I whant bigger breasts

im 18 and whant bigger breast , im a 34b cup and whant to grow in a 36 c cup but howw??

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Big boobs aren't all they're cracked up to be - trust me. I'm turning 18 soon and am already a 36C and mine aren't done growing yet *they usually don't stop growing until your in your 20s*. Big boobs run in my family so yay for me lol.
My body frame isn't cut out for big boobs though, I'm short and thin so they REALLY stand out. They tend to get people's attention too *some people you'd rather not have looking at your boobs either lol*. And if your boobs are really big, you can actually have back problems from them, especially if your not that big of a person.

If I were you, I'd be happy with what I have. Look on the bright side, at least your a 34B and not an A cup or completely flat chested :)

But if your truly unhappy, I'd say get implants, stuff your bra, wear padded and/or push up bras, etc...
Also getting pregnant makes your boobs bigger... but I don't suggest going out and getting pregnant just so you can have bigger boobs.

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your a good size im 13 and I wear a 34b :)

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oh trust me I wish I had your size! youre perfect! im a 32A ugh.
so you should be happy with what you have, lots of people are completely flat

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you dont need bigger boobs I am 13 years old and almaost a 34c and there stil growing

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You Don't Need Bigger Breasts, It's A Waste Of Time Trying.

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boobs are made of fat so I guess you can try to gain some weight.. you can also get a paded or push up bra, this won't change your size but it mite make you look bigger.. if your that unhappy theres implants but I dont suggest that but then again its your body so its your choice

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eat more bread and greens.

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I've heared drinking milk (not low in fat) helps... but why want bigger breast? because honest to god... you should just love yourself the way you are... and big breast are NO fun... trust me... I'm a 34D and WISH I had smaller boobs... hey if it were possible...I'd give you some of mine! lmao jk... but yeaaa I don't like it cause I always find myself needing a bigger size when I shop for clothes... just cause it dosen't fit my chest!! plus when you wear low cut/tanks... it's the worst when you show too much cleaveage... and people start talking crap... honestly... your size is perfect :)

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dont get bigger breast most of the guys I know already thing that is a bit big so you should leave them how they are

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