I want my ex back but he has a new girlfriend

Ok before you start to judge me you have to know everything that happened first. My ex and I dated for 8 months and at the beginning everything started off great. but towards the end of the school year everything went down hill. His grandmother started to say things life “Oh I cant wait to see you two married” and crap. then my dad (stepdad) was no help either because he never really like my ex. My biological father just started to come back into my life and made it a living hell at first. I caught my ex kissing his ex, he later confesed to me that he was going to cheat on me with another girl. And a few other things happend which I cant write. I was so broken hearted and also with a bunch of other things that was going on I just couldnt handel it.I started the new school year and I tried everything possible to see if he had any feelings towards me but I didnt get anything.(Note: later that year he told me that he did send my signals to show that he still loved me.) So I thought he had gotten over me so I tried to move on too. So I hucked up with another guy which was a nightmare and I broke it off several times. the first time I broke it off the first one I called was my ex to tell him the great news. but when I called he told me he had news too. so I told himto go first and he said that he had a girlfriend…for a secnd my heart stopped. With tears falling off my face I said oh wow im happy for you and hung up. I was then back with the other guy and finally I couldnt take it anymore so I broke up with him in feb. I was till in love with my ex and I was still talking to him. Finally we spoke for a very long time (till 3 in the morning) and we spoke about us and let out everything. In a way I got the feeling that he still loves me. and I let him know that I still loved him. but he doesnt want to hurt his girlfriend…I know we still have love for each other… but it seams like there is once again another obstical in our way that wont let us be happy. what should I do..I still love him…

Answer #1

ok well I dont know if this is going to help any but here it goes…my ex was the first guy I’ve ever loved we loved each other to the fullest and we did everything together. my mom didnt like him but she didnt say anything because I loved him…one day he cheated on me which hurt a lot when I found out…I gave him 3 or4 more chances and each time he hurt me… I finally broke up with him and he moved to florida…we got back together a little after that but we couldnt make it work because he kept on cheating…this past october I moved out on my own and met this new guy who I am with rigt now …well back in november my ex came back and tried to get back with me but I could no longer trust him but I still loved him and I told him that…the guy am with now understands my hurts and helps me when I am down and I get scared that he is going to cheat me like my ex did…I am expecting a baby now and plan to get married soon. I dont think you ever stop loving the ex but the pain does go away eventually…it took about a year for me to stop hurting and truly I am not completely healed..but I have someone who does love me..so my advice is find someone else wo will love you and is willing to make some sacrifices for you. I know this is not what you want to hear but it has helped me…the hurt will one day pass and maybe you and youor ex will be together again but dont obsess over it because then you will just hurt more

hope this helps a tiny bit…write back if ya want

Answer #2

first of all I think you should talk to him, straight out just ask him if he still has feelings for you. if its a yes then try and get together eventually if its meant to be nothing should be in your way. But if its a no then you have to move on it may be hard but over time a broken heart does heal. if you choose to get over him you should:

  • stay away from sad love films or songs
  • stay away from anything that reminds you of him
  • avoid seeing him as much as possible, because out of sight = out of mind
  • try and go out as much as possible and have fun, stop you thinking about him
  • try new things meet new people
  • make a list of all the bad things you dont like about him or the bad things hes done to you, and the next time you see him instead of thinking of the memories think of what was on that list
  • whenever you find yourself dreaming of him, think of something or someone that makes you smile eventually you wont think about him

hope this all helps xxx

Answer #3

To miasmama88, I swear you and me are experiencing the same exact dilemma. Me and my ex/baby’s dad broke up a month ago and he has a new girlfriend now but Im not over him yet. If he really loves you, then you’ll know it. I’m also going to go to court for custody and stuff but I really still love him. Its just something that has to be done. I wouldn;t say wait for him because he could potentially hurt you again but try and stay occupied. I know you love him and want to b a family but maybe he just needs to grow a little more. Sleeping together is kind of a no-no tho. It creates more problems for you both. I hope this helps.

Answer #4

im going threw tha same thing me and my ex was 2gether 4 3 years and we broke up its been a 1 year since I seen or talk to him I really really miss him he supposed to have a girlfriend im not sure what do I do I want to be with him nobody else I just been living my life and do me but I relapse all tha time ang get sad I just want to talk to him

Answer #5

Pray and keep praying. A girl I know lost her childhood love. He moved away and dated another girl for 5 years, he even lived with her. The childhood love and the guy kept in contact on a friendly level. Him and the new girl broke up and moved out, then him and the childhood sweetheart started dating again about a year after the break up. They moved out of the country together to work and soon I’ll be going to their wedding. Yeah thats right he proposed to her. Make sure it’s what you really want those, cause once you have it you have it. If you want it to be focus on it in a positive manner, nothing mean, negative or obsessed only positivity and not just for you but for him and her as well. Who knows what will happen after that. Your prayers may just get answered but it depends on how badly you want it and how much positive energy you put out there. Some things take longer to get than others the girl waited about 6 years. Can you, will you wait that long or longer?

Make sure you know you and that you love yourself. Make sure you know what you deserve for your own happiness and peace of mind without him in your life cause once you have him he’s yours and you have to live with the consequences. People won’t feel sorry for you after you get him back and he f’s up again they’ll just pity you and pray for the happiness of the children.

Answer #6

I’m going through the same thing, I was with my ex and also the father of my child for a year ..well we recently broke up and he got a new girlfriend, well we recently started sleeping together…and he keeps telling me how he misses me and still loves me, but we are going to court for custody…what do I do ?? move on..or just wait for him??

Answer #7

Miamama you sound like a woman with self esteem issues,To sleep with your Ex knowing he has a new girlfriend?If your ex loved you he would of stayed but instead he moved on to someonelse.Now its time that you do the same,Have you ever thought that he might just be using you for sex?Because I assume you don’t have a signicficant other..in that case why doesn’t he leave his new girlfriend for you?because his feelings for you aren’t as strong as they used to be.You’ll be better off if you take time to get over him and move on to someone better,because its not like hes single and trying to decided between you and someonelse by having a new girlfriend he has already made his choice and actions speak louder than words.You and his new girlfriends deserve better.

Answer #8

correction You dont have a “Significant other “so it should of been easier for him to make up his mind if he really loved you,You and his new girlfriend deserve better.

Answer #9

If you both truly loved one another NOTHING would stand in your way. He has a girlfriend he obviously likes, that should be enough for you to move on. Actions ALWAYS speak louder than words…If he still loved you…he would be with YOU!

Answer #10

If he is for you there is nothing that will stop it. Just stand by him eventually he will realise who been there all the time. Me and my ex had been together for over a year. It was a long distance, we are both at universities in different countries. We broke up only last month; he said his love was fizzling. We are still really close keeping in contact almost everyday and I am still MADLY IN LOVE WITH HIM. Only a wk ago he said that he was growing close to another girl but he couldn’t because I’m always on his mind. Everyday I pray that we get back together. I have relapse everynight when I put my head down to sleep. It is extremely painful. But I have never met anyone in my life like him. I don’t know if to move on cause he obviously have, I dont know if to just live my life and still have faith. I just dont know what to do. All I know is that what im feeling for him isnt normal at all and I can’t get him off my mind no matter how much I go out or occupy myself.

Answer #11

Well I can tell you that my x and I broke up because he claimed he was in love with someone else and he broke up with her and meet another chick dated her some months then broke up with her b-c we were talkiing and he said he honestly still loved me he just wanted to be single for a while , but he was actually dating someone1 else lol. let it be known that I’ve stuck by him threw it all and he realized it , so were together and very much In love

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