How will I get through high school alive?

Highschool is going to be so hard. how will I ever get threw it alive??

Answer #1

Trust me, if you stay with that same bich as attitude you are going to get jumped. So find a way to get through it! If you were in California you wouldn’t survive with this kind of attitude…Especially in the LA streets.

( trust me,the way you answered that chick (krissykrunk), i saw what kind of attitude you have )

Answer #2

gurl dont worry.i thought that my first year of high school was goin 2 be hard 2 but it wasnt.high school is fun.i love been in high i’m in the 10th grade.heres sum sister 2 sister advice:dont think negative,keep ur head up and keep god with u.with god gurl u dont hav anything 2 worry about

Answer #3

I feel I can help you a lot for many reasons.

  1. I am a cheerleader too
  2. Last year was my first year in highschool and it was an amazing experience for me.

just email me,

Answer #4

just keep your head up and make god choocies

Answer #5

I’m a senior this year and let me assure you that high school is not as intimidating as some people make it seem. You will have the best times of your life but also sadly to say some of the worst times also but the good will always out way the bad. but trust me it will go by so fast, it seems like just yesterday it was my first day of freshman year, but here i am now in my final year of high school and i think i’m ready to move on, but if theres one secret to high school it always to pick on the underclassman if you think that your never going to graduate because they will always be a year behind you. but just think in three years time you’ll think “holy crap, what was i so worried about.” and to everyone starting highschool this year i wish you good luck and remember there will always be people behind you.

Answer #6

sweetie dont worry about highschool i am going to be a sophmore this year and yes i noe i havent been there for a long time but i was terrified about going to highschool just like you but when i was finally there it was a little hard for me to put myslef out there but when i did i made friends in an instant and highschool turned out to be better than i ever thought i could be this summer is a bore and honestly i cant wait to go back to find out wat new experiences and challenges im going to be facing so keep your chin up and just put yourself out there dont be afraid to just talk to someone and definately dont let anyone bring you down if they dont give you a chance its their loss and your just starting so who noes they might just come around…good luck and let me noe how it goes =)

Answer #7

It’s only four years out of your life. I remember High School being horrible everyday I hated going. Now ten years later I realize it wasn’t that bad. All the girls who I idiloized back then are overweight and in dead end jobs. Just tough it out after that your real life can begin and it’s great.

Answer #8

I don’t know its shitty so far for me

Answer #9

Well during high school you pretty much get exposed to sex, drugs, drinking and a lot of partying and for some the pressures of fitting in and being popular. To get through high school you really gotta trust yourself. Make sure you think things through before you do something stupid. Most importantly you shouldn’t be insecure, it may seem cool to do a lot of bad things but in the end it really isn’t so you gotta be strong enough to say no. A helpful hint is to act indifferent to it all. Rather than telling people that you are totally against doing bad stuff just say you don’t really care about it and are indifferent. As per being popular and friends it is actually better to have a small group of good friends that will be supportive. And parting is always fun and it is not a bad thing at all! Partying sober is okay too! It even helps to keep middle school friends who now go to different high schools because they can get you invited to pretty sick parties! lol Well that’s about as much as I can give you in a short amount of time. Hope it helps =)

Answer #10

High school is a tough time; kids are in adolescence which is the ackward time between childhood and adulthood. Many kids fall in love for the first time, discover partying, and everyone expects you to know what you will do the rest of your life by the time you finish.

In general everyone finds their place. You find a clique of friends you have things in common with, have some of the best and worst times of your life, and yes: almost everyone survives high school.

Answer #11

im about to start my first year in highschool. i kinda afraid of what im going through. but alot of my friends who are in highschool say its great. i know a few kids who are going to the same school with me and im trying out for the volleyball team and hopefully i will meet some new friends who have the same interests as i do.

good luck =]]

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