting cuts in my arm with the band that were as deep as the ones i made with a blade. many other violet alternatives cause similar problems, becoming a new addiction that you cant stop either. hope it helps, sorry if theres repeated answers! good luck :)

Answer #4

hay man i hate it when peeps say i know how u feel but ive been there and am doing that hun u need help talk to ur parents they can help but some peeps dont have caring parents if ur one of them than talk to a close teacher a REAL friend someone that wont leave u cuz of it balive it or not they are out there and i know this sounds crazy but take every last one of ur sharp objects and toss them make sure there is nothing u can hurt urself with and when u get the urg to cut turn on some kinda music something that isnt depressing with me i just listen to screemo so i can just jump around my room and head bang lmao but find ur inner music it really helps go out side and skate or watch a funnie movie call a friend and caht with them or evan go to sum web sites that u can talk 2 people u dont know like i go 2 vampirefreaks but talk 2 people online they help out alought that is one thing that is getting me through this trying time read comics (exspecaly anime its awsome) draw or write poetry hay u wanna know something i have about 30 poems written cuz of stuff..and about those friends of urs honestly if they r gonna walk away cuz they cant handle u or whatever the excuse is skrew em they arnt the friends u need if u end up with only online friends than thatys better than crap friends i hope this advice helped u and im here to talk to kk -a friend

Answer #5

Ok..Austin Iam 16 yrs old.I cut for almost like 5 and a half months I may seem like a happy kid but thats a gimic I put on so people wont care about me..because I hate pity it just p*sses me off..I used to cut because my best-friends boyfriend would call me stuff like’fat pig’ I then turned to Anorexia and I was hospitalized because of it..and now my brother watches me eat to make sure that Iam trust me its not worth it because I tried it and it just leaves painful scars that wont go away no matter what you do..I walk down the street and I see people stare at them and I know that there talking about me. And the one thing I hate is people who ASSUME things without knowing the just try not to think about it and look at all the happy things in your life and if you need to you can talk to me anytime about it because I know what your going through and I know its not easy..

Answer #6

um, ya. i know what you feel like… i’ve been cutting for about 3 years. it’s VERY hard to stop… i’ve tried therapy… it didn’t work for me… i just had to think about it myself…

i’m not going to tell you you’re stupid and should stop doing it… because i do it too. and i know that sometimes you just need some way to get out the emotions… i will say this: don’t cut too deep. don’t cut a straight connected line down your entire forearm DON’T cut with ANYTHING unless it’s CLEAN take care of your cuts afterwards (disinfectant, bandage, etc)

people like us need to take care of themselves.

and the friend problem is tough… wear long sleeves and the scars will be harder to notice… other than that, it’s your decision whether to let cutting or some friends go. i feel like the people who are truly my friends are the people who will accept me no matter what. i wouldn’t tell people i was cutting if i were you… but if they somehow find out, don’t worry about it. If a friendship has the ability to end, it never existed in the first place. :) hang in there. and if you need somebody to talk to… i’d be happy to talk.

Answer #7

Dear austin_pettis, Usually cutters start cutting because of an emotional problem and even when that seems to get sorted out they continue to cut. It becomes a habit and a ritual. Usually that is when you begin to say hey this has to stop…just as you are doing. So there are many things you can do. First seek out counselling most have extensive experience with cutters. They will give you some excellent tips to begin stopping such as put a rubber band on your wrist…when you get the urge to cut snap the band, go to your room and rub your feet real hard on the rug, eat some ice…these are only a few. Like a habit you need to replace the cutting with a good habit such as eating carrots, or walking etc. A counsellor will gear treatment to your needs. Admitting you need to stop is the beginning so take it all the way and get the help you need. Sue…good luck

Answer #8

Well, my mum is a councilor and I recommend a cognitive behavior theory. What you do is put one or more rubber band on each wrist, whenever you want to cut yourself snap the rubber bands. You can snap then according to how bad you feel or however you feel. I also recommend seeing a councilor, not the school one they always suck in my experience, and going to the doctor, i know this is a big step, and telling him/her that you have been feeling depressed lately and are losing friends from it and yadda yadda yadda, I would try to avoid telling the doctor that you’ve been cutting yourself, or he/she may make you go into an “inpatient physicality”, which according to my mum they suck and are quite scary at times. So avoid that if possible. Also, if you get a councilor, I recommend finding one that you are comfortable with. I know whenever I have a councilor I’m not comfortable opening my heart out to, it only makes my depression worse. And tell your councilor you’ve been cutting yourself, he’/she will help you a lot and use more cognitive therapy on you, I’ve been using them lately to help me get less scared of flies. ^^;; It’s helped a lot in my experience.

I hope this helps. Message me if you want to talk about it. =]

Answer #9

I cut too, the way that I stop is…draw on your arm/wrist/hand with a red sharpie…it lasts about as long as a cut would, and then it comes off, or do something else painful, ask someone to kick you…it feels good, and you stop cutting

Answer #10

i know its really hard to stop. ive been cutting myself for three years. you just have to keep holdong on even when you feel likeletting go. the world is full of hope and opportunities if you just know where to look. things will get better. nothing lasts forever. you just have to ask yourself : do i have the strength to go on?

Answer #11

If you ever feel the urge to cut just think about it and how you will be scared for life. Exercize listen to music play an instrument or draw. Do a hobby. It can lead to scuicide or deat by cutting a vain.

Answer #12

get help immediately. This is something that has gone out of control. You need psychiatric advice and there are lots of easy options for you. Have you told your parents? Can you tell them? If not, you need to tell someone before you do something drastic.

In the meantime, do what you can to avoid dwelling on depressing thoughts. ease up on the emotional music for awhile. try spending time in the sunshine. take a walk. you need to balance yourself out and very few things do that better than physical activity.

When you want to cut yourself, find a way to do pushups, situps, or sprint. Try something that will drain your energy quickly. You’ll find that the adrenaline and endorphins help to ease the despair. Watch something funny. Try to laugh.

take it easy. you have a long life ahead.

Answer #13

You’re not alone too Austin. I cut my wrists too and yes, that means that I need help as well. I think it’s best if you a see your school counselor or try to do something else other than cutting yourself. Like, instead of me cutting myself, I listen to music or talk to my friends on the phone or just go see a great movie. But one thing is that those scars will be there for the rest of your life. And you’ll regret it. I will too regret it, so it’s best if you please stop.

Answer #14

hey austin i used to be a cutter for a year and a half straight well one day my best friend emily,told the school cousler what i was doin to myself i got alot of help i was put in a psch hospital.i am on the verge of cuttin again after almost 6 month of not cutting so i kno wut ur going through

if u need someone to talk to my myspace name is



Answer #15

hey..I know what your goin through…I went thru the same…I use to cut my wrists, legs and thighs…its VERY VERY hard to stop…but I got help from my school counselor and my friends…maybe you should talk to your school counselor…it helps..also talkin to an adult you TRUST…some1 that you KNOW wont say anythin to also helps that theres some1 you can trust…if you need to talk to some1 or ask me anythin…let me know…im here to help… ; )

Answer #16

try to put ur cutting stuff away and wear long sleves and put a ruber band on ur wrist and snap it same pain almost but safer and if this doesn’t work tell a school consular she or he ill help u need to stop cause u can cut ur vain and start letting out to much bloode and die soo stop and think and get help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! reply back if it works and please reply back cause i wan to see how ur doing kay thanks ttyl bye

Answer #17

Oh boy, you’ve got yourself into some deep crap. Get adult help. Your school should have a counselor, and if it doesn’t, find a favorite teacher or other trusted adult. Keep yourself away from sharp objects, and when the urge comes, just ask yourself why you’re doing it. It really doesn’t make sense. Just think about what you’re doing to yourself, and I’m sure you’ll find the help you need.


Answer #18

I dont think your in that bad a position a lot of people do it its ok if you can control it I do it but I actually have the medical stuff handy in case I cant stop. When all your face starts turning white due to lack of blood than its time to stop, therapy and boring talking people dont really help its not there problem its yours if you cant get over it, its your fault dont die bacause of stupid stuff like cutting yourself its not even any of my business so if you die I wont miss you I dont even know you but o well less people less war.Good luck.

Answer #19

my sister cut her wrists today “by mistake” is what she claim’s but (some coincadence) well what you can do is take all the sharp thing’s inthe house and give thm to your friend’s your mom etc. and ask them to hid it. dont cut your self dude, just try to find something to do, youknow to keep you happy, this may sound lame, but write a list of people that well hardly want to live if you die, or how many people love you, if that dose’nt work,take inuyashagirl’s advice, and find help.

Answer #20

i am a 13 year old girl that used to cut herself over not having a bf, having her best friend move and deppresion once i told my friends and showed them my wrists they would not leave me alone they would check my wrists every day when school started and not let me go anywhere alone until someone told my mom then had to seek help after that i never did it again because i hated my counsler so much even though she was trying to help sometimes i hold a knife to my wrist and think about it but i dont do anymore even though i want to so please seek help even though you may not want to so i hope every thing is well with you and i hope i helped allittle,


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