Can you lose weight on the "ice diet" ?

So I’ve heard that there Is a diet called an ice diet. Where you drink ice cold water all the time, and for when you get hungry, you eat like a block of ice. And that If you keep this up, It helps to loose a few pounds. Is this true?

Answer #1

Most diets that recommend drinking ice water are based on the idea that your body has to burn a lot of calories to warm the water to body temperature.

You may remember in science class that it takes 1 calorie of energy to raise 1 gm/cc/ml of water 1 degree Celesius.

Ice water is 0C and your body temperature is 37C. There are 1,000 gm/cc/ml of water in a liter. It looks like drinking a liter of ice water would burn a whopping 37,000 calories! If this is true everyone could simply drink themselves thin.

The problem is what a physisicist calls a calorie and what a dietician calls a calorie are different things. In diet a calorie is actually 1,000 of the physicists’s calories. Often the large calorie is abreviated with a capital C and the small calorie is abreviated with a small c. To avoid ambiguity many people use the abreviation kcal for dietetic calories.

Drinking a liter of ice water burns 37 calories rather than 37,000. You would have to drink a swimming pool full of ice water to loose much weight.

I’ve done the master cleanser fast that ana_antidrug mentions. I don’t really believe the theory behind it but it does seem to be an easy way to loose a lot of weight quickly. Fasting isn’t usually a good way to maintain weight though. When you start eating again you usually gain back all the weight you lost fasting. Also, fasting is very stressful so if you have any medical condition don’t try this without medical consultation.

Answer #2

Just drink a lot of water, PLUS eat right and exercise. Seriously, drinking water all the time really does help you, but you still need food. The people that said this was helpful also mentioned it’s what ANOREXICS do, and that isn’t helpful for anyone.

I drink water all the time and carry a bottle around with me, plus exercise and eat good. It emphasizes your weight loss, helps it a little.

Answer #3

I’m not sure, this doesnt sound very good but if youre trying to lose weight fast try the “master cleanse”

The diet has a book with how to do it and stuff, it also has a website.

Answer #4

I’ll share my experience, but first let me say, I am not only drinking ice water!

I started drinking ice water throughout my day about a year ago. I have a sports bottle which is 32 oz. and I drink about 5-6 of those while I’m at work. I do eat a good breakfast, eat a simple lunch and have no dinner (occasionally I’ll have a cup of yogurt or a piece of fruit). I only walk four (4) miles on the treadmill per week (2 on Tues. and 2 on Thurs.). I have lost a total of 52 lbs. since last January and I attribute it to the water consumption. I’m really thrilled since I’m still able to eat and am not living in the gym! This method has worked for me, but you should check with your dr. prior to doing this. I told mine and she said it was fine but did ask me to up the miles on the treadmill.

Answer #5

Oh jeez…

Sounds INCREDIBLY healthy, huh? I mean, that ice must be full of vitamins and minerals, and other essential things your body needs. You can’t live off a “diet” like that, and it obviously won’t have lasting results. You know, it IS possible to over-hydrate yourself.

If you want real results, just do it the right way.. eat right and exercise. God forbid people actually move around once in a while.

Answer #6

I don’t understand how if someone could be so motivated to go on the “ice diet” and eat nothing at all but ice, they couldn’t just cut back a little on their food intake or eat healthier and maybe gasp work out a little and probably get better results that way too! That seems way easier than torturing yourself and eating nothing but ice… which is really just more water! I doubt the “ice diet” would do anything good for you… just do it the healthy way and eat less and exercise!

Answer #7

yes I used it and became anorexic but its not recomended

Answer #8

not exactly a diet, more low grade starvation

Answer #9

yh you will loose loads of weight but after the diet you will put the weight back on

Answer #10

…what? Get UP to change the channel???

But I know the remote’s around here somewhere…

Answer #11

yes it is supposed to work but take vitiamans to get all the nutrients you need so you dont wear down your body

Answer #12

yes a water/ice only will make you lose weight. 0 calories, so of course it will. damn I couldn’t have ice in this cold weather!

Answer #13

Dont do that its not healthy your body wont get all the stuff it needs if your just eat ice.

Answer #14

you might get weak only drinking ice water. your body wont get all it needs.

Answer #15

yes you can. its a favoured trick used by anorexics

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