How can I convince my parents to let me get a puppy?

I really do want a puppy, my parents recently bought a home , and its nice and pretty spacey, so I was wondering if I could have a dog. I researched everything there is to do about dogs, and I asked my parents if I could have one. Of’ course they said no, because its to expensive to own a puppy they told me. Due the shots and what not. I became furious, and the matter was never talked about again. But the desire to own a puppy hasn’t left me, and I was wondering if anyone has any advice on how to convince my parents to let me own one =].

Answer #1

Hi there! Well I tried everything what you’ve told me to do if I really wanted to have a puppy, but my parents still said no. I don’t know what to do so please help me! Thanks.

Answer #2

well you can show them a demonstration of how well you will take care of the puppy you want. and you can do chores without being asked. and drop little tiny hint very suddle they make a huge impretion :)

Answer #3

Hi, I am 13 and I also want a puppy. My parents say I cant have one, because we dont have enough money, and that I wont take care of it. I am still in the begging stage. The first thing you do is ask, and ask, and ask, beg and bring it up everyday. They will say no. Then you have to pick one parent, the easiest one to persuade, and talk to them about what it means to you. Do your homework, research the breed and all that goes into having one, make pro and con lists or even set up a powerpoint and give it to that parent. When the one parent sees your point they will start to talk to your other parent. While they are talking clean your room, and baby proof it showing how much you will do to the future new member of the family. Look up “dog breeders of in “ and show your parents, NEVER get a puppy from a pet store, BAD IDEA. They say that the animal is healthy and well but it usually isnt! When they are still considering it ask a friend, neighbor, of family member if you can take care of their animal while they are out of town, or at another friends house, show you are responsible. If they poop, clean it up, feed them, give them water and bathe them, play with them and put them to sleep. If they are not potty trained, which may be better, so you can show your parents you can do it, take the animal out once or twice an hour and put potty pads in their kennel at night. Wake up early to take him out and reward them if they dont pee or poop on the floor, but wait until the next day!
Once your parents see that you are ready for an animal, print up a schedule that you will follow everyday displaying time for homework, and school, but also walking, bathing, and taking the animal out. Decide one last time the breed you want, gender, and name. Print out pictures of the animal and accessories. Once they are about to crack sit down with them and tell them everything you know about the puppy you want including the name you will give him or her and also if you want a him or a her. Discuss vacation plans and family members that will keep the dog, also if you have another dog, discuss about their relationship, if they hate each other that might not work out. After all this, and they still dont know start to cry, if you can, and be upset for a few days. When they walk in the room be looking at pictures of animals and still be researching breeders. After 2-3 days of that and you finally found a suitable breeder in you area, sit your parents down and give them the name of the breeder, their address and phone number, tell them to atleast talk to the person. If they talk to the breeder and think the persons nice discuss about going to see their house and the animals that are there. Once you see that puppy you will know that you have to have it, you will have a feeling, a feeling that tells you that, that is the animal for you. Pick it up and give it to your soft-est parent. Once they see those big eyes they will know too. That one parent can persuade the other, you dont have to, this moment is yours! hold the puppy close to you and see if it likes you too. Im sure it will, that day you will walk away with a puppy of your own! my friend has a yorkie and she gave me these rules if it worked for her why not us?

Answer #4

Ok. Well for some reason I can’t seem to ask my OWN question, somewhat like this but a lot more to it.. and a lot of other concerns.. Im 13 and going through the same thing! My yorkie recently passed away, and I’ve always been intrested in the breed “border collie” I know there very energetic but im willing to take care of it! My parents just need to understand that part.. My mom says “maybe”. But I want to impress her enough to make that a bold, definent yes! I’ve already started by cleaning around the house and then asked my mom about a puppy, and she said “ I can tell you this, your definently working your way there”. Then I asked her if I could get a job to pay for it, Well and she said “You, don’t have to pay for it, because we will.. we are the parents NOT you, we pay for everything, you just need to take care of the puppy” but I thought my mom would like for me to help her pay for vet bills, puppy food, toys, bed, and accessories.. I guess not she wants me to focus on taking care of it I guess.. but I can’t prove to her that I can take care of it because well obviously I don’t have a dog.. I did take care of my other dog.. And I think I did a really good job at it… My mom is willing to talk to some breeders when we move and get settled into our house.. (: And she’s also willing to go to the breeders’ houses’ and interact with their puppies (if they have any) and with their adults.. Which is very exciting for me! Please help if you can!!

Answer #5

If you are 19 and in college and working a full time job, why are you in a situation you have to ask your parents if you can have a puppy?

Answer #6

ok. here is what you should do. get a good high paying job that suits your schedule. then your parents will see that you are old enough and responsible enough to own a puppy. hope this helps you. :-] <:) i <3 puppies. :)

Answer #7

well I have 4 dogs and a hamster but the dogs aren’t real mine there my mams boyfriends mostely so I really want my own puppy but my mam wouldn’t let me,all of my friends are allowed do things like get persings,babysit and have there own puppy I have a hamster but I still want a puppy im good with I think you sould be really good,not cause your’e parents any trouble,help them and show them that your;e responsibele then ask and be pasintand don’t rush them for an answer but let them know you still want one,thats how I got my hamster,but only do it if you’re sure you want it and won’t just get bored ,u have to think of the puppy to and remember a puppy is for life and it wouldn’t be a puppy forever oh,annd be carful we had a puppy a few years ago he chewed on a whire when we were out and got elesarcuted and died,it brow my heart so think about it before you deside and good luck,hope I helped!!!

Answer #8

maybe you should consider what is holding you back from getting a puppy… try havving a conversation with both sides, assuring you’ll take care of all your parents concerns. (If you really will) Also, don’t get all mad or complain or yell at them, reinforce the positive characteristics in the situation, and keep mentioning how you will always do your part in taking care of the puppy. NEVER purchase a puppy from a pet store, news ad., internet,ect… this could mean you’re supporting PUPPY MILLS! (See:

Answer #9

show them how responsible you are first by doing good acedemically and helping out for at least two months with chores that you dont necesserily have to do or haven’t been told and then see what they think.

Answer #10

Show your parent that you are responsible and that you are going to take care of it

Answer #11

I realy want a dog or a puppy but my mum and dad wont let me they just think of all the bad things like how expensive they are or taking it for walks, bathing it,and picking up its mess. they want a dog as well but they just think of the bad reasons and talk them selves out of it. and I really really really want a dog and seen as I havnt got any brothers or sisters I need some 1 2 b with

Answer #12

well, one of my pets just died and im really sad about it, I really want a dog, do you think that this would be a good time to ask or not? it was my pet though, im 14 and it was a stick insect, my mum knows how upset I was, I want a bulldog, there not that big and I know that you need to clean under their skin every so often, I really need help :/ I’ve said oh ill do the washing, sort the clean washing out, put it out on the washing line, walk it all the time, buy all its stuff with money, try get a job, some of them stuff I havnt said, but since I’ve only turned 14 2 months ago, I think I can get a job? I soo want a bulldogg! any help? to convince them?

Answer #13

HELP ! I just turned 12 a few weeks ago and I have been asking for a dog/ puppy since I was little and they said maybe and then they came back and told me no! I was so depressed every time I asked I would start crying my eyes out and I truly would do every thing I am suppose to with one I do research on different breeds and every thin I have all a s and one b and it is not liw23ke our house is to small and we have a hudge yard ! I am running out of Ideas PLEASE HELP ME !

Answer #14

I’m 14, and trying to convince my parents. It’s hard though, because I want a Puggle, my mom and my sister want a French Mastiff, my brother wants a St. Bernard, and my dad doesn’t want any dog. Anyone have advice for my situation?

Answer #15

Make it your annual Birthday/Christmas wish………Good luck !!

Answer #16

Look, I have had my heart broken over a puppy. Im 14 years old and when I was about 10 my dream came true.. or atleast I thought it did. It was xmas and I had opened all of my presents. My mum and dad told me that they had one more suprise for me. I thought it wud of been a mobile or something but instead my dad came in holding a small white little puppy. I burst in tears and couldnt stop cryin all week. But when my puppy started to settle in, he started to rip all of our furniture, poo and wee every where, my mum and dad had to work, I had school, and my puppy was getting less attension. He ripped his bed to shreds.. lol, and every puppy will do that, and if you wanted a staff or a labrodor or sumthin that will grow into a strong dog, then your luck will get worse as it will be much stronger, but thankfully my pup was small and was one that stayed small. As we used to have quite a small garden, my pup was getting depressed. My parents told me they decided to give him to their friend who lived in Ireland!! (Im from England) I was devistated, and my mum and dad didnt do it out of spite. They done it because they new my pup wasnt getting attension and being cared for enough. So I wud suggest to think about the future, and not make your pup suffer. A puppy needs a lot of caring. They need walking atleast twice a day, once in the morning, and once in the evenin, feeding but not over feeding, playing, washing. And this will get boring. A good suggestion wud actually be to go out and find a small saturday job looking after dogs, or asking your friends to walk their dogs or something like that. Because trust me, a dog gets borin! the first week or two will be full of fun.. but then the hardwork comes

So make sure you read this! :D x

|^^^ |^^^ |^^^| |^^^ | ^ | | | | ^ | ^ | | | | ^ | ^ |^^^ |^^^| | ^ | ^ | | | | ^ | ^ | | | | ^ | ^ |^^^ | | | ^ ^

Answer #17

I am 13 and I am trying to convince my parents to get me a dog. At first they were afraid about shedding, but we covered that. Then, my dad asked for a list of hypoallergenic dogs the night after I told him I was researching how to care for dogs. Yesterday when I gave it to him, he was pleased to see that I have highlighted easy-to-care dogs, and gave pictures of them. Now, I dont know where to go from here! Today we haven’t touched on the subject, and I want to bring it up without getting yelled at. What else can I do to convince them to get me a dog? Thanks sooo much!

Answer #18

Hi I am 11 years old and I would love a dog expecially a british bulldog. My dad had promise me that he would get me a dog 4 CHRISTMAS but guess what he didnt of course! And now he is saying that he might get me a dog on Feb 25th but he probably wont GOSH! please GUYZ HELP ME WITH THIS SITUATION!

Answer #19

Hi im 11 years old and I really want a puppy my Dad said he would get my one 4 CHRISTMAS but he didnt and now he said he might get my one on Feb 25th but everyday he tells me you aint getting a dog please HELP ME!

Answer #20

hi I’m 10=P,I want a puppy sooo bad but my dad(and mom)dont let:(.mabye we both should try like helping people out and mabye if you have other pets you could like take care of them.and mabye not to get the house dirty or at least clean up after yourselfe.and I would help your brother(s)or sister(s) if you have gonna try doing this. I hope this helped =)

Answer #21

Hi im 11 years old and I would love to have a little puppy but my DAD just wont let me 4 some reason? I even said id pay for the dog I want I’ve got $ 700 saved up for a dog. And my dad said that he would buy me one for CHRISTMAS and guess what I was dissapointed when there was no puppy now he is saying that he might get me one on Feb 25th but everyday he says to me you aint getting a dog! AHHH WATS HIS PROBLEM! please GUYZ HELP ME!

Answer #22

Im almost 19 years, in college and working a full tie job and my parents still wont let me adopt a puppy. Whats wrong with this situation?

Answer #23

How old are you? Despite the fact that you are copy & pasting some of my previous advice work and imprinting the same text as your own on other peoples questions (Maybe I’ll take that as a compliment, maybe you need a mentor)…. I’ll help you as best as I can.

Do you have a job? If you do, make sure you can prove to them you will be responsible. Start by taking out the trash, doing dishes, helping them around the house… Show them you don’t have to be told, this way you know they can trust you, then know they can trust you…

Also, it is a NEW HOUSE! Maybe let it wait a little bit & be patient… Let your parents make the first spill on the carpet ;) then ask for a puppy! Because Puppies pee!

Answer #24

ok, im 13 right now and when I was 3 I started to want a puppy, but ofcourse when I was too young. when I was 5 I wrote a 3 page essay on what I would do if I had a puppy. I think this is what really hit my parents because right before my 6th birthday, I walked into my house to find a pound dog! also the fact that it was a rescued dog that was going to be put to sleep helped. sadly last year we had to put her down to sleep because she had cancer..and right now I am begging for a Yorkie…good luck!

Answer #25

If your parents don’t think they are in the right financial place to own a dog maybe they’re right on this occasion.

Dogs require a lot of care, attention and finanical responsibility, if they can’t afford and you can’t either its not fair on the animal.

Sometimes certain things are best left until you are in a more suitable position.

Answer #26

maybe your could ask they if you could be a foster parent for animals they will be keep in the pet store

Answer #27

if you google cheap puppies in your area you can find some cheap dogs ang you can get a part time job to pay for the puppy and it there is some thing your mom and dad have been wanting you to do you can promise to do it if they will let you get a puppy

Answer #28

That first answer was the most stupidest answer ever! honstley if its pissing and shitting everywhere then you have to train it. If your parents say no cause the dog is really expensive then get a low mantince dog that only needs its anual shots. Cause they all do. And if your going to say ooh I’ll take care of it YOU HAVE TO. or you’ll never get another pet out of them agian in your life. If your out all the time then I’d reccomend just getting a small pom. And thats because there more of a person dog not a dog dog.

Answer #29

well we just got a puppy and it is our family’s dog. I want one for myself. but my parents wont let me. I know it will chew a lot because of having 3 previos dogs, not including the one I have now. it will pee and poop if you dont let it outside to go to the bathroom. if you have a dog now and want a new one, take the responsibilities of it to convince your parents that you are responsible enough to get one of your own. dont go overboard and beg them because theyll say no. I tried. I even wrote a speech and they still said no. so tell them how much you want one and how much you deserve one. if you dont have the time to take care of it, either get a bunch of toys or two dogs to entertain eachother when you arent home or when you are at school.

Answer #30

say well . I will take respnabitly for everything . and I will do all the dirty work that comes with having a puppy, I will do some chores around the house to save money for my pup. and dont cry or have a hissy fit over it and act mature about the situation. and just ask them to think about it, and mabye they will break down and say we will try a puppy,

Answer #31

Wait till your parents are in a good mood and them make your case

Answer #32

Make a deal with them. Usually, i do it with my sister and we solve many of our problems through it.

I’ll say, “ Sis, do this for me and i will do that for you”.

There should be something that you can think of. :)

Answer #33

Im trying to get one too. And I cant figure out how to get one. My parents say that the way to get a puppy is to first take care of what you have already and your house and pool (if you have one) and if they see an improvement then they MIGHT give you one. Thats what my parents tell me.

Answer #34

I want a puppy I had one in south africa but only had it for a year then I moved to hong kong now we live on the 2nd floor and my dad says I cant have one because it is unfair for the dog, I only want a small dog I am responsible and I just dont know what to do I am only 11 can you please help!!!

Answer #35

hi, well im trying to get a puppy. lucky for my my dads girlfriend has a chihuaua… so the little dog stella is in my lap and im petting her and remeindeing them to feed her and give her water but my dad is saying “you dont need a dog you have stella” and I say I want a pet to call my own, and to teach and walk. I have a dog with my mom so he kays I already have one… witch I KNOW. sooo I said I want one at yor house and now he is kinda giving in but a need a little advidse to knock down the rest of the wall! please help me!!!

Answer #36

Well I am not sure if this will work, but try thinking of why your parents do not want you to have a puppy. Whether it includes picking up after it (poop), responsibility of shots, walks, etc. Sit down with them and explain exactly what your responsibilies will be and how you will follow through with your proceedures. I am not sure the exact age you are, but if you are around 15 try picking up a job to pay for the shots. It may not be enough money, but at least it will pay off some of the cost. If you are in school, try to lift your grades to a perfect or somewhat perfect standard. This will show them that you are truely responsible for your own responsibilities and that you can carry the responsibilities of the puppy as well. But please remember, puppies are not some kind of toy. They require time, love, and a clean healthy enviroment. Once you get one, there is no turning back. You cannot just give it away or leave it on the side of the road. Yes, your house may smell different at the end, and you will get mad because your new puppy just peed on your homework or computer, but then you will have to remember that you chose to do this. I’m not sure if this made any sense because I am very tired right now, but I’m sure that I made my point…or at least i think so…

Answer #37

you could do a slide show saying what you are going to do like play with it and pick up after it. You could also say “ if your parents notic you get bored of it then they can give it away” im sure that it will work. also try getting a job and wait till you have about £300 in £5 notes so it looks more and say “mum il pay for everything please can I have a dog?” just keep your fingers crossed and hope. but I seriosly think you should do what I recomended as im sure it will work. Pleasure helping you.

Answer #38

tell them you will take good care of your dog or make a deal with them but make sure its a deal you can pull off cause if you cant pull it off then you will probably end up sad but just beg them about it and make sure before you beg them completly you need to make sure that they see your responsibillity and it might work!:)

Answer #39

I know im 13 and trying to convince my parents to get one to..I babysit my cousins puppy and my parents are saying maybe now:)

Answer #40

im 10 I’ve got tropical fish one hamster and one dog whos 10… I want my own dog but my parents say we are not having another dog whilst we have got bunty (our family dog) I tried looking at it as a positive for them so I say if we got a girl it could have puppies and we could sell them for money and I would give the money to you as a thankyou for letting me get it.. and if I trained it we could enter it in competitions to earn money aswell.. but they came back as he same thing not when buntys around and its realy annoying because I realy want my own dog because id love to train it breed it and stuff and plus they are so friendly and cute please help

Answer #41

Hi I am 13 years old and I want a puppy, but my parent wont let me they say I can’t take care of it and it will pee around the house and you have to take a lot of care. my parents work and me and my sis go to school. so they say we don’t have time.

please help me.

Answer #42

Well if it’s a new house you should make sure your parents and yourself are settled in at least!

Answer #43

brainstorm all the good things of getting a puppy and convince your parents that you’re responsible enough for one. a good way to start would be to raise some of the money you need for that puppy. If they still say no than you might have to wait until you move out.

Answer #44

well I am in the same postition but my parents said if I keep my grades up and be responsible aroung the house after a year then they said the might give me one so try that.BUT DO NOT nag them are beg becuase they will deffinatly say no!

Answer #45

Well my parents said they will think about it and then said no. Pretend it didn’t happen and keep on talking about it. Say you will stop if you get a puppy. The’ll come around some day. Trust me

Answer #46

I really want a puppy im 15 years old my parent are divorced and I really want a dog. 1 problem I live with my mom and any chance she gets shed kill a dog. Any advice 4 a depressed teen contact me at ldmahoney@ comcast. Net

Answer #47

1.ask them nicely when they say no hold your head up hi and say ok 2.acted more responsable no yelling saying no 3.ask again again?cry a little just a little 5.say all your friends have dogs and are in a club called puppyluv

                  now you have a puppy
Answer #48

show them that how much you would care for it. Say things that they really love and that would help your parents in life. Or, just save up your money to buy one or just be very paitent.

Answer #49

i really want a dog but my mum doesnt like them and will only get me a chihuahua i hate chihuahuas and really want a border collie, a akita or a Siberian husky as you see i like big dogs i have researched dogs online and have found some lovely ones but have settled for the smallest collie i want but mum still wont get any other dog than a chihuahua. i have said i will do double chores that means cooking dinner twice a week washing up four times a week hoovering every day and polishing every day. although i have got a cat and a hamster my cat goes outside at eight in the morning and comes back bout ten in the night and my hamster doesnt even wake up night or day! plus i am homes schooled so i am at home all day only go out shopping for an hour. i also said that i would do everything for it.but mum still said NO! its like i have this thing for dogs i just really like them! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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