If need be, I know what's best for ME, I'd go abortion?

I know what abortion is all about. Trust me, and by asking this, I am just reaching out in an attempt to show to others that, for some, abortion is really the only option. Clearly, I’m going to get a lot of feed back on how it isn’t the only option and yatayata, but not all of those giving me this feed back now the situation. I have not YET tested for pregnancy, and hopefully I won’t have to worry about ‘options’ once I have. I will give you the low down so that you better understand, and I am not excusing myself to those against abortion, just stating my reasons for it. -I was assaulted in December, which scared me enough as it was, it thankfully did not result in pregnancy. As a precaution, I went on the pill, I know it’s not 100% either, but it’s better than nothing. A couple weeks ago, I was at a friends house when some other people I didn’t know showed up to hang out with him. I don’t know what came over them but by the end of the night, I found myself in a room with 3 boys I didn’t know, who were ripping at my clothing and when I tried to get out, one jumped ontop of me. The rest I’d rather not remember, but and I didn’t think anything of the fact that he didn’t use protection until today. I’m still on the pill right. I’ve been feeling really exausted and I’ve had really bad heart burn over the past few days, so I asked my mom if she knew what foods I shouldn’t eat to avoid this heart burn. And she listed as many foods and food categories as she could. Then I looked at her and told her there was clearly a problem because I hadn’t gone near any foods of the sorts. And she asked if I was pregnant. Naturally, I said no. Now I think about it, and I’m not sure.

~I am 15, I am on the pill, if I willingly commited any sexual acts, I would own up to them, and I don’t know if at that point I would want an abortion as much. I still don’t know for sure if I’m even pregnant. I didn’t want to lose my virginity in that way. I still don’t want to even have sex on my own terms! I don’t want this baby, I don’t want to have it at all. Give me your views, whatever they may be. I am open to your opinions, sorry for the novel, but it’s best you know the whole story first off.

Answer #1

Its a hard dessision, but if it were me im 95 % positive id get an abortion.

First off you diddn’t consent, those boys took something from you they had no right to take.

Secondly, your in highschool, you need to be focused on your education not on a child.

Answer #2

If you do turn out to be pregnant, just think. really think about what you are doing. I know this is horrible timing at 15, its not your fault, you wouldnt want the father to be the father; but think. half of this child is YOU, your baby. but also know what you are getting yourself into. My mom was 17 when she got pregnant. her mom was an anti-abortionist who was in rallies and took my mom to them as a child. so she decided not to get an abortion.now 15 years later, im the result of the pregnacy. her and my biological father have been married 16 years. my dad stopped high school and picked it back up after I was 2. he stayed home with me while my mom went and finished high school and went to college. they were high school sweethearts so the choice may have been easier than the once you are faced with, but she still had to change everything. I know its a horrible question to face. but I pray to God that you will make the right choice, whatever that may be. :)

Answer #3

I myself am christian, but I’m not going to tell you god will be mad or anything, I’m Pro-choice, there are way too many people out there who say they are against abortion until they are actually in a position where it is necessary , Thanks for posting this question though, it was good to read other people’s ideas on the subject! :)

Answer #4

I’m glad things worked out ok. Still think you should talk to someone! Sometimes this stuff comes back to bite you even after you think you’ve dealt with it…

Answer #5

what happened was NOT your fault it was the boys what they did was rape, and its illegal they may have also drugged you since you dont remember how you got in the room/bed with them rape is illegal and unfortunantly the police probably wont be able to do anything because it was a while ago and you have no actual “proof” but it would still be good to tell the police about them if you know who they are also talking aboput the rape to someone will help a lot youll feel a lot better from getting your feelings off your chest

as for the pill if you were on the pill for around a month and were taking it correctly untill the day happened, you may not be pregnant also if you continued to use it correctly for at least the week after it happened, you may not be pregnant if you used the pill correctly, there would only be a 2% chance of pregnancy so it all depends on how you used the pill

on the pregnancy unfortunantly wishing you werent pregnant doesnt make it go away and the sooner you find out if your pregnant the better and more options youll have to find out take a pregnancy test 2-3 weeks after sex to find out (any sooner and the results wont be accurate) or see a doctor for a blood test to find out sooner and get more accurate results

on abortion abortion is not wrong, it happens when the baby isnt a baby when its just a bunch of cells forming and isnt aware of itself and its vital organs havent fully formed abortion is an option some women need especially in circumstances such as rape also if the condom broke, the birth control failed, they cant affordd a child, cant take care of it, arnt mentally or finacially stable, ect for some women, abortion is the ONLY option and though theres adoption and all that its not fair that a girl should be forced into giving birth and then giving up her child which will becaome just another kid that needs a home (of which there are alreday too many) so if an abortion is what you want its a far better option that giving it up for adoption because there are alreday too many kids that need to be adopted and girls shouldnt be forced into labour because it can be a traumatic expirience I just though id add that since you may get people saying you should give it up for adoption to get an abortion, youll need to either tell your parents your pregnant (which is going to help a lot) and go to the doctor abortions arnt really cheap, but its the only safe and legal way to get rid of a baby talking to your parents might help as they can offer you support, advice and could even help pay for the abortion

and on your virginity you can still say your a virgin, virginity isnt always lost when just any guy penetrates you you can still have it and loose it to the person you love

Answer #6

Okay, so thank you to everyone, regardless, I knew I’d get some really religious comments about God being disappointed or whatever, but I can only see those comments as someone having nothing better to say to get me to change my mind that they’d try to use this ‘God’ as a swaying factor. FORTUNATELY, I took a test this morning, and I am not pregnant. All the same, I feel that reading what you all have to say helped me clear my head a little. I am actually not religious, and I have nothing against those who are, I just don’t need a God to help me through anything, and that is my own opinion. This morning was the biggest relief ever. So, I mean, there’s no need for anyone else to worry about me ‘murdering’ a ‘baby’. I just think that, with my situation, and I didn’t used to agree with abortions myself, my opinions changed, and sometimes, it really IS the only solution.

Answer #7

“Abortion is about the innocent, unborn baby - Who’s to say it wouldn’t turn out to be a tremendous blessing in it’s lifetime - maybe be the one to find the cure for cancer / future best-ever President / …possibilities endless…we’ll never know.”

or maybe it will turn how to be the next Hitler, Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, or Jeffrey Dahmer, possibilities are endless…

Answer #8

Lmfao. That was great.

Answer #9

I don’t know what to say, but after reading your story I think its the best that if you would turn out to be pregnant, you would have an abortion. I’m not against abortion, I don’t think you should just do it all the time, because you could think of it as murder, but if I would get pregnant right now I would get an abortion too. I don’t want to be a sixteen year old with a baby. Especially in your case, with raping involved, I don’t think you should keep this baby. You should not feel bad about it, because no matter what happens God will always love you. (If youre religious, ofcourse)

Answer #10

Amblessed, please try and make sense, are you saying God caused her to be raped? and if God put the baby there, and the person has an abortion, isnt that God’s will? or is God’s power limited to rape, and impregnating but not aborting? Or perhaps only you know what is God’s will and what isnt? Like God gives food to people, but when people are starving it isnt God’s fault…

Abby, seriously, you need to go talk to someone about this. Abortion and what not aside. You could have an STD. Odds are you’re not pregnant but you’ve got somatic symptoms from dealing with the trauma. Go take a pregnancy test. But I think you need to talk about the rape to someone. This site helps survivors of sexual abuse, it has a chat feature. Ideally I think you should tell your mom and get some help. http://www.rainn.org/

Answer #11

Abortion is about the innocent, unborn baby - Who’s to say it wouldn’t turn out to be a tremendous blessing in it’s lifetime - maybe be the one to find the cure for cancer / future best-ever President / …possibilities endless…we’ll never know.

Answer #12

I would only ask - What gives you the right to determine life or death for another human being…Isn’t that God’s job ? - God knows your situation even before you get pregnant - He put a life there and He doesn’t make mistakes - Isn’t aborting calling Him a liar ?…Food for Thought - two sides to consider in every story.

Answer #13

Im completely against abortions.. I think its murder BUT.. If its rape, incest or a risk to the mothers health then its obviously needed… Personally I think it would be a really hard toss up between getting a quiet abortion or having it and immediately giving it away

Answer #14

I actually don’t think you should apologize, if that’s how you feel, you have the right to believe that. I myself don’t believe in God either, and it’s clearly not in any way shape or form his choice to do anything, because in the end, you do what you gotta do. God is figurative, it’s not that he gets peoples’ hopes up at all though, if anything, God is keeping the world from some higher degree of chaos which we haven’t seen. And it gives people something to believe in and fall back on. That’s the point of religion. ;p thanks for your incite.

Answer #15

Im not going to bring god into this situation because this has nothing to do with religion and im very sorry for what happened to you really its very sad and pain full to hear about it but the whole pregnancy thing im against abortion because its not the baby fault its the boys who raped you you can give the baby up for adoption but if you do keep it then please give it to a trust worthy family because then your baby wont be passed from home too home and have a bad life but if you do get an abortion it was your choice and you have to live with it because it wasent your choice too have sex and its a pain full situation to be in and those boys should be put in prison or jail something because thats really pain full thing thats something that you will never forget and im sorry but what ever you choose its was your choice and know one can stop you alright just make sure your happy with your choice ok and you shouldent listen to anyone else even me because its what you want alright

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