What are some good ideas on how to fake sick so that you don't have to go to school?

This year the first day of school is on my friend’s birthday, but her Mom won’t let her skip unless she is sick. I told her to crumble up a granola bar and mix it with orange juice to pretend that she has puked, but she says that she has tried that and it doesn’t work. I also told her to put her thermometer in a hot beverage when her mom takes her temperature, but she doesn’t own a thermometer…. So, any ideas on how she can accomplish this difficult task? xD

Answer #1

She should just go to school. She can always celebrate her birthday on the following Saturday.

Answer #2

How much celebrating can she possibly do when she’s sick anyway? Her parents will probably make her stay in bed … not worth it - as filletofspam said, wait for the weekend.

Answer #3

What I would do to fake being sick is I’d start pretending to fake cough a week in advance. Then as the days get closer to the day I want to skip, I would start saying I felt sick to my stomach, and I had a headache, and ask my mom to go get me some over the counter medicine, and take a neo citran or whatever to really make her think I was getting a bad cold. Then by the time the day comes, I just say “mom I think I need to stay home today” and bam, I’m off for like 3 or 4 days. Worked everytime too. It works because you’re not tryna fake it suddenly and you actually make it look like you started off with something small and it developed. Plus I’m just a great actor :D gl!

Answer #4

Or you could just go to the school and not go to class if everything else fails haha

Answer #5

You shouldn’t miss the first day of school anyways… That’s when you need to fill out information, it’s the easiest day of the year.

Answer #6

Bring her birthday celebration to school. Wear a funny hat and blow some kind of noise-maker. Hand out free M&Ms or pistachios. Wear glitter on your face and put some on other people. Tell everyone it’s her birthday and get all the kids you see her with (each different cluster) singing a raucous “Happy Birthday” to her. Plan in advance for some kind of fun, celebratory group activity during the weekend, and hand out flyers at school inviting her friends - or post some of them publicly and make it an open invitation to everyone.

Answer #7

Hahaha i did that once, i just woke up a little bit before school & told my mom my belly hurts really bad & make like moaning noises & have a pain expression of your face, it worked for me but thats jut because my mom i easy to convince. Idk try it.

Answer #8

Make yourself throw up thats what I do

Answer #9


Answer #10

Haha genius

Answer #11

On the first day of school you really don’t do anything besides listen to the teachers haha it should go by fast just tell her to go… Then she can celibrate her bday on a weekend?

Answer #12

just keep an onion in your armpit for some minutes,it will increase your body temperature and it will look like that you have fever.

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