Do you think cheerleading is a sport

Do you think cheerleading is a sport

Answer #1

heck yeah it is!

Answer #2

yeah it is a sport

Answer #3

Yeahh I think it is!

Answer #4

I used to think it wasn’t but then I watched cheerleader nation and hoooly. haha so yeah now I do think it is.

Answer #5

Yeah, just because they wear skirts doesn’t mean it’s not a sport/ =)

Answer #6

There’s another reason it is considered a sport that has not been mentioned yet. This reason is because a cheerleader is only as good as her team! Yes each cheerleader is athletic but it takes teamwork to make the dream work and THAT is a major part of what makes it a sport.

Answer #7

No, it’s not. It’s a physical activity. It doesn’t matter if you have to be in good physical condition. My dad is a landscaper, and that’s very physically demanding. Does that mean cutting grass and planting trees is a sport? No.

It doesn’t matter if it CAN be competitive. Cheerleading is not inherently competitive, which is one of the factors that determines if an activity is a sport. Anything CAN be competitive, but that wouldn’t make it a sport.

Answer #8

Of course it is, and a very active one at that.

Answer #9

hell yeah it is. it officially became a sport in 2006.

Answer #10

Yeah because you work out and stuff and you need to be fitt to do it.

Answer #11

yeah it is

Answer #12

I have been cheering for 11 years. And I agree with many who say it is a sport. & I’m not just saying that because I am a cheerleader, but because I really believe that. Perhaps just cheering at a football game is not a sport, but the competition aspect of it definitely is. Although, cheering at games are difficult too, because my team stunts and tumbles on the track. I would like to take everyone who thinks cheerleading is not a sport to a national championship competition and let them see how amazing the teams are, and how difficult it truly is to cheer. If dance and gymnastics are considered sports, and cheerleading has both of those involved, why isn’t cheerleading considering a sport already, everywhere?

Answer #13

I suposse?

Answer #14

I have been cheering for 7 years and right now im captain ; I’ve cheered football , competition, and basketball . Cheerleading to me IS a sport , and its my sport (: . but I can see where football and basketballl cheerleading is not considered a sport .

but honestly , cheerleading is pretty hard . Reasons why:

It involves constant and strenuous practice as well as being in shape in every aspect of fitness. Cheerleading involves every part of your body. Your abs have to be strong to jump high, legs and arms to lift people, endurance to make it through routines, coordination for dancing, flexibility in general, as well as shoulder strength and balance. And for those of you who say you dont get points in cheerleading, youre wrong! its a judged sport just like gymnastics and ice skating or whatever else you guys want to compare it to.

so pce .

Answer #15

I think its only a sport if theyre doing gymnastic-type things like flips. it they’re lame like the ones at my school and they just dance around and chant with their pompoms then no

Answer #16

YES we work are butts off just as hard as other sports and sometimes harder we dont have a season its all year round so no break

Answer #17

To underwaterophelia, you’re very mistaken on the competitiveness of cheerleading. I cheer on an all star team that ONLY COMPETES. We practice year round, which is more than most other sports. The only people who say cheerleading is not a sport are those who are ignorant as to what exactly it is that we do. So to those of you who claim that cheerleading is not a sport, stop being so stupid :)

Answer #18

your an idiot dude…of course cheerleadig is a sport they dooo call it a sport and its more then physically demanding you have to be physically fit and corrdinated so excuse me think again if you say cheerleading is not a sport!!!

Answer #19

If dancing is a sport, then so is cheerleading (not to mention there is more than just dancing involved in this and cheerleading is more intense generally). Some people view it as just a side-dish to sport, lol, but they’re wrong.

Answer #20

yea I think its a sport; everybody @ my school doesnt BUT I do; we have 2 run and do conditioning… just because the only thing they c us do is jump up and down, toss people in the air, and cheer doesnt mean we dont do stuff behind the sceens…

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