Is it a bad idea to not go to college?

Answer #1

my opinion? Yes.

Answer #2

no, i am not going to college. there are other things to do besides college, i am going to a trade school because i want to learn construction. service careers like beautician and culinary or technicians like mechanics or solar powering do not require college educations and they are the most required jobs, even medical field jobs like utra sound or physical therapist do not require college

Answer #3

Depends on your reasons to not go.

Answer #4

Not if there’s something else you’re going to be more passionate about. An education is important, but after high school, if you don’t have the motivation to complete it, it will be very hard to make yourself do it.

Answer #5

I don’t think so. Some people never go to college but can manage a business all on their own, and a family. It all depends where you go from high school kid to someone living comfortably with a job.

Answer #6

I think it is. If you have a career that does not involve college like singing/actin/etc. you should still go just to have a back up plan. College is beginning to be really important for any job.

Answer #7

I think so. College is totally different from high school and will help you out in the long run to getting a better job.

Answer #8

Honestly in todays time and age an education is extremely important. Unless you go to a trade school I think college is necessary in order to live comfortably rather then paycheck to paycheck. Sure some people don’t go to college and can make it, but with the economy how it is thats very hard to do. At my university there are a LOT of middle aged people who went back to school because they couldn’t get work.

Answer #9

Depends what you want to do when you leave school. There are a lot of jobs you don’t need college degrees for.

Answer #10

This purely depends on who you want to be in the future. Do you see yourself getting a specific degree and work in an Abercombie store or to actually work a degree specific job?

I’ve met people at work who have engineering degrees and Bachelor’s in other fields, yet they work in a giant medical warehouse. I’ve also met people who barely even have an Associate’s degree who landed themselves a job in programming or other tech jobs making $20+/hr.

We can give you our opinions on what to do, but at the end of the day, it’s your choice to decide your own future path. I’d suggest at least getting a 2-year degree and see where that takes you. You’re never too old for school anyway so you can always go back to get another degree, provided you have the time and money.

Answer #11

From my own point of view..I never went to college after leaving school although I had intended to. My aim was work a summer job then go and do A levels or similar level vocation courses. So I attained an junior office role, but before it was due to finish I was offered a full time role in a much better position. It was a great opportuntiy to really develope myself, and the salary for my age was really good, I was 16 and earning much more than the minimum wage for 21 year olds and over. Although I was eventually made redundant, the skills I gained were hugely important for me. Without them I don’t think I would have got the job I have now. After working a couple jobs which didn’t motivate me, I’ve just recently started as an Employment Consultant, the salary is good and the prospects to progress are very high.

Over the next few months I hope to be given my own client opportunties anmd develope relationships with some large companies in their recruitment processes, and then there’s the chance of management progression.

Considering I don’t think I would have gone to university after college as I just don’t have that sort of academic motivation, then I have to consider, has not going to college hampered my career choices and progression? and for I want in a career, the answer is no. I’m doing what I want to do. I still have the option of taking evening business classes alongside working, so I don’t believe my choice not to go has held me back in anyway. In our regional branches I’m told I’m the youngest person in my type of role, so I’m doing something right.

I’m highly motivated and determined as far as working goes.

Answer #12

I might also add that a lot could depend on the country you reside in. In the UK we leave school at 16, and our college and university education system is obviously different to somewhere such as the USA.

Answer #13

lol hold up girl physical therapy does require a degree :O and its 3 years -- unless the US can afford a lawsuit from every stroke patient, post-OP patients, orthopedic patients and basically every other patient who has broken/torn/hurt their body in some form they would not allow an untrained person to handle such intricate work…. In short if the Physio guy fu­cks up his patient will most likely never recover or get worse --

Answer #14

depends what type of physical therapy. my aunty does massage therapy for accident victims at a rehabilitation center and she never stepped foot into a college/university

Answer #15

Potentially. A bachelors degree is becoming the minimum requirement for many jobs. In my field, a bachelors is not enough. If you can get into the area you want to without a degree, thats great, but the job market at the moment is not exactly the best, so becoming more qualified should help your chances.

Answer #16

Massage therapy is not the same as physiotherapy, which absolutely requires a university degree. Also, Im pretty sure you need a degree for sonography now too - either a medical imaging degree, or a science degree to gain entry into a training programme

Answer #17

My dad grew up poor and got a job when he was 12 in a factory. Except 5 years in the Army he worked at the same plant until he retired. He barely finished high school but worked hard and built a nice house in the country that he paid off before turning 30 and while he was frugal his 3 kids never did without anything we needed. It is virtually impossible to do what my dad now; have a good life and raise a family without college. I do know a few people who pull down 6 figure salaries without a college degree but they are the exception rather than a rule. Now it much more difficult to even keep your head above water let alone get ahead without a college degree. College is expensive and hard and no guaranty of personal or professional success but lack of college is almost a guaranty of a meager existence. I’m not a fan of someone going to college just to go to college; if there isn’t anything you want to study now chances are you would just spin your wheels in college. If you have a strong interest in something you can study in college than you should try to find a way to go. If you are unsure than you can always take a few classes at community college to see if college is right for you. Even if you don’t end up getting a degree most people benefit from a few college courses.

Answer #18

Very good answer Mr filletofspam…should be tops.

Answer #19

danielle i did not say massage therapy was physiotherapy/mental therapy, i said it was physical/body therapy and it is. also my cousin went to school for and works in ultra sound so i know for sure it does not require any college degrees

Answer #20

I know people who got into sonography without a degree, but things are changing. I know people with masters degrees taking specialised courses in sonography (a course which REQUIRED them to have a postgraduate degree) because they CANT just get a job in medical imaging. Jobs where you may once not have needed a degree are becoming much more rare. I have a masters degree in science and I am still having difficulty finding employment for when my current contract ends. My point is, the minimum qualifications are getting higher and higher. My main reason for studying for my PhD is because it seems to me that it wont be long before that is the minimum requirement for my chosen field

Answer #21

its only common sense to know that it is a bad idea.

Answer #22

I think it totally depends on your circumstances and your family condition.But according to me college life is the golden period of your life which you have to live it. [different kinds of polygons=]

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