Is it safe for us to conceive when I'm 14?

I am 14 years old. I live with my dad. My boyfriend and I are madly in love, and wish to consive. Is this safe? What should we do?

Answer #1

trust me your way too young to have a child …hun im 21 and I definitely dont want kids now because I want to finish my education by completing my degree and a child will only slow me down you understand right??? you have your whole life ahead of u, you want to enjoy life not stay at home changing diapers and feeding a baby while your friends are out partying, having sleepovers, going to skating rings or whatever and enjoying their teenage years… and besides where are you going to get the money from to take care of the baby at 14 years old??? believe me working, going to school and taking care of a baby is some serious hard work … and if you think that by having a baby it will make you and boyfriend’s relationship last longer you better think again as it may in fact put a strain on the relationship as it not just the two of yall but three … and you know what they say THREE IS A CROWD!!! so I advise you to re-think your decision carefully ok

Answer #2

It really isn’t advisable. Your body is still growing and maturing. Although it is capable of conceiving that doesn’t mean it is safe for you or that your body is really ready.

You have your whole life ahead of you. Don’t limit your horizons by becoming pregnant now. You have a lot of things you need to attend to prior to becoming a parent, such as finishing your education, becoming financially self-sufficient and emotionally well-rounded.

Give yourself time. Life will come at you fast enough as it is.

Answer #3

HMMM. Ok, now just sit back for a second and think about what you just wrote… 14…baby…concieve? what are you ten years old? you should think about the future and not just now… there comes a time to have a child, and this is the time you should be worried and focused on school. :] Would you want your child to have a baby at 14?

Answer #4

You are too young to have a baby at this age and you already know that you are to have one with your boyfriend at age of 14 & Why do you want a baby and can you take care of one with your boyfriend?.

Answer #5

Why in the world would a 14 year old want a kid?? It’s going to postpone your life for a very long while. Plus you can’t even get a job to take care of a kid. Wait til you’re at least 18. I’m 18 and I don’t want to halt my life by having a kid. Use your head! You’re 14. I cannot stand it when 13 14 15 16 17 year olds say they want kids. You say you want one now? Once you have one at such a young age then you wish you wouldve waited. But no matter how much someone tells you to do or not to do something, at the end of the day, you’re still going to do what you want to do whether it’s do follow that adivce or not.

Answer #6

this can harm your body im many ways this would be bad for both you and the baby… you are only 14 and your body is still changing.. then things could really go wrong like your body could kill off the baby by itself or you could even pass away when in delivery… I know how you feel I am 15 and I think having a kid would be sweet bout I know that it would be a bad idea so you should hold off and try not to have a baby

Answer #7

Seriously you are way too young. You should wait don’t you want to get an education, and get a nice job. I think waiting would be the best option, you need to have your act together before thinking bout having kids. Sorry but, you don’t no for sure if he is “the one”. You really haven’t experienced life before. I mean your only 14!! :] I hope I helped

Answer #8

If you two are madly in love then both of you can wait right?!? no offence but does it ever enter in your mind that his just using that excuse just to have sex?!?! you asked for an advice right?!? were givin you 1 don’t do it! he surely can understand that you 2 should wait because as you said your madly in love meaning he’ll do what ever it akes to be w/ you;) so wait when everything is right that you dont have 2 be stressed about feeding the baby and trying 2 get money… if you want just buy a cute puppy

Answer #9

are you crazy!? lol look… you have so much to look forward too in life.. you should have goals and you should work hard to reach them! a baby will get it the way !

big time! I seriously want to cry right now! it can harm your body! its a huge responsibility! get a puppy or something!


if your boyfriend is trying to talk you into this.. then you really need a new boyfriend! this is crazy. and I hope I really helped you :]

Answer #10

it’s not safe for the baby because your hips where the baby lays aren’t big enough yet

you could possibly damage your childs life forever

and I don’t think you are fully ready I am 14 as well and I wouldn’t have a baby yet because at our age we shouldn’t choose who to spend the rest of our lives with yet

it would be smart to wait for you, and the baby

Answer #11

I’m just going to quote myself from the girl who is sixteen who asked the same question a couple days ago. “I would say wait a while. Having a kid is a big decision and you’re only fourteen. It isn’t like you are going to miss your chance, you have until you are about thirty five years old. Your really great boyfriend is just that, a boyfriend, wait until he commits enough to marry you. Do you have a house? You don’t want to raise your kids in your parent’s or his parent’s house, that means that you will be raising the kid how they want to raise it. You said that you are going to college(you didn’t, I suppose that you want to be a baby factory who can’t feed herself without her husband and therefore can never leave him, or the house), what is that baby going to do during all your classes? Are you going to leave it home alone everyday, or with his/your parents? Do you really think that that would work? Your kid will probably feel more motherly affection from his/your mother than from you. And how does his mother feel about that? You also said that your boyfriend gets paid well(you don’t have this one either kid, who’s going to pay for your baby’s food? Or are you going to be a charity case and live off your parents? Your kid will NEVER respect you). How well is well? 15, 20, 25 dollars an hour, that isn’t enough to pay for food for three people, house payments, medical bills (what if this kid is born with a disease, mental or physical? Will you have time to take it to the doctor?Give it the special attention?), clothes, toys, books, computers, phones, furniture. I think that if you can do all that, ON YOUR OWN, without relying on other people, you are ready to have a kid(except that you aren’t because you are only fourteen and your body hasn’t matured yet. It can be extremely dangerous to have a kid that young, before you have stopped growing something else is growing inside you? Does that sound natural? Your hips are probably tiny still, and how much pain have you experienced? It won’t even compare to child birth, you know you crap when kids are born, it isn’t a pretty thing like everyone tries to make it seem). Even if your boyfriend’s job does pay enough, what if he leaves you?” And now for advice just for you, how long are you planning to live? Because it seems to me you could have another 90 years or so, your life is pretty much over when you have kids though. You can’t go to parties and drink, you can’t stay home and drink, you can’t smoke, you can’t have sleep overs, you will not have any sports extra curricular activities, instruments, you’ll be fat before you know it, won’t that be nice? Your fourteen, how do you know how you’re going to feel in ten years? You still have a major hormonal change coming up in a couple years. Wait until you have had some life experience so that when your kid asks you a question, or asks you for some ADVICE, you will have a good answer for them. And they won’t be trying to have a kid at fourteen. Do you want your daughter to be a baby factory beore shes settled into her body? Brian

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